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Inspired by the clean, functional design of analog audio recording equipment, the Collins Automatic Field watch presents a brand new take on the classic pilot style. Launched on Kickstarter earlier this month (and with two days left!) the watch quickly rocketed past its funding goal, while gaining a swell of attention in the watch press along the way. Powered by the workhorse Seiko Industries NH35A automatic movement, this USA-assembled watch features 100-meter water resistance, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Super-Luminova, and a variety of strap options.

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Available in bead blasted silver, black PVD, and limited-edition gunmetal grey PVD, the Collins Automatic Field watch offers a classic flieger-style dial with aviator sword hands, date complication, and a variety of unique design nods to the world of analog audio recording equipment. The seconds hand, for instance, is designed to mimic the needle of a studio volume meter, while the crown has the distinct look of a volume knob, and the slashed zero on the dial matches the “phase” button on a recording console.

The “Bronson” edition presented on Kickstarter is the first offering from the Los Angeles-based Collins Watch Company. While many Kickstarter watch campaigns use their funding to put prototypes into production (meaning long delivery times and some inevitable risks), Collins Watch founder Jimmy Collins financed early production himself to guarantee ultra-fast July delivery.

As a recording studio owner and lifetime musician, Collins spent years collecting audio equipment. Marveling over the complex dials, precision controls, and robust engineering of compressors, pre-amps, consoles, and EQs, he noticed a clear parallel with another obsession: watches. Like a quality watch, a piece of studio equipment requires considerable expertise and attention to detail to manufacture. And, while rooted in function, aesthetics and perfectionist design are of paramount importance to both. In essence, it was a melding of passions that led Collins from watch enthusiast to watch designer, and now to watch entrepreneur.

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At 40mm wide, and with a lug-to-lug distance of 48mm and 12mm thickness, the Collins Automatic Field watch is a very wearable piece. Though firmly in the field/pilot watch genre, the watch’s clean dial and smooth lines allow it to be dressed up or down with ease depending on the strap choice. Strap options on Kickstarter include a custom genuine leather band with color-matched hardware, zulu-style nylon bands in green and black, and a deluxe Gunny handmade leather band.

The Collins Automatic Field watch is ideal for those looking for a quality affordable go-anywhere automatic. If you’re attracted to the simplicity of Arabic numerals and a rugged case, and are interested in seeing a new take on a classic look, this is the watch for you.

Offering worldwide shipping, a generous return policy, and a two-year warranty, the Collins Automatic Field watch is backed by a strong commitment to customer service. With new watch designs already in the works and a bold road map in place, the Collins Watch Company is entering the watch world on strong ground, and with an ambition toward a long future in the industry. Founded by “watch guys” for watch guys, the company aims to build an active community around its products, and encourages questions and feedback on its designs.

With just a couple of days remaining on the Kickstarter campaign and several July-delivery rewards still available, you may want to head over to Kickstarter today to pick up a Collins Automatic Field watch while supplies last. Pricing starts at $255, and all Kickstarter watches feature unique limited-edition serial numbers. While micro brands abound in today’s ever-expanding watch industry, the Collins Watch Company aims to bring a new perspective to the table. Taking inspiration from novel sources, founder Jimmy Collins intends to build a company recognized for its unique vision and unrelenting dedication to quality manufacturing.

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