A lot of people have been asking me about the Dievas Zeta Pro watch giveaway results – specially who won, and if they like their watch. The winner recently received his watch from the giveaway sponsor GnomonWatches.com and has provided some images to share with everyone of his new Dievas Zeta Professional Phantom timepiece. He is pretty impressed with the timepiece and frankly I am as well. These are cool watches and here are some pics fresh out of the box with the plastic still on the strap.

The winner of the watch was Dennis K. from New Jersey. He was chosen truly at random. I gave each entrant a number and then used this random number generator that picks a number between two values (1 – 100 for example). Between the three choices Dennis chose the Dievas Zeta Pro Phantom, which has the all black dial (as opposed to red or yellow). The Professional watches all have black PVD  applied to them, and each Dievas Zeta watch is an automatic. It is a good look as you can see. Here are some thoughts from the winner about the watch:

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“First, I was surprised at how nice the box is. The warranty card wallet is a nice touch usually only found with more expensive watches. But who cares about the box; let’s get to the watch! It’s a great color, kind of charcoal and there’s no mistaking it for dainty. It’s got a nice heft to it and everything is well balanced and proportioned. The case isn’t too thick for it’s width, the bezel is a great size compared to the dial, the bracelet is just the right thickness and width, and the hands are plenty visible but not overpowering the dial. Quite an overall presentation. The pictures tell the story from opening the package to putting it on my wrist.”

dievas-zeta-watch-on-wrist dievas-zeta-watch-in-box dievas-zeta-watch-box

Congrats again to Dennis for his new timepiece acquisition – and thanks again to all of you who participated in the aBlogtoRead.com watch Giveaway. There will be another watch giveaway soon, so stay tuned.

For the rest of you who like the watch and would like to learn more, please visit the Dievas watch page at GnomonWatches.com here.

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