GIVEAWAY: EHF Horlogere Mk Zero Watch

GIVEAWAY: EHF Horlogere Mk Zero Watch

GIVEAWAY: EHF Horlogere Mk Zero Watch Giveaways

We are excited to present aBlogtoWatch readers with a chance to win a LeLocle Switzerland based EHF Mk Zero watch. EHF Horlogere is a boutique watch maker with the goal of offering high-end Swiss watches at prices which are not inflated by marketing budgets or ambitious margins. Using a rather high-grade Swiss ETA Unitas 6498  manually wound mechanical (visible through the sapphire display back), the Mk Zero is a pilot style watch in a 42mm wide titanium case. The case is further DLC coated black. Our own Paul Hubbard offered a hands-on review of the EHF Mk Zero watch here. While the Mk Zero is limited in production and retails for $1,495, you have a chance to win one by entering below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention whether you prefer watches from big name or boutique brands and why.

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on November 31, 2012 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to EHF Horlogere the sponsor of this Silencer watch giveaway here at!

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  • DiegoValdez

    I will always choose a smaller company over a boutique if the option is given. I guess it’s the old “mom and pop shop” lover in me, knowing that the piece you receive is limited and that the service you get will always be as personal as it gets. You just don’t get that kind of service from a larger boutique. Oh, and congratulations on the update and the new name!

  • kayhjoo

    Lesser-known brands but only when they offer something unique. It is fun to see the brands being creative with design, technology, etc.

  • PaulSmith3

    This watch looks great, always good to see companies who make high quality affordable. The big brands are so well known that reading Abbott their watches just isn’t as interesting as reading about smaller boutique brands. Personally I prefer to wear something made by a boutique that offers value as well as quality rather than a similar watch that costs double purely for the name tag.

  • MarkCarson

    I enjoyed reading the review post on this watch. The hand finishing is impressive and makes the watch desirable to me. While I appreciate the well known brands, boutique brands often have a different take on things and provide an degree of exclusivity at a reasonable price point. But then I would say that 🙂
    Anyway, I would be proud to win and wear this watch as the makers are true Swiss watch enthusiasts. Quite the opposite from a Rolex watch made by robots – nothing wrong with that – but a different way to ensuring quality.

  • I prefer boutique brand watches primarily because it gives great value; prices are not inflated due to excessive marketing. That said, I’m more inclined to boutique watch companies that make uniquely designed watches and not simply create homages. Also, I’m a great supporter of the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • SeanOng

    im an equal opportunity watch wearer. i appreciate the boutique ambition and value, but also respect tradition and heritage.

  • RistePejov

    Boutique brands are like the perfect underdog, different, nice, yet no one knows the brand. So its a really personal watch. The only issue is servicing.

  • EranR

    A boutique capable of producing high grade watches at budget price point, is of course the ideal option, and this EHF offering looks to be spot on. More generally speaking, it would usually be easier for bigger brands to offer affordable watches due to lower production costs, whereas boutique brands would typically either be quite expensive or resort to re-using a lot of off-the-shelf components, making them less ’boutique’…

  • ThomasTJ

    Locles interesting

  • ThomasTJ

    I LOVE Boutique watch makers because they give you the ability to own high end time pieces that you won’t see on every wrist.

  • CalinManea

    As i’ve seen boutique brands usually come up with bolder designs than the big name companies so that’s a big plus. Also i prefer not seeing the same watch i have on other people’s wrists every other day:).

  • ColinJessup

    It doesn’t matter if its a Big name or Boutique brand to me. Its about the style, quality and wearability for me more than anything.  I love my Breitling Super Avenger…but also love my Uniq GAF44 or Marvin Malton.  I will admit however, that boutique brands do offer more of a ‘one off’ experience…not everyone will be wearing the same watch at the high school reunion. Ha!

  • ragincajun

    I like the smaller brands because I like having stuff that no one else has.

  • Shannon7

    I think there is a place for both boutique and big brand watches. I own some Tag’s and Omega’s, but also love my Lum-Tec’s and Magrette’s. I like the big brands for their quality of production and love the boutiques for their creativity and outstanding customer service.

  • Moky

    the best thing i like about boutique brands is how well they listen to customers’ concerns about their watches, be it a complaint or complement. the best thing i like about the big brands is how established they are and we as consumers know they wont be going anywhere soon

  • tmss

    I think there is a time and place for both. Sure thing, I love my Stowa and Damasko and can be fairly sure that I’ll be the only one in the room wearing one, but I also love my Seikos. Sometimes you want to listen to that obscure indie band nobody has ever heard of, and sometimes you just want to play good old ACDC. Simple as that.

  • tivo

    I love the creativity and richness of ideas of the smaller and mostly unknown brands. Unfortunately it is very hard to find them. But by chance you stumble over some at some blog, fair, magazine…
    That’s then alwys a very delighning experience to find a new brand!

  • aslogar

    Boutique brands
    The boutique brands have the ability to create something unique.  Unlike bigger established brands, who have to keep within their design limits.

  • tepenier

    Nice and sober. This watch would fit perfectly on my wrist 🙂

  • aacarter

    Boutique Brands – Mostly because they provide more ‘bang for your buck’ – their designs tend to be more innovative, more affordable, and offer more options than the big marquee brands.

  • SillentWolf

    I love the smaller brands.
    Why ?
    I have the feeling that smaller brands listen more to the community, the watch-lover. They are open to suggestions, open to debate, and are willing to take the ideas of the community (through mail, Facebook, Twitter or a Forum) in to thought. You can even speak to them or visit them if you like. Look at Shawn from EHF, Chris Wiegand from Lum-Tec, and for example; Gordon Fraser. They are all willing to listen what you have to say. I think that is a huge difference then with the huge brands.You can’t call Omega, or mail them and say; maybe it’s a good idea to make a red bezel, of change that. I think if you are willing to listen to the community, and communicate with them .. the community will do something back; … talk about you, on other forums and over Facebook, to their friends, and tell them about your brand, and why they like your brand. That my friend .. is priceless. Only then you can gain success. You don’t even need a huge marketing campaign, such as Omega or Rolex. The community does this for you. if the community is happy, the brabd is happy, when the brand is happy; they will do more for the community. It works both ways. That’s why I like smaller brands.

  • MihaiMicu

    In Romania is difficult to find boutique brands, so the decision is easy.

  • Racerseven

    i have no preference for brands whether big, recognized ones or small boutique names. the style, size and movement matters to me and i will make a purchase decision when those 3 elements align…

  • Tyn

    Boutique brands, because I know that every cent I pay is for the watch in front of me – and not for a billboard or celebrity sponsorship.

  • JoeWelke

    It really doesn’t matter to me whether it’s boutique or a known brand;so long as I like the watch. I do wonder where Jaeger falls in there, as a known brand that functions rather like a boutique.
    Congrats on the new sites and name!

