Here are some nice looking and very inexpensive Italian watches from Fullspot. Certainly designer, certainly fashion-y, certainly the opposite of most of what you have in your collection. But actually quite fun. How cheap? Not really sure to be honest as there seems to be two prices. The brand’s US site wants $36 per watch, while the Fullspot’s Italian site (both have e-commerce components) wants $24.35. With shipping I am not sure how much they are. So, it is either of the two.

The company is really not watch enthusiast-focused. So, don’t expect such specifics such as how large the cases are. Seriously, why does this information elude people to include? Fullspot confuses the matter by saying that they come in three sizes. This actually just refers to the strap that come in “small, medium, and large” sizes. The straps have no connectors or clasps. They are silicon-based watches with a bracelet-like strap. The top of the strap has a casing for the watch – which fits in the case/strap as an insert.

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The watch itself is in metal and plastic with a crystal. It has a quartz movement and a more or less Movado-simple dial in all white with the “O Clock” logo. The deviously simple system offers the wearer to buy various case/straps and change colors as often as they like. As you can see, the O Clock comes in a ton of different colors. I have to admit they look cool – are there days when you could pull this off? Certainly a great gift item for young people.

Fullspot claims that the watches are designed and manufactured in Italy. I doubt the movements are though. While the basic watches are cool enough, the brand just released a line of Disney licensed watches. The collection of five O Clock Disney watches have either Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, or Goofy on the dials. Apparently Fullspot has a hit with the O Clock as they have been extremely popular.

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