Before you even begin to ask yourself the question, this is a woman’s watch. Sure a guy can wear it. Take away the pink hands, and you pretty much have a men’s watch. With a large 45mm wide black case, spiky looking bezel, and chunky look, nothing say’s “chick” about it. Then again, it does have pink hands. This watch is part punk rock watch for women, and part “I want to wear my boyfriend’s stuff” look. No one can deny that Rock Candy’s “The Beast” is a very masculine watch. Good for the woman who wants a tough exterior look and is happily swept away by ‘big watch trend’ that exists for ladies as well. Rock Candy is a Hong Kong based fashion brand – done by another brand called Chouette. I don’t know much about the two, but I understand that in Hong Kong, they are sort of a big deal.

The Beast watch is actually part of a duo collection called “Beauty and the Beast.” I wrote about both of these watches initially here. While the Beauty is covered with lots of crystal for a more “glam” look, the Beast is more of a “slam” look. Tough girl demeanor with a hint of femininity in the pink hands. Though the fashion statement also assists with legibility. the pink hands stick out so well that you can’t claim to not be able and see them. While the rest of the watch is all “black on black” there are still hour indicators on the dial. Rock Candy ensures that the watch can easily be used… as a watch. Hour indicators on the dial are a bit shinier than the more matte face, and make for a cool look.

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The black color-coated steel case is actually made nicely. Smooth lines are only broken up by a black-colored Swarovski crystal cabochon in the crown. Then you of course have the bezel – which is lined with a ring of pyramid-shaped spikes. Perfect to go with that spiked dog collar style necklace you’ve been looking to wear. The back of the watch has an engraved caseback with the Rock Candy and Chouette logos. You also get the number of the watch in the limited edition of pieces.

As a limited edition, both the Beast and the Beauty will have 300 pieces each. I think it increases the appeal of the watch by knowing it isn’t for the mass market. With such a limited amount of them, you’ll probably the only one you ever meet with this cool looking limited edition timepiece.

Rock Candy fitted the watch with a really nice thick rubber strap. Each side of the strap has a different emblem logo applied. One for Rock Candy, and the other for Chouette. Makes for a cool look. The rubber strap is comfy and has a butterfly style deployment clasp. It does use one of those “cut to size” straps that I am not a fan of. Meaning that once you size it, you can’t ever make it larger. Being such a large sized watch, I have to ask myself if it is too big for the type of wrist it might be worn on in Hong Kong. it is arguably too large for many American women’s wrists as well. So sizing it to be snug is possible, but I recommend the watch for women with larger wrists.

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Then again, if you are guy who likes the watch, I can’t tell you to abstain from getting it. It is a perfectly interesting piece for a man who likes.. a little pink in his life. “Salmon” color shirt anyone? The right man could conceivably pull this watch off – though I’m not advocating that the Rock Candy The Beast watch be part of any dude’s specific summer wardrobe. The brazen lady is probably the best contender to pull of thus punchy timepiece – and for her, this is a very unique and cool piece. Inside the watch is a Japanese quartz movement. Price for the Rock Candy The Beast watch is about $640. Not a horrible price for a unique-looking limited edition watch that actually does do fringe fashion well – though on the expensive side if you are just looking for some fun. Not everyone will love the piece, but the right people will immediately connect with the design. I wouldn’t have reviewed it if I didn’t think it would garner positive attention on the right wrists.

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