  • Patmore83

    I love boutique brands. Wearing a Chris Ward C60 right now. The next three watches that i intend to buy are from Chris Ward (again), Steinhart and Stowa. I find that their designs can be original and they have such great quality without the price tags.

  • TheSneakyP

    I don’t really mind between boutique or well known brand. It’s about how the watch looks. I would, however lean towards boutique in a straight fight between 2 watches based on budget and looks and quality because it’s better to support the small guy as they are going to take more care and it’s about loving what you do.

  • AlexanderGenvarev

    I prefer watches from big names because I trust the big manufactures

  • AlexanderGenvarev

    I prefer watches from big names because I trust the big manufactures

  • spsall

    I guess big name manufactures because I am more aware of their models. If I found a boutique brand model I liked I would consider it.

  • spsall

    I guess big name manufactures because I am more aware of their models. If I found a boutique brand model I liked I would consider it.

  • doobygeek

    Big name brands. Guess I’m shallow and attracted to the glitz and glamour 😛

  • doobygeek

    Big name brands. Guess I’m shallow and attracted to the glitz and glamour 😛

  • milanese

    I do prefer boutique brands, I do have watches from famous brands as well but it’s such a pleasant feeling to wear something different from your neighboor, a real connoisseur watch with a story behind and not the usual marketing story-telling that has been existing for centuries!

  • milanese

    I do prefer boutique brands, I do have watches from famous brands as well but it’s such a pleasant feeling to wear something different from your neighboor, a real connoisseur watch with a story behind and not the usual marketing story-telling that has been existing for centuries!

  • larsgrafik

    I prefer a watch that sings to me – then I don’t mind it’s origin that much. Unfortunately, history and carisma is a big part of what sings to me, and that tends to suggest the bigger and (sadly) more expensive brands.

  • larsgrafik

    I prefer a watch that sings to me – then I don’t mind it’s origin that much. Unfortunately, history and carisma is a big part of what sings to me, and that tends to suggest the bigger and (sadly) more expensive brands.

  • Mrdorythemory

    Boutique watches really tickle my fancy. The main reason is you feel regal wearing one. You know that you are not like another sheep with the same commonplace timepiece. There is a sense of individuality and pride, that you are lucky to have a watch that really stands out. I see a man wearing a boutique watch and think “there’s a man with a boutique watch he must have some culture and a good sense of purpose in life”. Boutique watches for sure.

  • Mrdorythemory

    Boutique watches really tickle my fancy. The main reason is you feel regal wearing one. You know that you are not like another sheep with the same commonplace timepiece. There is a sense of individuality and pride, that you are lucky to have a watch that really stands out. I see a man wearing a boutique watch and think “there’s a man with a boutique watch he must have some culture and a good sense of purpose in life”. Boutique watches for sure.

  • kvo141

    My current budget doesn’t allow me to be much of a chooser. But I would say that I would look at brands like Citizen or Seiko in a budget segment, as they can afford much better build and overall quality on a budget than small companies and boutiques.

  • kvo141

    My current budget doesn’t allow me to be much of a chooser. But I would say that I would look at brands like Citizen or Seiko in a budget segment, as they can afford much better build and overall quality on a budget than small companies and boutiques.

  • SteveDaly

    Great redesign.  
    I don’t really make a decision on a watch about who makes it.  It just needs to “work” – design, features, price, etc.

  • vferrava

    I find I am atracted to the design first not the brand.

  • melias

    I go more by materials, functionality and looks than by brand or boutique names.

  • harti361

    I like the well known brands more, but boutique brands often provide an degree of exclusivity and quality at a reasonable price point.
    I would love to win and wear this watch as the makers are true Swiss watch enthusiasts and i appreciate their work a lot (doing as much as possible by hand). Everything is made by robots today 🙁

  • DoruMacovei

    I like both known brands and boutique brands, however my feeling is that because of economies of scale boutique brands most often offer a price/quality offer that is somewhat higher than that of an established brand.
    That being said I know little about EHF, I will try to get some info on them…

  • amorbavian

    I cannot say that I prefer either one as I look at the combination of a few things: beauty, functinality, PRICE. Generally speaking I tend to prefer the big brands though..

  • stevej2001

    I’d rather get a watch from a small brand. I don’t want to have the same thing on my wrist as everyone else (although I do have a Rolex)

  • amorbavian

    How do this competitions work? I really do not have a clue what is meant by “enter valid email address where required”. Is the subscription? If yes, why do you have to do it all the time?

  • willin

    Hi Ariel, i have watches both from big name brands and boutique brands, i prefer big name brands But my wallet prefers the boutique brands 🙂                                                                                         And why i prefer big name brands? Well i guess the same reason as you, me and all others watchgeeks does 🙂                                                     Best regards // Dan.J

  • briarsmoke

    I like boutique watches because they give people who may not be able to afford Rolex, Omega or Breitling an opportunity to own an interesting, high quality watch.

  • AlexeyLukyanov

    I like boutique brands more than big ones. It is because of boutuque brands allow more individuality in their products

  • amorbavian

    This watch is reminding me of another watch – almost exact – which one?

  • Bob Sebastian

    I buy a watch based on it’s individual merit. I have watches from both big brands as well as boutique. But I have to say one of the things I like about boutique brands is that if someone else recognizes it I know I have found a fellow watch enthusiast and maybe a new friend.

  • petemjones

    I prefer watches from boutique brands as they are unique and exclusive.

  • bsmith1

    I enjoy watches that are unique and well made.  This could be from a boutique or major brand.

  • charlesnevers

    I like both of them. From a while I’ve noticed that i look for something special in the watch and probably the brand (big or small) is the less important point. If catch my eyes …. enough for me.

  • Briickhouse

    I like the creativity that boutique brands can exercise in their designs, but big name brands have many of the iconic classic watches that will always be in style. Right now I have been looking at more the big names for my next purchase.

  • AnthonyGuselnikov

    Looks like a nice semi-phantom.

  • DG Cayse

    Any brand brave enough to call them selves dual personality, i.e.Rebels & Watchmakers, is the kind of marque I will wear.
    Bobby-Ro is a wild man, no doubt. The Mk Zero is classic, smooth and built for action. I can live with that

  • Michael Walters

    Classic, thanks for the contest Ariel!

  • nathanmoe

    Boutique.  Because most other people won’t recognize what is on your wrist unless they really follow watches.

  • epicpro71

    I read about EHF months back when they were starting. Great to see the result of their idealism. Big name, small name, boutique- doesn’t really matter to me. So long as I feel good wearing the piece, then it’s good enough for me. That said, I only feel good when I know the watch is worth feeling good about.

  • Freddy_C_Two

    I’m less concerned about the name and more concerned about the style. I like what I like, regardless of who’s name is on it.

  • amarzban

    boutique, i’d rather enjoy a more unique watch than something everyone else in the world owns. however, that is not to say that the classics shouldnt be enjoyed by every watch lover.

