Well, it is officially official – I am sick of “retro, heritage, vintage, classic, original, etc…” watches. Which is funny because I actually like the look of this Ebel Classic 100 timepiece. I just wish all the “old watch’ branding would disappear. It is a fine piece on its own, I don’t care if it has an historic look to it.

Since the economic crisis brands of all types and sizes have been releasing watches that look to the past for inspiration, or are just copies of older watches. The reasons and effects of this are varied and complex, something I don’t wish to get into for the 100th time. Brands… look. If you want to make watches using old designs, I don’t care. Just don’t throw it in my face and talk about innovation when there is none. Seriously, are times so depressing that we cannot have contemporary design?

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This Ebel Classic 100 is a fine example of a 40mm wide steel-cased watch. The delicate leaf-shaped hands really make it nice, and Ebel has always excelled in terms of their case designs. While a bit hard to tell here, the “polished pebble” philosophy the Ebel uses in making their cases is even apparent in this rather simple case. The bezel is polished but the rest of the case is brushed.

Do you like how the prototype model Ebel showed me a while back watch matched with a red galuchat strap? I liked the watch then and like it now, but seeing it just reminds me of how stale the industry is in terms of their designs. It isn’t 1940, or 1950, or 19 anything. It is 2011 and I would like to see more watches that remind me of that. While a nice vintage or retro piece is welcome once in a while, the entire industry has just beaten the concept to death. Like I said, at the very least when marketing a watch with a retro style – just make that aspect more subtle. Or are people really on such a hunt for all things vintage?

Sociologically speaking this “past craving” happens when there are severally depressed economic and cultural times. People look with real or collective nostalgia back to times when thing were “better.” Real or not, our look in to the past seems rosy. Especially when the future does not seem bright. The watch industry really didn’t start the retro craze, they just adopted in their own way. I just think they pushed it a little too hard. Do it with grace people.

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Ebel, I am sorry you had to be connected to this little rant of mine. Your Classic 100 does help remind people that your brand is 100 years old. I think your original logo is very cool by the way. As a limited edition of 1911 pieces (the year the brand started)< the Classic 100 will contain a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. The dial is silver-toned with some applied hour markers and very legible. Again, it is all about those nice hands. Oh, and unless you really want the stingray strap, the final version will come on a black alligator strap.

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