Edox Classe Royale WatchIn watch terminology a “tank” is a square shaped watch. Strictly speaking, it was a name given to a rectangular Cartier watch, but has been applied to square along with rectangular watches. Square watches are a contradiction, because an analog clock is round, and you have stick a circle in a square. Tank watches are style choices, and represent a different theme on what a watch should be. Of course there are many variations on the square shape. but the classic big box is always appealing as it makes a stark contrast with the disangularity of one’s wrist. A tank watch always sticks out well.

The Edox Classe Royale is a risky, yet rewarding watch from Edox. Mixing sport and luxury, the Classe Royale is the epitome of a “show me” timepiece. The most effective feature of this watches style is the color contrasting on the bezel that help indicate hour indices, which really brings out the size of the watch, and helps with legibility. Another wonderful design element is something that you unfortunately don’t see too often. The entire mofit of the watch stems from a centralized point on the watch face. That point, being the very center where the hands connect. From this point, the hour indicators spew out like a sun burst in remarkably pleasing symmetry.

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Symmetry is an area where most watches fail. This is not to suggest that watches all need perfect radial symmetry. Not at all, more important is that there is a proper balancing of where lines and features are placed. Often times it is this balance which acts in concert to off-symmetrical themes which takes a watch from being pleasing to non-pleasing. The Edox Classe Royale plays with radial symmetry very well allowing for the successful implementation of a sun burst on a square surface, well done.

Edox Classe Royale Chronograph WatchThe Edox Classe Royale comes in a variety of complications as well as material choices. There is a chronograph, GMT, minute repeater, as well as an open face. It further comes in steel or gold, and with a rubber or leather band. The Classe Royale is really a watch for most occasions. Most watches try to be this, but few succeed. More conservative types might be put-off by the showy looks, but this watch is not gaudy in its attention stealing looks. Here is another nod to an overlooked watch worth wearing.

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