  • ketrab

    I prefer boutique brands because the watches tend to be more unique and the customer service is far superior. But I have bought big brand watches in the past, like Tissot and Hamilton, because of the lower prices.

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Hi, my valid email address is 
    I do prefer watches from a big name, or boutique brands, and the reason is because the brand has to protect their reputation to stay in business, and will typically do this through quality of workmanship, materials, or great customer service.  Does it cost more? Yes.  Does the product last longer and work better? Yes.  I tend to buy watches rarely, and wear them long and often.  When I look at my wrist, its not just for the time.  I can look at a wall clock or cell phone for that.  I admire a beautiful watch, and knowing that it runs well and is sturdy and well crafted, gives me comfort.

  • Apdl

    I would prefer style over brand, with brand close behind
    Typically the big names have styles that i love but sometimes there are a few boutique brands that knock it out of the park

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Hi, my valid email address is 
    I do prefer watches from a big name brands, and the reason is because the brand has to protect their reputation to stay in business, and will typically do this through quality of workmanship,materials, or great customer service.  
    Does it cost more? Yes.  Does the product last longer and work better? Yes.  I tend to buy watches rarely, and wear them long and often.  When I look at my wrist, its notjust for the time.  I can look at a wall clock or cell phone for that.  I admire a beautiful watch, and knowing that it runs well and is sturdy and well crafted,  gives me comfort that the product will be with me for a long time.
    Boutique brands, while unique and often interesting, may not be around for the long haul. Its like buying a car that you can’t buy parts for anymore.  May look nice sitting in the garage, but if you can’t drive it, why own it?

  • WilliamGillett

    Part of me feels that watches can be viewed as a nice investment potential for resale in the future, but I think you should always go for a watch you like rather than one you should/someone else will in years to come. Provided the watch isn’t too ‘in house’ to the extent that repairs and maintenance become awkward I would always try and support boutique.

  • rbmbb

    I prefer boutique brands for the intimate customer service they provide. It is amazing to be able to speak to the creator of your timepiece and hear the story behind the watch. I know that George Fox from NFW does this type of thing, and it gets me (the avid watch nut) excited.

  • 14STIX

    Definitely the style of the watch over the name on the dial. No doubt boutiques are putting out quality products – the MK Zero appears to follow that trend. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • AlexanderZharkov

    I’d prefer watches with nice design and excellent quality, no matter whether it’s from big name or not…Thanks for the opportunity!

  • markheftler

    Boutique – they look wonderful and new to everyone who sees them.

  • roblloyd23

    I prefer boutique watches.  I find that in order to compete with the big boys, they must really be on their A game.  Thus, they often turn out cutting edge products.

  • Hacker4748

    I really don’t care about brands as long as the quality, value and looks / design are appealing.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    I’m definitely more interested in design & style over branding. Big name or boutique, I just want a sharp looking watch. The watches I love are generally out of my price range anyways. But, I like to dream big.

  • yasmadeki

    I’ll be honest.  If I spend decent money on a watch, I would like a few people to recognize what I am wearing. And the fact is that most people only can identify a few top brands.  Maybe in the future when I move past owning the typical (albeit beginner aficionado’s) list a dream watches I will move into the area of wearing a small boutique brand and be comfortable with the fact that nobody except me will appreciate it’s true worth.  Until then, I’ll keep being a sucker for glossy ads in the front of magazines.

  • raymansg

    Boutique brands.  I am very partial and adore micro brands and am not keen on mainstream although, I am a big fan of of a particular big brand which makes fantastic pilot watches.  Read about EHF some time ago and I think what they do is also amazing, seems like the watches anyone gets from them should be in fine order because they do so much with the movement.  I have yet to come to terms with the price that is attached to such added value work on a time piece.  Sure as h*ll not going to pass up a chance to win one 🙂

  • craqus

    I have a mix of both big name brands and boutique brands in my (small) collection.  I like both for differnt reasons, but I suppose if pressed, I’d have to choose boutique because they take more chances.  That being said, I love a giveaway of any kind!  Thanks for putting this together, this is a (another) great giveaway!

  • stmarmh

    I definitely prefer watches from boutique brands…I don’t like wearing the same thing that everyone else is wearing. That being said, if I really like the watch, then I’m obviously interested in wearing it, no matter who makes it.

  • pkansa

    I don’t mind if the maker is a large company or small – what I look for is a combination of style, movement, and price.

  • GWalkaa

    I much prefer boutique brands purely for individuality. Its also nice because the costs behind small scale manufacturing are so significant that when a boutique manufacture produces something affordable you get a real sense of how proud they are of their product as the passion flows thought the craftsmanship and design.

  • PatrickDiSanto

    I prefer boutique watches they seem to be more unique than the big names like Tag, Omega, etc.. This watch is hot.

  • Clydefogh

    I prefer to support the little guy (boutique), but if the the look and quality are there, it doesn’t matter.

  • sixtysix

    It’s a great looking watch that is sized just right, uses a well known movement. Who care is if a boutique brand or a major player?

  • 2crazy2stop

    I like boutique brands…typically a more competitive price

  • Mind_Game

    I prefer having a boutique brand if only for the feeling that the watch is more unique.

  • Marcrovner

    I prefer boutique brands to the big brand names because they bring more style and thought to the watch. I would love to put the EHF on my wrist.

  • scoopster42

    Depends on the watch itself. I prefer iconic looking orignal designs. So ‘big brand” or boutique does not factor into the decision.

  • ratchet

    While I would prefer to have a boutique watch, frequently price-point deems that I buy the larger brands.

  • nice

  • rogerdude

    Very nice looking watch.

  • Mercury66

    Nice looking watch.  I like the large numerals and small seconds hand

  • hyperaesthetic

    I think the price difference the big boys and boutique brands is getting smaller, so I tend to prefer the big brands…..

  • NickMylo

    Always nice to have people asking you “what kind of watch is that”. Boutique watches can offer a great conversation piece, not just a style accessory.

  • jamespmacneil

    I guess for me it first falls to the design of the watch then wearability and finally price, so whichever appeals to me more at the time, but as it stands so far it has been mostly big brands.

  • turboscott

    Boutique watches are great there smaller production runs give them flexibility that the big brands don’t have.  There tends to be more uniqueness and attention to detail.

  • Philippe

    I like boutique watches if they’re less expensive and more adventurous. Yet boutique watches are not to be confused with small manufacturers…

  • Thierry

    Nice watch. I love the grey style.
    Regarding the question… I have no preference. A watch, for me, depends of the style, features, etc.

  • johnp33

    This is a very clean looking watch, I love it! I definitely prefer watches from boutique for a couple of reasons. I like that they tend to put more thought and attention into the watches they build as well as the smaller numbers. I also enjoy owning something that most people have never heard of.

  • eitan

    Very nice looking watch

  • berniesiao

    Great looking watch

  • Phillyfilm

    Clean, simple, somewhat retro looking watch.  I dig it, especially the hands!

