Epson created what is in my opinion a class-leading recharging clip. It isn’t anything novel, but the quality of the charging clip which is attached to the watch is the best I’ve seen. These clips are in my opinion the best solution to charge your smartwatch because they can be thrown in a bag connected to a USB battery charger and you don’t have to worry about the watch accidentally becoming disconnected from the power source.

From a case design standpoint the ProSense 367 isn’t bad looking, but it doesn’t stand out in any particular way as being fashionable or highly distinctive. It is however very nicely made for the price and is very lightweight for the size. The case is 47.5mm wide and 15.5mm thick. This size is because of both the battery and various internal hardware elements such as the GPS module. Even at that size it wears pretty well and has a slightly decorative bezel design which helps reduce the sense of visual mass. The case is produced from a matte-finished black resin material, whereas the hardware is brushed steel. Total weight of the watch is an incredible 63.5 grams, which makes it very light to wear.

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The ProSense 367 case also benefits from having a highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal over the screen (rare at this affordable price for a GPS smartwatch) and 100m of water resistance. Epson includes a simple silicone strap that is comfortable and effective. The strap does come with handy quick-release bars that allow you to replace it with any generic 22mm strap.

Something that has bothered me about other fitness smartwatches is that in order for them to track anything they need to be in exercise or otherwise tracking mode. It is true that for the ProSense 367 watch to fully track your activities you need to first select the activity (running, hiking, swimming, cycling, etc…) and then tell the watch to start tracking a particular workout or adventure. With that said, I really appreciate the passive heart rate monitoring that happens all the time while wearing it. This is very good for people who like to casually check their heart rate even if they aren’t in the middle of a workout.

Epson designed the ProSense 367 watch to have a total of five pushers on the case which are used to control all the functionality. This is not a touchscreen device. The user interface is relatively simple but it will take some time to understand the fuller functionality of the watch and how to use all of its deeper features. The watch is most easy to use when you simply want to select an activity and then have the watch start tracking your workout. The internal memory tracks almost 250 of your recent workouts and the companion mobile phone app uses that information to help you do more with the data.

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The GPS will track your location and allow you to set or follow waypoints. Given the screen limitation there isn’t really an onscreen map, but you can set the watch to offer you waypoint navigation. This isn’t a feature I was able to fully explore, but I did find that the watch was successful at easily getting a GPS signal anytime I was outside. I also very much found the tools and features in the ProSense 367 to be more aimed toward serious athletes and explorers versus casual smartwatch wearers who want to know if they are being active enough that day. You can use the app to set goals, but this is a timepiece best suited for people who are already active and want a high-tech companion product to track their performance versus a “motivational smartwatch” that is designed to help people remain active in the first place (the Apple Watch comes to mind).

In terms of ease of use, comfort, price, and durability I found the Epson ProSense 367 to be an excellent product. Epson doesn’t have a famous mobile phone app or user community (like Garmin for example) that makes the software element of the device the most attractive component. Remember that Seiko and Epson are first and foremost hardware makers – and this is a lovely piece of fitness GPS smartwatch hardware. Those looking for something that has a designer edge to it can look elsewhere, but they won’t always get a nicely made package or as much value as you can find in the Epson ProSense 367 GPS Multisport reference E11E223052 smartwatch. The related Epson ProSense 347 is a very similar product without the sapphire crystal and costs about $50 less. I would recommend spending a bit more on the 367 model for these desirable upgrades. Price for the Epson ProSense 367 GPS Multisport watch is $399 USD.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Epson
>Model: ProSense 367 GPS Multisport reference E11E223052
>Price: $399 USD
>Size: 47.5mm wide, 15.5mm thick.
>Would reviewer would personally wear it: For serious outings where battery power and phone signals are spotty, and you want a reliable device for tracking or training.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Fitness or trekking enthusiast who wants a durable, no-nonsense watch that excels at tracking their fitness pursuits.
>Best characteristic of watch: Clear engineering and design focus on having the ProSense 367 watch excel in particular areas such as legibility, comfort, and information tracking. Excellent battery life will be a huge plus for many. Good use of materials on the case as well.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Many will find the design underwhelming – especially since timepieces are so typically a fashion accessory as well as a tool. The watch isn’t unattractive, but rather basic in its design execution. Resin case makes practical sense but some might want a more sophisticated case material. Watch excels at its primary purpose, but doesn’t do too much in the way of earning a place as a daily wear for non sport activities.

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