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Feynman One Watch Collection

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

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Feynman Timekeepers was founded to advance the appreciation of mechanical timepieces, as well as deepening design thought in watchmaking. Founder Yong Keong Lim named the brand after his son, Feynman Lin, who was in turn named after Richard Feynman, the father of Theoretical Physics. The first release from the brand, the Feynman One collection, is an ode to Nature, and mankind’s creations inspired by her.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

Seeking inspiration from architectural and nature’s design principles, the Feynman One models are a study in seeking balance amidst asymmetry. The section aurea, or Golden Ratio, plays a guiding part in the proportions of the watch.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

Designed as an all-occasion urban timepiece, the Feynman One measures in at 39mm, with ergonomic lugs designed to fit most wrist sizes. Fully-polished edges rim the perimeter of the case, creating a tactile experience as well as a visually striking aesthetic. The knurled crown continues this theme, with a design inspired by aviation watches, capitalized upon to enhance the winding experience.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

Every single component of the watch, excluding the movement, is proprietary. A simple silhouette at first glance, the Feynman One displays attention to details on every component.

The 3 dials (sub-seconds, hour and primary dial) are guided by the section aurea, lending a pleasing look at first glance. The honeycomb patterned hour dial pays tribute to one of the best examples of nature’s application of the Golden Ratio: the bee’s hive. The main dial features a radial effect, vastly different from the conventional sunburst finishing, creating a seamless aesthetic to the large circular designs of the other components. 3 numeral systems – Roman, Arabic and Chinese, dictate the various tracks.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

A large part of design ethos takes reference from reptiles, one of the most enduring creatures found on Earth. The seconds hand and brand logo plate mimic the tails of lizards, while the lugs were inspired by their legs. Every Feynman One timepiece comes with a set of genuine lizard skin straps, crafted by Yi Leather, a Singaporean artisan known for her bespoke handcrafted works. The handmade straps have gone through several months of testing and amendments, prior to establishing the perfect grain and thickness required for ideal synergy with the watch head.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

Every Feynman One watch is driven by the venerable ETA Peseux 7001 Swiss hand-winding movement, a mechanical heart which has seen many established brands utilizing through the decades. Since the ’70s, houses such as Montblanc, Omega, Nomos, and Blancpain have respectively capitalized on the reliability of the 7001 in their manual pieces.

The 7001 movements used in the Feynman One collection are all rated ETA TOP-Grade, and also fully decorated.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

The Variants

The Classic adopts a subtle color palette, optimized to exhibit the design of the Feynman One. A grey radial dial creates a strong contrast for the indices, and, when paired with the grey lizard-skin straps, provides a low-key aesthetic for everyday wear.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

A playful take on the classic “Panda” look, the One-Eye Panda provides a greater level of recognition, with a striking silver main dial. The color combination also makes it versatile for apparel pairing.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

The last variant is the Founder’s Edition, in teal. Hues of green play a special significance in founder YK’s personal watch collection and this colorway is limited to 50 pieces, with only 35 pieces available through the Kickstarter campaign.

Feynman One Watch Collection Watch Releases

Technical Specifications

  • Case diameter: 39mm, 20mm Lug Width
  • Movement: ETA7001 Top Grade Hand-winding Mechanical Swiss Movement Case: Stainless Steel Alternating-finished Case
  • Caseback: Stepped Sapphire Exhibition Caseback
  • Display Hour+Minutes Primary Dial, Sub-seconds Dial
  • Dial Finish: Radial-Polished Main Dial, Honeycomb pattern on Hour Dial Straps: Handmade Genuine Lizard Skin Leather Straps

The Feynman One collection will be launched on Kickstarter on the 28th of November, 2018, at 7pm (EST/GMT+8), and subsequently through its website as well as select retailers globally. Super Early Bird pricing starts at $573 and will eventually retail at $936.

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  • Seems like a good value and a fresh design. Best of luck to them.

    • Lincolnshire Poacher

      Yes, I agree.
      The number of watches at this price or more with a Miyota 8015, gives the truth of it.

  • I kind of like it. Its different and has character, but not ugly or offensive. The movement is good and the price is fair. Well done.

  • Craig A Clark

    I like it aside from the wavy seconds hand, and 39mm is a bit too small for my tastes personally, but a nice design in every other respect.

  • Joe

    It’s interesting to see so many likes.
    I’m with you on this…it’s not for me.
    Everything is just…strange, including the wavy subdial seconds hand.

    Variety is what keeps this world fascinating…

  • Ulysses31

    This design is quite distinctive. While not quite to my taste, it’s good to see someone pushing more daring designs for watches in this market.