  • Blaze8

    Definatly botique. Its all about quality, not quantity.

  • BK1017

    All things being equal, I’d much prefer to buy a watch from a boutique watch maker. Knowing that I’m supporting the little guy is more exciting to me, as it’s generally a product that is bit more esoteric and produced with love and craft in mind, versus the bottom dollar. Great looking watch!

  • Phillyfilm

    Clean, simple, somewhat retro looking watch. I dig it, especially the hands!  Regarding the boutique issue:  depends on the looks, quality and functionality of the watch, but I definitely prefer a brand with a good history (or background for newer) and track record.

  • Mercury66

    Boutique….quality not quantity

  • dku081

    I prefer the boutique watch maker that does something a little different from everyone else.  The wristwatch nowadays is more about style and look and feel and a story than simple time telling.  It’s a statement about yourself.

  • bibathan

    I love the watch, it is unique yet classic.  Uniqueness / flexibility in style is also a large reason why I prefer boutique brands at this stage in my life.  I also like the uniqueness in name – something that not a lot of other people will be wearing or maybe even not have heard of, can make for an interesting story.  Boutique often also offers better value, but the challenge here is finding the good ones.

  • SteveA2

    Handsome watch!  Boutique or not?  It doesn’t make any difference.  Quality is what counts.

  • mackbakker

    I prefer boutique watches because you can find amazing quality, and it won’t be found on a lot of other wrists.  I like to know for myself that I have a good quality watch that someone might not have heard of before.

  • ZigoEnzo

    Hey WIS,
    I  prefer watches from boutique brands for many reasons, similar I’m sure to many of you. 
    A boutique .watch allows you to know more about the watch and how it’s made, and sometimes be part of the process (MKII watches for example)
    Boutique watches seem to listen to what is discussed on our forums to make a better watch for everyoneBoutique watches are usually less expensive and offer a very high quality.

  • lionstan

    Big name or boutique is not the issue for me.  Style and quality is what matters.

  • CAA7273

    The EHF Mk Zero is great looking and I love manual wind watches.

  • Oetang

    Have been supporting the boutique brands all the way, I prefer the unique cases and designs and the MK zero looks just like that.

  • johnro6659

    Great looking watch, I checked out the pics of the construction on their Facebook page and was very impressed. I am a watch collector I do not have a preference when it comes to who manufactures the timepiece as long as it’s made well and will last. I do have several boutique watches in my collection adding another would be great. I do agree that the small boutique will listen to collectors and what they want more than the big manufacturers will and they usually set the pace for what comes later from all the other manufacturers. This Mk Zero is the type of watch I prefer to wear.

  • guachafita

    Now that´s a nice looking watch !

  • vmarks

    Classic watches like this are beautiful.

  • protiago

    I prefer boutique watches, because they are, usually, more exclusive.

  • jotpeh

    Prefer Boutique watches, hand down! In a (corporate) world where you constantly see Seikos, Citizens, Tag Heuers, and the like a nice well made boutique watch is a treat for sore eyes 😉
    btw, like the new name and layout !!

  • crumley

    I prefer good looking watches. =) Seriously though small or large doesn’t matter as long as the styling is in line with what I am looking for.

  • AleksBak

    Good looking watch!
    Boutique brands for their exclusivity and quality. But it doesn’t really matter if its a quality watch and looks good

  • GeoffA

    I don’t car if the watch is boutique or made by a large manufacturer, but I do tend to like watches that are unusual.
    I like that this watch is manually wound and has no date. A solid well designed watch.

  • I’ve been in touch with the guys over LeLocle enquiring about their watches. They told me that they could make one customized hand made watch for me at a very affordable price (u guys should contact them directly so that they can quote you). 
    I simply prefer them over some generic big brands out there solely for the reason that they do what they do out of passion and enthusiasm. If you see on their Facebook page, they engineer each part of a certain watch they are building to perfetion!
    Hopefully I win this. It would be my utmost honor to wear their watches!

  • Juha

    Brand doesn’t matter so much, but the look and price

  • matthewjallison

    I tend to like big name brands but if the watch looks awesome it does not matter to me.

  • rafaelm

    Oh this watch looks great!
    Even though most of my watches are brand names, I agree with everyone else that Boutique watches are more exclusive, and possess finer details.

  • RobertSilverman

    Sometimes it’s the little guy that puts out a watch that would be otherwise unatainable by the major houses. I really like the craftsmanship that goes into every aspect of making a watch. I would be thrilled to wear this watch.

  • kiddmen57

    I prefer whichever watch catches my eye and suits my mood.

  • pirogator

    boutique watches is really the way to stay unique and showcase your personal style. On the budget, which is pretty important aspect.  Of course there are some Big Brand classics that respectable watch collector has to own, but unique boutique watches are really the gems to light up a boring watch box.

  • jtambor

    I prefer boutique brands but have learned, recently, to only purchase big name brands.  Re-sale can be a pain when all you hear is “never heard of them”…

  • bibok

    Solid looking watch!
    Boutique brands, only because I associate big names with aggressive branding as opposed to being innovative and investing in design or quality. That said, as most have mentioned, a great watch is a great watch, no matter the brand.

  • mattsh

    I like watches from the smaller guys.  They have to be nice watches, but it adds a little extra exclusivity to an already small community of folks that wear nice watches.

  • UofASouthpaw

    The smaller guys, for a number of reasons: 1. They are more unique, more rare, more interesting to talk about.  2. This may or may not be true, but I feel like they give each piece their complete devotion; less of a mass-produced feel than the big guys.  3. I’m all for helping the small businesses succeed – more so than helping big-wigs stuff their pockets.

  • hartwagle

    The nice thing about small brands is the innovative designs. I just wish there were some small companies producing movements. It would be nice to see an american company that used american movements.

  • mandime

    Although I have great admiration for the main brands and their ability to innovate and engineer remarkable timepieces, I think boutique brands give you better value at the entry-mid level price point.  C.H. Ward’s mono pusher for example. Love what EHF are doing, and this piece with less red on the dial is awesome!

  • Humanloop

    Hmm. Tough call. I’d say I’m roughly 50/50. I really like the boutiques, because it seems that they are more willing to take design risks. Where as the big companies are more likely to keep in tune with their core designs. Understandable, they are a big company, and got their because of those designs. It’s less likely that they will lose the majority of their followers if they stay consistent.
    I like the big companies because you usually know what to expect…see above. Also, they have more R&D a lot of times…omega for example…silicium escape wheels, etc. longer time between services.
    Both are respectable, and enjoyable to collect and wear!

  • phredless

    I usually prefer the look and feel of boutique watches, the classics are executed in a manner to make them timeless, while the new looks are fresh, rather than those from large brands, where everything feels safe.  That said, I cannot afford most boutique watches, they’re simply out of my price range.  When looking for a watch I try for an dependable movement and a clear vision of design.  Brands like Citizen and Seiko prove very affordable, dependable daily wear,  Emerging, more affordable brands are what I really prefer for formal or work wear, those trying to make a name and take a new look at what a watch can be.

