A highlight of the Emporio Armani Swiss Made watch collection is this reference ARS7501 for women. Fashion label Emporio Armani’s timepieces are produced by partner company the Fossil Group, and the Swiss Made collection timepieces are at the top of what Emporio Armani offers. In addition to using Swiss Made movements – I found that the Swiss Made collection products have more interesting and better-made cases, bracelets, and dials than some of the more budget-minded Emporio Armani timepieces.

While I am not a woman, I do review women’s watches from time to time when I find them interesting. What attracts me to a women’s watch is something that I feel a woman would really enjoy. That begins with a legible, functional dial accompanied by a comfortable case that can easily serve a range of versatile wearing occasions. I believe that the Emporio Armani ARS7501 is just such a watch. Unfortunately, it comes without a proper name – which in my opinion will make it a bit difficult for wearers to connect with it emotionally. It just isn’t very sexy to say, “I love my ARS7501!”

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Sized at 28mm wide in steel, the ARS7501 is 7.4mm thick and water resistant to 30 meters. Size-wise this an excellent feminine size for women seeking a more traditional look that isn’t too petite or too large. It is certainly trendy for women to wear larger, often men’s-sized timepieces, but often times those watches are both uncomfortable and can look over-sized when viewed from afar.

The ARS7501 is simple but in an elegant way. I would not at all call it boring because of decorative features such as a nicely sculpted case, mother-of-pearl dial, and diamond hour markers. This frames a very legible dial that is easily readable from afar. The flat, baton-style hands do a good job of not reflecting too much light and they also contrast well against the dial.

The case is one of my favorite parts of the ARS7501 and I like how the crown (which has a nice black-colored cabochon in it) integrates with the case. The flowing lines are simple, but again elegant as they move into the bracelet. Inside the watch is a Swiss Made Ronda caliber 1064 quartz movement – which keeps great time and helps with the “Swiss” prestige of the product.

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Female wearers of this Emporio Armani ARS7501 will appreciate how the bead-style bracelet wraps around their wrist and doesn’t snag on clothing. The bracelet also plays with the light offering a semi-jewelry look that offers a bit of a luxury wearing experience without looking as though it is trying too hard. The bracelet closes with a butterfly-style clasp that also has some nice decorative perlage polishing inside of it.

This leads me to the overall personality of the ARS7501 which is mature and collected. It is wearable and reliable in a series of scenarios – appropriate for women of many ages and personalities. For me, a great women’s watch is versatile and legible but also has solid value. I’m personally not aware of how much clout Emporio Armani has in the women’s fashion market as I normally associate it with men’s clothing, but this ARS7501 should not be overlooked when seeking a well-made everyday women’s watch under $1,000. Retail price for the Emporio Armani ARS7501 is $895 USD. emporioarmaniwatches.com

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