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Fullspot O Clock Watch

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

Here are some nice looking and very inexpensive Italian watches from Fullspot. Certainly designer, certainly fashion-y, certainly the opposite of most of what you have in your collection. But actually quite fun. How cheap? Not really sure to be honest as there seems to be two prices. The brand's US site wants $36 per watch, while the Fullspot's Italian site (both have e-commerce components) wants $24.35. With shipping I am not sure how much they are. So, it is either of the two.

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

The company is really not watch enthusiast-focused. So, don't expect such specifics such as how large the cases are. Seriously, why does this information elude people to include? Fullspot confuses the matter by saying that they come in three sizes. This actually just refers to the strap that come in "small, medium, and large" sizes. The straps have no connectors or clasps. They are silicon-based watches with a bracelet-like strap. The top of the strap has a casing for the watch - which fits in the case/strap as an insert.

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

The watch itself is in metal and plastic with a crystal. It has a quartz movement and a more or less Movado-simple dial in all white with the "O Clock" logo. The deviously simple system offers the wearer to buy various case/straps and change colors as often as they like. As you can see, the O Clock comes in a ton of different colors. I have to admit they look cool - are there days when you could pull this off? Certainly a great gift item for young people.

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases

Fullspot claims that the watches are designed and manufactured in Italy. I doubt the movements are though. While the basic watches are cool enough, the brand just released a line of Disney licensed watches. The collection of five O Clock Disney watches have either Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, or Goofy on the dials. Apparently Fullspot has a hit with the O Clock as they have been extremely popular.

Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases
Fullspot collectible watchCamouflage modelnew in tin w papersCOOL M540
Time Remaining: 16h 31m
Buy It Now for only: $24.99
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Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases
Fullspot O clock Womens Watch OCFP02 M Flower Power Sahara Lily OClock 2012
Time Remaining: 2d 10h 50m
Buy It Now for only: $24.17
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Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases
NEW Fullspot O Chive The Pocket Watch Bright Blue
Time Remaining: 5d 10h 5m
Bid now
Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases
NEW Fullspot O Chive The Pocket Watch Bordeaux
Time Remaining: 5d 10h 22m
Bid now
Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases
NEW Fullspot O Chive The Pocket Watch Bright Green
Time Remaining: 5d 10h 23m
Bid now
Fullspot O Clock Watch Watch Releases
oclock Watch Fullspot Original
Time Remaining: 24d 14h 32m
Buy It Now for only: $25.00
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  • Rob C

    These are great fun, we brought one each when we were in Venice at Christmas. We got one watch each and a’pile of straps, For me it’s a great gym watch whilst my ‘cool n trendy’ 17yo son wears it to college,finally my wife just makes it look good (like everything else)!


  • Dangeruss

    I wish I’d have thought of this. While they run counter to everything I like about watches, my gut tells me these will be wildly popular with the young trendy market. 36 bux is throwaway money for “kids” these days.

  • To help with sizing – the small is 16cm, medium is 18cm and large is 20cm. Diameter of the face is 35mm. RRP is UK in £25-£30 depending on design. For more info see
    They are so cool – I haven’t worn a watch for 10 years but these I love wearing – great colours and so comfortable to wear.

  • MS

    The US website states they are totally sold out of all the watches.

  • Michael

    US site says they are sold out but that watches should enter stores Oct 2010… Which also leads me to the conclusion that that site hasn’t been updated since around september 2010… Also the European site only ships to europe

    • JohnSaunders

      check out, I order from them last week, face and straps arrived this morning. They seem to be in the US and UK!

      • JohnSaunders

        sorry here’s the link <a href=””>O’clock Watch Designer</a>

  • They have a fancy and simple design, colorful like our childhood.

  • Wallyworld

    Just got one. Tried to set the time and the pin fell out. I couldn’t get the crown back on. Store wouldn’t give a refund, so I exchanged it for another one in white. Looks good on the wrist. Hopefully, the next edition will have more quality components. This watch is super delicate. I’ve purchased tougher watches in Tiananmen Square for 10 renminbi.

  • Hi,
    We’ve had a great selection of oclock watches on our site and sister site, at a very decent UK price.

  • We have a good selection of O Clock watches on our website and in our shop in Frome, Somerset where we have been selling them for almost six months.

  • Milana

    Where can I buy straps?? I am from Bosnia,and i was in Venice several days ago,and I bought this coolwatch…but,I would like to buy strap or two. 🙂 Is there any way to buy it online??

  • u can buy them on:

  • deni
  • Lee

    I live in the Perth metro area; there was a shop in Subiaco which sold them, but has gone out of business. I discovered this when I returned to buy additional coloured straps. I am a middle-aged female and love mixing & matching my accessories to what I’m wearing, so was very pleased to find the O clock line. Originally bought one watch (with a band for $49 AUD) and six neutral-coloured straps (@ $15 AUD each), but want some of the brighter colours now. I have the medium size, but find that they slip around on my wrist with the watch itself winding up on the bottom of my wrist, which I find annoying, but need to see if the small size will fit. Does ANYONE know a place in the Perth metro area where I can go in, try the size & purchase them?

  • luckyseven

    where can you buy these in california?

    • JohnSaunders

      I’m in CA and mine arrived this morning from –

    • JohnSaunders

      I’m in CA too and mine arrived this morning from O’clock Watch Designer – google them as not allowed to paste link here

  • m murray

    I bought a couple of these in the UK –

  • G D

    I bought one of these while on holidays in Italy. Lovely watch. Unfortunately, the strap (being silicone) snags easily in clothing and while I removed a jacket, the winder/arm (I don’t know the term) ripped through the strap and that was that. 

    I believed that rather than this being a manufacturing issue, that I was responsible for this, so I ordered a replacement strap form the manufacturers. I ordered two colours in medium, but 1 Med & 1 Small arrived. I emailed fullspot on about three occasions ( I even had a friend translate my last email into Italian in case there was a language barrier). They eventually responded, but wanted me to pay to post the wrong strap back. I decided it wasn’t worth my while.

    Within a couple of weeks wear, my replacement strap began to develop tears in the underside of the wrist area. (similar to how an elastic band eventually gives way with age) It is ready to split apart, so I wear it rarely.

    The moral of the story – I would not recommend these watches. They look lovely, but the straps and customer services need a lot of work.