  • jaydub_

    I don’t have a preference between big names or boutique brands, so long as I like the watch, and it’s high quality, and will last a long time!!

  • Shuskefuji

    As someone who has only owned big name brand watches I am forced to say big brand names. I’m looking for some good boutique brands but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • elephant

    I definitely prefer boutique brands.  Their unique styles and small scale production are often not available in the big name brands at a reasonable price.

  • jpstone13

    I honestly don’t have a preference.  A nice watch is a nice watch.  Much like wine, a nice watch can come from the most unlikely of places.  I like boutique watches because of the chances they are willing to take with design.  I like the consistency of the bigger name companies.

  • bsherman

    I LIKE IT ALL!!!!!  I’m not bias!

  • I like the unique offerings that you can find eith boutique brands, but prefer the generally higher degree of finishing and support that the big brands can offer with their economies of scale.

  • Neil C

    I prefer Boutique watches, something a little different, something I like to explain and share with others.  I also have Omegas for dress, but like my Boutique watches for casual.  The EHF Military watch with small seconds would definitely fall into both camps.

  • MLR13000

    Mk Zero is one of the sharpest pilot style watches I have ever seen. I happen to love this style of watch. If I won this watch, I solemnly swear I would never take it off my wrist for the rest of my life!!!! 🙂 I know that their are people who look down upon one watch brand or another. I have no such prejudice, I want to be a watch ambassador for this company. First, I have to work on getting famous. I am working on it.

  • meltdowngrfx

    As far as I’m concerned, big name watch manufacturers almost always guarantee high quality. The great thing about boutique manufacturers is the uniqueness that they bring to the market. For me quality, style and a unique design are what I look for in a watch. With the manual winding and and pilot styling, the EHF Mk Zero is definitely a unique and stylish product that I would enjoy wearing.

  • jonesjs85

    I wouldn’t turn down either a big name or boutique brand watch. However, if I was choosing between two similar watches I would choose boutique. Always a fan of the “underdog.”

  • miccos

    I love boutique brands, original designs accompanied by personal and excellent service.

  • FayEz

    For me, I’ll most likely choose big brands because of their high quality in-house movements which make the watch special together with it’s rich history. Boutique brands are very also unique with very creative concept and designs that really attracts the customer with affordable values and a decent swiss movement. EHF Horlogere Mk Zero Watch is definitely an unique boutique brand that will be love by watch lover due their attractive design and concept. Love it!

  • mundo b

    Tough call. My (admittedly modest) collection is split right down the middle at the moment between boutique and big brands. I love or hate a watch individually. I guess I’ll go with boutiques because that’s where I honestly see most of my future watch budget going. They offer unique products you don’t see on other wrists, which is cool.

  • lostcauz

    I prefer boutique brands because, they are the innovators in the watch space.

  • Fenskos

    I prefer big name brands for service ease and brand confidence, but do look at boutique brands from time to time.

  • humphl

    If I had to pick, I’d choose a large brand over a boutique (a choice based on the law of averages). My rationale is based on my OVERALL preference for something exclusive or limited. I suspect the larger brands (with their deeper pockets) are generally the ones who can provide such movements/creations and such. Of course, we’re not taking into account the funds required for this!

  • PaulSmith3

    This watch looks great, always good to see companies who make high quality affordable. The big brands are so well known that reading about their watches just isn’t as interesting as reading about smaller boutique brands. Personally I prefer to wear something made by a boutique that offers value as well as quality rather than a similar watch that costs double purely for the name tag.

  • bockzilla

    I concur with most, service and brand confidence make me drift over to big brands more than boutiques. However, big brands should learn from MK Zero, you are going to have a hard time finding a more detailed manually wound movement with a sapphire caseback at this price point. Certainly an excellent piece for whoever wins it.

  • zypher84

    this watch looks fantastic and is priced very well! any word as to where EHF will be retailed in the US?

  • cadillacman

    If I like a watch and it is from a boutique brand I check there rep and if they have received positive reviews I will buy from them.

  • Gabechambers

    Nice looking watch- I feel that both industries have their place but I would always order the boutique brand as I feel they tend to be able to produce pieces with more originality (and soul) just my two cents , like the new site / name Ariel congrats, Gabe

  • Gbastille

    Great looking watch!! I would wear this everyday!

  • Gbastille

    Great looking watch!! I would wear this everyday!

  • MarcoFranken

    I like to buy watches from boutique brands because they tend to listen to the buyers and offer value for money.
    Although i have some regular name brand watches i always look what the boutique brands do.

  • PhilMaurer

    Generally I prefer a watch from a known brand, the exception is Rolex, which to me is just way to common.  If your going to pay for a nice watch I kinda prefer that even non watch people have at least a small awareness of a brand.  Most people in the US cannot spot a well made watch from a unknown brand vs a cheap quartz watch.I do really like the look of this watch though.

  • djaaronkline

    I really like pilot watches, but I don’t have one in my modest collection yet.  This is mainly because I have always liked the B&R pilots the best, but they are way out of my price range right now and the homages and knock-offs I’ve seen don’t really do it for me.
    I don’t have a general preference for big name or boutique brands, although there are a few of each I do like.  I have an Omega, a Tag, an old Jules Jorgensen my grandfather gave me years ago, and two Tissots.  I also have a Cadence I bought last year that was inexpensive, but is actually pretty nice for the price.
    The EHF Mk Zero is a very nice watch with a good ETA movement, a sapphire display back (which I like very much), and is a nice size at 42mm.  My Omega is much smaller than that, which is nice for a dress watch, but I am on the lookout for a watch I can wear with jeans and a polo, which isn’t as busy as my Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph.  I also really like the DLC coating; it makes it seem “stealthier.”

  • andrewmsalisbury

    I am just strating to get into watches, My Wife got me a hamilton for our wedding and I love it. At this point I like known brands because I have not learned about the other ones yet.

  • RobertCreamer

    I pefer a known brand with a long history.  A great grandchild  could inherit a Vacheron Constantin or a Patek Philippe and never have to worry about the ability repaired in the future. The watch will hold it’s value.

  • halfacat1

    I think when starting out, I’d want one or two pieces from the big names, and after the foundation is solid, I will get into very specific styles i.e. pilot/marine chronometer from smaller brands like Stowa.

  • jbesson

    I often like the larger brands with a long history and strong brand DNA. But from time to time I encounter a small or boutique brand which I fall in love with. Usually because they have a story to tell. Living in Switzerland I am quite exposed to all kinds of brands, including small ones.

  • Backpackerx

    I like boutiques and currently wear a Frederique Constant.

  • Chris Grefe

    I do have an affinity for both as each provides a different approach to the look and feel of a watch. I prefer boutique though as I like having something that is not mainstream.  Watch looks great by the way!

