This new watch from Edox ain’t half bad, however, it just might irritate Audemars Piguet with the Chrono-offshore name. I know it is supposed to be Chronoffshore but I want it to have an extra “o” so badly. Edox has been playing with their chronograph sport pieces for a while – some really hit and some really miss. This one is certainly a good looker with mostly black and silvery white mixed in with a little blue.

Not the first watch Edox made in its place as the official timekeeper of Class-1 powerboat racing, this new model is clearly the best. You see how I’ve placed an image here of one of the Class-1 boats. These aren’t for stately wind-powered yacht races, these are all engine. The new Chronoffshore watch comes in a 43mm wide PVD black steel case that is water resistant to 500 meters. We’ve seen this case before but it still looks good, especially with its large pushers. It is hard to understand what the bezel looks like in real-life given these images. It is black on black? Black on lighter colored black? Hard to say.

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The watch dial is carbon fiber with an easy to read face. Because of “Class-1” the 1 o’clock indicator is done with an Arabic number in blue. It looks neat and makes the watch feel as though it is connected to something – which it is. Always nice as applied to a limited edition. The crystal is AR coated sapphire. Inside the watch is a Siwss ETA Vajloux 7750 that Edox calls their “Edox 011.” Maybe it has a custom rotor or something. The watch is attached to a rubber strap.

Decent looking, this is a nice sport watch if you are looking for something all black with blue trim. That is, as opposed to something with red trim (that is so popular). The Class-1 Chronoffshore will be limited to just 250 pieces, and if you are a Class-1 fan, I bet you are really excited about it. Price is a bit up there at $4,030

See Edox watches on eBay here.

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