In addition to Tissot, Certina offers nicely designed Swiss watches are affordable prices, and is part of the Swatch Group. While not as common in the US, there are some real nice Certina timepieces that should be considered when looking for a decently priced quartz watch. Though there are mechanical Certina watches available as well. Basically, Certina watches are priced in the 200 – 2,000 euro zone.

Almost all Certina sport watches have a name that starts with “DS.” This stands for “Double Security” and is more a safe sounding name than impressive technology. It just means that their cases are durable (not sure just HOW durable), are 100 meters water resistant, and have sapphire crystals. This watch is the DS Rookie, a funny sounding name for a good youthful timepiece that doesn’t look chintzy. At 40mm wide, Certina is literally aiming straight at the young make demographic with this watch – those more mature adults who prefer 40mm wide cases will find the DS Rooking a good wear. The cases are in steel, with some in PVD black. You’ll notice the interesting two-tone model below in both brushed and PVD black steel.

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Certina actually has some ladies’ models of the DS Rookie as well. I understand that those models emphasize the bright dial colors as seen above. Ever since the Zenith Rainbow (that doesn’t have a rainbow on it), I have been drawn to watches with a splash of a few bright colors on it. Here, you can get the black and white tones of the watch enhanced with red, green, and blue. These designs would be only moderately better than average without the colorful injections.

The broad, large lugs add to the sport look, and the watch is available on a nice looking three link metal bracelet or rubber strap. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA G10.211 quartz chronograph movement, with the subsidiary seconds dial at 6 o’clock. The youthful, sporty designs are matched with an attention to make maker legibility rules, making sure that the hands are more or less properly sized, and as easy to read as possible. Certina offers the DS Rookie at a price range of about 330 – 430 euros. Not too bad for the watch. And if it isn’t for you, it should make the short list of good watch gifts to get a youngster or young adult.

See Certina watches on eBay here.

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