  • MFH

    I prefer the big name brands as I know what I’m getting and they’re gererally heavily reviewed.

  • Mister_w

    I like to know that what I’m wearing is a bit out of the ordinary so I prefer smaller, boutique watchmakers. A DMH watch is on my Christmas list.

  • jordiinsley

    I like the idea liking of boutique brands, but big names brands just have nicer stuff.

  • I prefer boutique brands and have several, owing primarily to style and somewhat (I admit!) to exclusivity. However, my big-name/mass-market brand watches seem to perform with less fuss and less trouble, especially the high ends of these makers (Edifice, Sportura, TX, etc.)

  • BillyDagwood

    I’m sort of ambivalent about big vs. small brands, as long as the thing looks good and has a good movement in it.  That having been said, as I get older and *knocks on wood* have more disposable income, I am guessing I’ll tend to favor boutique brands.

  • spedmonkey

    I’m not too concerned with big brands vs. small ones, but I generally do lean toward the larger ones, to be honest, as they often tend to have a great deal more history and technical expertise behind them. It’s just a shame that so many of them have been acquired by the big conglomerates now and are no longer independent operators.

  • Saddler_

    I do like the EHF MK zero and have thought about buying one. I would rather win one.

  • ChunChanners

    I prefer buying watches from big name companies because there is more availability of aftermarket parts and they’re easier to resell but I admire the innovative designs of boutique brands.

  • carolyn h

    Definitely I prefer boutique brands. I can judge a watch without all the advertising and hype. I don’t care what Nicole Kidman or John Travolta are wearing. I know what watches I like because what is on the inside as well as how they’re designed.  So the big names are not my thing. They are shorthand for people who don’t care to find out for themselves what is a good watch and what it is worth.

  • mikesr

    This is a really good looking limited edition  pilot style 42mm case watch with a high grade Swiss ETA Unitas 6498 mechanical movement.  The post does not mention the amount of water resistance.  To me personally, it would be a wonderful thing in my life to win one of these.
    I have no preference in big name or boutique brands.  If a see a watch that I like, I do my research and comparisons to determine if the quality is there and make my decision accordingly.  Outside influence and advertising does not move me.

  • Esfedudu

    I prefer boutique watches and this particular EHF one looks just great.

  • Jimym3

    Most of the styles I like are from big name watchmakers, so that’s what I prefer.

  • Kar Wai Law

    A great looking pilot..i love watches with a story so i will happily wear big names or boutique brand as long as the watch is good looking with a special story to it…

  • shafahmad

    I have no trouble in picking up either big brands or not. The most important thing in watches are their design statures, not only in movement mechanisms but the design should also be transpired in their dials and also their materials and for that, I must say I tend to look at the boutique houses. They are so adventurous in the designs and qualities are maintained with undeniable concerns.

  • Walteryz

    Very cool watch!

  • felixneo

    I prefer boutique brands, because the attention to detail is greater.

  • LordotU

    Ohm… Unitas. I’m loving it!

  • morek

    I have only bought from the big names, but the more I learn about smaller boutique firms, I want to add to my collection.  I really like the ideas EHF are bringing to collectors, and I hope to own something from them one day.

  • lscardin

    Nice.  Really like this one.

  • Jetman89

    I am not really picky by brand.  I usually buy what I like and what fits my wrists the best.

  • fabiomferreira

    Wow what a nice watch and generous giveaway! I personally prefer small boutique watches, once the level of details is higher and it’s usually more exclusive. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • JMCraig

    Boutique watches are great, but sometimes i prefer an established brand for the reliability, ease of service, and often comparably lower cost.  that said, there’s always a place for cool, unique stuff!

  • AmanGupta1

    Love the no nonsense look of the watch. That unitas movement is lovely.
    As per boutique brands vs big brands, I guess both have their places. Boutique brands usually are much better value for money (christopher ward and steinhart being prime examples), but they are difficult to find at local dealers, so your purchases are based only on online photos and reviews in many cases. I have only bought watches from brick and mortar stores for myself till now, but am eyeing the steinhart pilot watches for next purchase.

  • Poloni

    Very nice watch! 
    I have no preference about boutique of Big Name watches.
    If the machine is good, to me it is enough.

  • MenachemSelent

    I prefer well known brands but there is definetly a place for less known brands, especially if they produce something cool and unique.  I don’t think spending more money is guarantee of greater quality.  If a lesser known brand produces a cool looking watch with great details I’d get it.  I prefer mainstream movements that anyone can repair so I don’t even have to worry about their service.  Great looking watch!

  • thefortitude

    I prefer big name because of the history of their manufacturing quality.

  • gleam

    I don’t have a preference for boutique or big name — I like value and novelty. I’m happy to get that from Seiko and I’m happy to get that from Nomos.

  • GilbertoGil

    I usually prefer big name Swiss brands.  There is something about the craftmanship and design that manages to tip it’s hat to both form and function at the same time that I really appreciate.  I also like the fact that these watches are durable and make great gifts from one generation to another.  That said, any boutique watch that fits the above description definitely has a home in my collection. 🙂

  • malerik7

    No real preference. I like the traditional lines for their history and contribution to the art of making watches. I like the boutique watches because frequently they are able to take higher risk and unusual approaches required to innovate new breakthroughs.

  • GilbertoGil

    I usually prefer big name Swiss brands. There is something about the craftmanship and design managing to tip its hat to both form and function at the same time that I really appreciate. I also like the fact that these watches are durable and make great gifts from one generation to another. That said, any boutique watch that fits the above description definitely has a home in my collection. 🙂

  • zypher84

    i usually prefer bigger brands that they tend to have more history and the investment power behind it to work on more innovative complications

  • WatchMyWatch

    I like Swiss brand watches because of the quality and the status that come with them.but I have to face realty in which I can afford
    only big and realetivly cheap whatch brands,mainly Japanese.

  • WatchMyWatch

    I like Swiss brand watches because of the quality and the status that come with them.but I have to face realty in which I can affordonly big and realetivly cheap watch brands,mainly Japanese.

  • WatchMyWatch

    I like Swiss brand watches because of the quality and the status that come with them.but I have to face reality in which I can affordonly big and realetivly cheap watch brands,mainly Japanese.

  • flatwave

    I wish I had the money for boutique brands. For now it’s Seiko for me…

  • Keon

    What a nice watch! I prefer  boutique watches but I also bought some watches from big names

  • DougCarnahan

    Watches from smaller makers are my preference due to the quality and price you get from smaller companies. If a company has a prestigious name they are not only able to sell their product but the luxury of wearing the branding itself costs much more.

  • GregHall

    Nice uncluttered open faced watch

  • elcuko

    Being a low numbered unit makes it more “desirable” than high volumes. And of course, you can wear it with nearly exclusive attitude!

  • PaulElam

    This is a killer-looking watch! Very sleek and understated. And I like that it’s powered by a 6498 manually wound mechanism – nice choice!

