With the Fiona Krüger Skull watch on the wrist, it is easy to see why many members of the design community loved the idea of it. I don’t even know if half of them loved it, but the idea of a timepiece that successfully mixed the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with the look of high-end horology was perhaps too good to neglect. A year after we debuted the Fiona Krüger Skull watch, Romain Jerome released their Dia de los Muertos watch collection. While interesting and colorful, Fiona’s rookie attempt was clearly the more ambitious.

From a technical perspective, Fiona Krüger’s website is still a bit lacking on specifications, so my apologies for not having the precise measurements at the time of writing. Currently, there are two limited edition versions of the Fiona Krüger Skull watch, and both are in steel, with one being polished black, using a PVD coating. So that makes for the Fiona Krüger Skull and the Black Skull, which are the two available models for now, and each is attached to a custom leather strap.

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In the future, Krüger really wants to make some automatic versions of the Fiona Krüger Skull watch, but it is a matter of choosing the right movements and discovering how to incorporate them into her designs. There is also the potential for a vivid array of uniquely painted Fiona Krüger Skull watch dials to further highlight the Day of the Dead theme. If the core concept takes off, Fiona is also potentially interested in seeing about how she can bring prices down. Those surprised by how much independent watch makers charge for products would be shocked by how much they are charged for parts and services within Switzerland.

Inside the Fiona Krüger Skull watch is a manually wound mechanical Swiss-made Technotime movement that displays just the time with hours, minutes, and seconds. I am not aware of the specific movement caliber name, but it does have five days of power reserve and is certainly more interesting than a stock ETA. That latter point is important, given the limited nature of these watches, and the impressive amount of work that went into them.


I hope there are going to be people who see the Fiona Krüger Skull watch and “simply must have it.” Standing back from my slightly jaded self, who has seen a huge variety of watches over the years, there is a lot to like here, if you dig the theme. The execution is deceptively simple, and many people will not be able to understand that is was quite complex to create a dial for the Fiona Krüger Skull watch that looks like a Day of the Dead skeleton, as well as something out of the world of horology. The case is perhaps the most impressive piece overall, with a surprisingly composed and natural feeling, even though it is shaped to look like a skull.

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My experience is that most traditional watch lovers will offer a complimentary clap to Ms. Krüger and a “jolly well done,” but aren’t going to be her primary consumers. Design lovers who thirst for high-end furniture and other otherwise functional items that veer from the norm will find a lot to enjoy here. There is also the luxury buying demographic that has an emotional connection to Day of the Dead culture – which is an obvious group of potentially interested buyers. It will be interesting to see where Fiona Kruger takes the Skull watch and whatever comes next. Price for the Fiona Krüger Skull watch (both versions, right now) is 15,200 Swiss Francs (about $16,200), and each is limited to 12 pieces.

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