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Held on November 8th, 2023, in Geneva, the Fondation Haute Horlogerie will bring together industry professionals, speakers, and panelists at its annual FHH Forum. The FHH Forum is an event designed by the industry, for the industry, but its focus, practice, and message affect watchmaking as a whole and is therefore very much relevant to the greater watch enthusiast community. After the question of sustainability in 2022, the theme of the 2023 FHH Forum will focus on the adaptability of the watch sector — a traditionally and proudly slow-paced and calculated niche in manufacturing — to its customers in a constantly changing world.

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The FHH headquarters is in the heart of Geneva, at Pont de la Machine 1.

The FHH is a not-for-profit foundation set up under private law in 2005 by Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, and Richemont, the objective of the FHH is to promote and spread the reputation of watchmaking excellence around the world. It provides information on the latest news, history, and skills within the watchmaking professions. It trains, assesses, and certifies horological knowledge. It organizes events and encounters intended for both the general public and professionals. A creator of content, competencies, connections and experiences, the FHH is supported by leading names in the watch industry and independent creators, all actively contributing to its activities.

By way of its three pillars of activity — Watches and Culture by FHH, the FHH Academy and the FHH Forum — the Fondation Haute Horlogerie focuses now more than ever on the influence of watchmaking culture internationally and the industry’s staying power. This also marks an important moment for the Foundation as it sees much of its resources freshly available now that the organizational duties of the Watches & Wonders fair have been delegated elsewhere within its parent company, the Richemont Group. The FHH Forum raises questions along those aforementioned lines in order to provoke reflection. This platform for discussion, information, and debate, will come together again this year on 8 November at the Maison de la Paix in Geneva, for its 11th edition, around a central theme: “Horology Futurology: Grasping the complexities of a fast-changing customer reality.” The event will present an opportunity for brands and professionals, as well as scientists, researchers, and public figures to come together.

This platform for discussion, information, and debate, will come together again this year on November 8th at the Maison de la Paix in Geneva, for its 11th edition, around a central theme: “Horology Futurology: Grasping the complexities of a fast-changing customer reality”.

Pascal O. Ravessoud, Vice President at FHH.

Prospective sessions starting from a macro environment, followed by practical sessions, focused on the industry make up this year’s program. The first sessions lean towards aspirational topics, reporting on geopolitical, economic, social, and ecological trends with long-term impact on both the world in general and indirectly on the watch industry. The question of interconnectivity between nature and man and the actions to be undertaken will also be addressed. Finally, to close this forward-looking half of the program, a session on the management of long and short terms in business will unfold, to ensure better efficiency.

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To address these questions, the Forum will bring together internationally renowned figures such as Ian Goldin — economist, author, and professor of globalization and development at the University of Oxford; Virginie Raisson — international relations analyst and President of the GIEC Pays de Loire; Bruno David — French naturalist specializing in paleontology and former president of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris — and Inès Leonarduzzi, founder and director of the NGO “Digital for the Planet,” founder of C-Contemporaine and author of Réparer le futur. So many prolific minds were brought together in the endeavor to provide solutions to these essential questions.

Maison de la Paix, Geneva, the venue for FHH Forum 2023.

As for the industry-focused sessions, they will center on the customer perspective, the watch buyer’s behavior and expectations, addressing the evolution of customer engagement in a context of extreme trend polarization. Alongside behavioral scientists, retail experts, and luxury industry representatives, Deloitte will also exclusively unveil the answers to four additional questions asked specifically for the FHH Forum to the 6,000 participants of its annual study on the industry. But questioning the future of customer engagement in a changing context cannot be done without the main players in the watch industry, who will all be present on November 8, 2023 to address these very current questions.

An ambitious program, through which the FHH intends to demonstrate its desire to positively and enduringly support the industry as a whole. Look forward to an event report on this year’s FHH Forum on aBlogtoWatch in November. The FHH is making tickets available to the general public for the first time ever here. You can learn more at the FHH website.

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