  • BNG

    Like boutique watches- love the personal service and the fact no one else has it!  Like already on FB and have now done for EHF!

  • ar8888

    I prefer watches from established brands. It’s just so much easier in terms of servicing and reselling if need be

  • Duchead

    I’ve bought watches from both boutique and established brands.  I like getting more bang for the buck buying boutique but as others have pointed out, reselling can be a problem.

  • JohnKim

    I like that the case is made out of titanium and I wish more companies used it in their watches. I personally don’t like a very “heavy” watch, although that is completely objective, and usually that’s the issue with watches that use an ETA 6497. The pilot style is nice and I could definitely see myself wearing it everyday. I think it’s elegant in its “generic” look, so as to be appealing to many tastes and styles. Hooray for legit, real-world independent boutiques that are transparent and candid about the watch industry. 🙂

  • Torben754

    I like both – although lately liking many of the boutique brands a little more

  • qudths

    Pretty sweet watch.  I prefer specific brands, as they offer what I am looking for, and for the most part, they are larger big name brands.  However, if the boutique offers something unique, then I am all for them.  For example, I love IWC for their design and some innovations, I also JLC for their amazing movements, but I also like Sinn for their engineering and use of materials and Nomos for their Bauhaus design and in-house movements!  So, I guess my answer is… both!

  • MrJones

    I like the fact this watch can go with anything. It’s a nice size that will look great someone’s wrist.

  • BrianSchiele

    Nice looking watch.  I have never really considered an all black one.

  • saxandviolins

    I prefer boutique brands myself. just cause

  • kronos7

    It doesn’t matter to me whether a watch comes from a major brand or a boutique company. As long as I like the features of the watch and the price doesn’t break the bank. I never sell my watches, so resale value doesn’t play a part in my selection.

  • lomarti

    I like the unusual in a watch be it from a name brand or a boutique.

  • GeneMartin

    What a great looking watch! I really like that. I have no preference as to a big name watch, boutique brand or any other style or brand. I look at the watch. If I like it  I would consider a purchase after doing a little research.

  • nsquared

    I prefer big name watches because I know I have a company behind me if I have problems with the watch. Just feels more secure.

  • VladimirMilenkovic

    Very nice desugn.

  • VladimirMilenkovic

    Very nice design.


    I prefer boutique brands.

  • genebernardin

    Wow… it really depends on the specific watch. If I had to choose one over the other, I would say that I lean toward the big name watches simply because the styling tends to be more classic (generally) and the overall quality is more consistent. These are big generalities, as boutique brands can often deliver much more value for the dollar.

  • edwinek1

    I simply prefer beautiful watches. Big name or boutique brand, I really don’t care.

  • Luckie

    I love simple designs on watches whether inexpensive or expensive.

  • beachbum602

    EHF MK ZERO- a great unique boutique  watch to start a unique  boutique blog!

  • z841

    mention whether you prefer watches from big name or boutique brands and why.
    i like what i like, not because of a name or where it’s sold.  i’ve got a TAG from my parents and a Casio from eBay…

  • PerryBolding

    I certainly prefer boutique prices.  I think boutique brands certainly represent a good value price point, and what I currently wear.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    a watch is a watch..on the surface,it is simple but in it is complex..with me right now is a victorinox swiss army dive master 500,brought from local store CityChain.

  • MajorHavoc

    Boutique or name brand, they both have their merits.  For me, it depends on the specific watch.

  • JoshuaDTurner

    I would love this MK Zero as my daily wrist watch…I’ve seen a lot of giveaways here but this is the only one I would love to win. 
    I currently wear a  Montblanc sports steel quarts watch. I’m not too happy with it and would love to switch it out.
    I’m not sure if Chronoswiss is considered a boutique brand, but that is my all time favorite affordable brand. It seems like a boutique brand to me but I’m not too sure. One thing though, is that I definitely prefer boutique brand prices.

  • patgilmartin

    I tend to prefer big-name watches because I trust the fid-and-finish that big budget companies can put together better than smaller botique shops.

  • yellowtricycles

    After reading the recon 5 article, and buying one, i think i prefer boutique brands, when done right. If you can get a solid Swiss movement, with a nice finish all around, and nothing to tacky; why pay extra for a name.

  • JoseCristian

    I prefer the boutique stuff. You’re paying less marketing.

  • Albi

    I like big name watches as well as boutique brands and indeed I have watches from both. They both have their place: from the big name companies I like the historical roots and the impeccable finish level that some of their products show. From the boutique brands I like the often much better quality-price ratio and that they are not as common as some of the offerings from the big names. I like to have a watch that not everybody else around me has.

  • Bdraguts

    Im all about the boutque brands. They get me the most compliments, are priced well for me, and are different from anything else out there. I love my Armida A1 and cant wait for my Olivier Bronze Diver.

  • wbilly

    I preferr boutiques. Generally: more bang for the buck, better customer service, interesting designs, no baloney, etc.. Plus, I live in Brooklyn, the galactic epicenter of the artisanal movement.

  • imachucas

    Boutiques offers excellent quality at affordable prices, just like EHF, great giveaway , awesome watch, good luck every one 😉

  • GoGoJackson

    I vastly prefer boutique watches. I love to know that is extremely unlikely I would run into someone with an identical watch. And usually I have to explain to someone a little about the watch too…I love that as well.
    The EHF is a beauty. I’m crossing my fingers.  🙂

  • Dreadnought

    I prefer watches from boutique outfits such as LeLocle. There’s something about the focused artisan in and independence of the boutiqueoutfits that is probably more an emotionally laden  reason. But I think they come up with some of the best classic and unique designs that justlook better on a man’s wrist.The EHF Mk Zero watch is very good looking. Good luck all you ABTW, formerly knowN as ABTR, denizens!

  • manuelz

    I usually go for big name brands I am more familiar with but it always comes down to the watch in particular if it has interest to me.

  • nebgonf

    I like to have a mix in my collection. Big brands have reputation, boutiques have advantage over price. You get pleasantly surprised by the quality and customer service from the boutiques.

  • Snoprojman

    I would have to say I like boutiques over big brands due to the wide variety of options though big brands are great for serviceability and provenance!

  • malomoto

    It’s not always the larger well known brands that offer unique watches . . . that’s all part of the fun in seeking out and collecting special timepieces from smaller companies and independant watchmakers.

  • Special pieces can come from both the big brands and the boutique… it’s all about the watch.

  • leicaman

    This one’s a beaut. I think I might buy one if I don’t win it! 🙂

  • nateb123

    I’ve got a few big brand watches which are solid but not very crazy, and some boutique watches which are absolutely nuts.  I think that pretty much sums up the role of boutiques: to do crazy/interesting/niche stuff while the main brands pump out popular pieces you can buy for someone as a Christmas gift.

  • MarkFD

    I prefer boutique brands for their unique style and quality.

