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Save the date, ladies and gentlemen, because the 15th of November, 2016, marks the second ever annual Dubai Watch Week (DWW), and this year the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) will be partnering with the event.

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After last year’s success, DWW will be back at Dubai International Finance Centre from the 15th – 19th of November. Organised by the largest retailer of Swiss watchmaking brands in the Middle East, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the unique meeting focuses on educating admirers of luxury horology. The event perfectly integrates history and current trends around workshops, conferences, masterclasses and mentorships.


There isn’t much that could make an event of this magnitude more prolific, but a partnership with FHH does exactly that. The Foundation, whose primary objectives revolve around informing, training, recognising, and organising, have come into the event with very precise goals. Through its exhibition “The Mastery Of Time,” presented in Paris during the Biennale des Antiquaires, it plans to highlight the extraordinary evolution of the measuring of time, from its origins to present day. The exhibition shows man’s epic endeavour to master time, from early sundials all the way through to modern-day intricate mechanisms. It tells the story of watches from both a historical and scientific perspective, focusing on the milestones in time measurement over the centuries.

Fabienne Lupo, CEO of the Foundation was particularly pleased to announce the partnership with DWW, “While watchmaking exhibitions typically have highly commercial overtones, this meeting which brings together a wide array of experienced professionals, sheds a singular light on haute horlogerie and provides a vision that we could not help but be a part of.”

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Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. Geneve, Juillet 2016 © Fred Merz | Lundi13

As well as presenting their exhibition, FHH will be part of the conference programme with Pascal Ravessoud, Director of Missions & General Secretary of the Cultural Council at FHH, discussing the theme of haute horlogerie. He, alongside a panel of other industry experts will be looking into exactly what haute horlogerie is, how it is different, and when a watch is “fine” and when it isn’t.

The Foundation will be drawing on its White Paper which establishes its activity within the industry based on 28 criteria, compiled by a group of experts, to then put forward a definition of “fine watchmaking.” This conference is definitely not one to be skipped. Let the debate begin…


Finally, the Foundation will support the “24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Watch” exhibition, a contemporary interpretation of the famous folk wall clock, designed by the students of the Geneva School of Art and Design. The exhibition will display 18 cuckoo clocks in sync with today’s world. These modern-day interpretations are a reflection of contemporary preoccupations without losing the iconic playfulness that defines these classic timepieces.

Dubai Watch Week is sure to be an unmissable event for anyone interested in the subject of haute horlogerie, with an impressive array of industry experts involved in the conferences and some truly iconic exhibitions.

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