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Following in the footsteps of the brand’s ANOMALY-01, -02, and Evolution models, CODE41 releases the ANOMALY-T4. Reflecting years of experience with prior models, the latest ANOMALY has returned to form. Fans requested a watch with an unobstructed view of the entire movement through an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and CODE41 delivered. The heartbeat of the watch, its balance wheel, as well as the mainspring, keyless works, and much of the gear train can be seen in action. Flip the watch over, and you can see the winding rotor rotating from the back, as well. The movement in question is the skeletonized “S a” version of Sellita’s reliable SW200-1. Incabloc shock protection, 26 jewels, and a 4Hz frequency work together with regulation in 3 positions. The result is +7/-7s per day accuracy and 38hr of power reserve.

Earlier this year, participants voted on a number of color configurations to land on the final six options being offered. Silver cases will be available with a black dial and red accents, or a blue dial with bright green accents. A gunmetal case with a gray dial and white accents is available. Finally, a black case can be ordered with a black dial and blue accents, or a bold orange “X” across a black dial. The appearance of screws securing a support structure to the chapter ring gives the watch an industrial look. The metal ring at the center of the dial features intricately machined and sandblasted finishing and also created a bridge structure to house the jewels securing the balance wheel and mainspring barrel.

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The hands are finished in contrasting silver with colored accents, providing good legibility. Super-LumiNova on the hands and indices ensures that that watch will also be easy to read after the lights go out.

Stainless steel bracelets are available, as well as leather or textile straps. Additionally, seven colors of FKM rubber straps corresponding to the dial colors can be selected. CODE41 started with FKM rubber as the material, as it believes it is the best type of rubber available. It can be produced in a number of bright colors and is also anti-allergenic, extremely durable, and chemical- and heat-resistant. The brand molded it into an elaborate shape with large side vents, keeping your wrist cool and dry. Using a unique clasp design with a built-in clamp, the strap sizing is also quickly, and infinitely adjustable to easily get a perfect fit. Whichever strap you choose, hex bolts ensure that they will be secure and also easy to swap out.

The watches themselves are also designed to be very comfortable. Broad lugs ensure stability on the wrist and give the watch a larger appearance, yet the dimensions are very wearable. A 41.5mm case combined with 11.2mm thickness will wear well on most wrists. Intricate brushed and polished finishing on silver and gray models give the case visual interest. These cases, as well as the matte-black ones, include a machined groove on the side of the case that helps to make it visually thinner, as well as provide an extra surface to reflect light. The intricate crown also looks great and will be easy to grip, and the caseback is secured by four hex bolts. It features the requisite specs of the watch, as well as its number in the series.

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The case is made from 100% recycled 316L steel, giving it a carbon footprint that is one-tenth that of standard steel during production. It is taken from steel offcuts produced during the manufacturing process at Swiss watchmaking and medical factories and is then reprocessed locally to make it ready to be made into a CODE41 watch. Through the use of a spectrometer gun, the quality of the steel is ensured, and precise machining also allows it to offer 100m of water resistance (which is individually tested in a pressurized chamber prior to shipping).

With the ANOMALY-T4, CODE41 continues its mission of making the art of watchmaking accessible to all. The brand is providing yet another offering with unique staying and construction methods that go beyond watches typically offered at this price. Not only that, but the brand is transparent about the country of origin of its components as well as where the design and production occur. It even shares production numbers and revenue generated by its watches, giving customers a full picture of what they buy.

The CODE41 ANOMALY-T4 will be available for pre-order starting June 29th through July 21st. Prices start at $1,373 USD. Two initial batches of 600 will be produced with deliveries scheduled to start in March/April 2023, and April/May for the second batch. You can learn more about the CODE41 ANOMALY-T4 at the brand’s website.

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