  • RobertoValenzuela

    I love simple pilot watches with subdial seconds. Seems like a pretty solid watch from the review

  • falon

    I prefer smaller brands so that my money is not spent on the huge marketing budget of bigger brands.

  • P3R3GRIN3

    I like both big name brands and smaller brands, but generally I prefer the bigger brand-names because they have more money and usually better quality parts compared to the smaller brands

  • theowtt

    I have a fondness of dark toned watch cases and dials and this one is definitely ticking the right boxes. It has the understated and stealthy look that says “I have a nice watch and I don’t need to bling it up” Plus the titanium case and leather strap, it should be very light on the wrist. The manually wound movement should be interesting as I’ve never owned a manually wound watch yet.

  • APLove

    I love this watch. I am a huge fan of understated design and colour. This watch encompasses all of the qualities i look for in a watch, i can see this replacing my hamilton valiant as a daily wear watch.

  • gffuentes

    I think i think when first looking at a watch ill completely base whether i like it or not on aesthetic. Then i delve in more and find out details that i like more such and gorgeous movements and particular metals or jewels used. So with that said since the brand name watch companies have more access to these incredible movements and various metals and jewels, i would say i prefer them all in all. But overall, i dont discriminate!

  • gffuentes

    Love this watch and many of their Mk One. My main issue is there is no purchasing info on the site in case i don’t win the contest!

  • gffuentes

    Love this watch and  their Mk One. My main issue is there is no purchasing info on the site in case i don’t win the contest!!

  • martuki80

    I prefer boutique brands for their quality.

  • PaulHeuer

    I prefer something that is unobtrusive, but piques the interest of those in the know. If that happens in a big brand, fine, but often the big brands seem to need their watches to be identified by Joe Average at 20 paces. So for a boutique brand, I’d rather have beautiful form, or an interesting complication in an understated watch. Nothing worse than for Joe to see a watch feature ‘borrowed’ from a big brand and open with, “oooh is that a Rol*x?”

  • Nealie

    I’ve been following their blog for a while now and I really like how much dedication they put into their watches. It’s also lucky that I love the style too as simple unpretentious watches are my thing. I think the smaller makers are far more interesting than the big brands as there is more of the makers in the watch.
    I’ve been pondering buying one of these anyway, so I imagine that sooner or later, I’ll get one one way or another.

  • ckhong

    My priority would be the quality of that watch and also it needs match my personality and style regardless it is made by which company.

  • punzyk

    I prefer boutique brands for their unique yet accessible offerings that fit quite well to the demands of most watch enthusiasts, especially those like me without the budget to blow on luxury items from the big names. It’s also nice to own something from a unique brand and which can be a potential conversation piece as well.

  • wandimarco

    The watch looks handsome, but wander why it has no date. If it has date, should be even better. But i dont mind getting one from the giveaway 😀

  • Rust Hawk

    Quality is first and then looks; I can go either way.

  • damdam

    I prefer boutique brand watches because there’s more soul and personality in them.
    So this watch would be perfect for me 🙂

  • RalphSpencer

    Personally, the quality and style of the watch mean a lot more to me than the name on the dial. I wear watch more for my own pleasure than to impress others so the brand isn’t as important to me.

  • DrWombat

    I’ve been following EHF’s rss for a while and love the care they seem to put into each step of the process.

  • DrWombat

    I’ve been following EHF’s rss for a while and love the care they seem to put into each step of the process. Boutique watches always are more appealing for this reason.

  • gojiB

    that’s a pretty nice looking watch!

  • Nuno

    Quality above all… Sometimes big name brands can be deceptive.

  • gojiB

    where do you buy these? doesn’t look like it’s available in North America

  • Paulie1988

    Big name watch brands are good but they can some times be a little lazy in the design dept because they expect people to buy them any way however i find boutique brands seem to design something cool and fresh looking

  • Straw15

    I prefer smaller brands because I feel more care is taken as well as the more limited runs making the watch extra special. Really like the look of this watch.

  • Stinos

    I never really focus on the name. I look for quality and beauty.
    There are some brands that have a better selection for me persenally. (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) So I look at those brands more often. But the name is not really that important to me.

  • jtfremont

    Boutique brands because because of some unique styles they can offer.

  • FerdinandAngeles

    Boutique brands because I buy watches based on 50% quality and 50% affordability

  • md2md

    I think having a collection of big name name brands as well as boutique ones is good. There are big names that can be considered heirlooms, passed down to your children or grand children (e.g. Patek, Rolex, AP). These have the mystique and pedigree of an object of art and are not merely devices that tell time.  On the other hand there are boutique brands that provide quality and excellent value and still give a sense of an artistic object (e.g. Maurice de Mauriac, Bremont, JeanRichard, Nomos).

  • tce001

    I’m a fan of both: big name brands for style and affordability, but boutique brands for their construction and uniqueness.  This one is great!

  • Kris C

    Great question actually, despite how innocently it was posed. In theory, I prefer a boutique watch because it just seems more personal, like owning it makes you a part of something. But in practice, bigger brand watches represent better value due to buying power and stature. If you wanted a more complicated watch (meaning more than just the time) the boutique stuff is always more exclusively priced. Its a tough call, but forced to stay brand or boutique, I’d probably go brand, with a grimace.

  • EricHK

    Great watch! Love what EHF is doing for watch lovers in terms of affordability. I Prefer boutique brands mainly for the feeling of not just following the crowd.

  • LouisM

    I Like boutique brands over big names, there something about the exclusivity and small quantity production that make them more interesting.

  • whfrank

    A desirable watch is no longer about the brand, since the market is so saturated with the big names, my definition of desirability is about ones connection with his or her timepiece. I consider a watch is a intimate buy, especially for men, therefore, I believe that boutique brands offers that personalized connection.

  • JoeTabita

    Really like this watch – and free seems like excellent value 😉
    Much prefer the exclusivity of the boutique brands to the larger manufacturers. Feels like you own something unique and special versus something that is owned by millions….

  • Mike Kucera

    They are both awesome. I’m a fan of some big brands like Seiko and Victorinox, but I’m also very impressed by some boutique brands like Techne.

  • Mike Kucera

    They are both awesome. I’m a fan of some big brands like Seiko and Victorinox, but I’m also very impressed by some boutique brands like Techne.

  • mikeormoe

    Both. I love the classics from the large manufacturers like Omega’s Planet Ocean, but I really dig the creativity that comes from the boutique shops.

  • medaze

    I prefer boutique brands because they are more creative and a better bang for your buck.

  • AngelLChiclana

    I like both. There are good time pieces in both sectors. I even enjoy store fronts like Tourneau where its a one stop shop for all price ranges.

  • JamesSemaj

    I prefer watches from big name brands because of the classic looks, high quality and better resale value.

  • Anjobe

    Lovely watch.  I like the boutique brands for their creativity, value, and discretion.

  • Awesome watch!  I want one!  I just love the small boutique watch makers.   You see many Tags, Omega, Rolex, these are fewer in number and unique.

  • TravisA

    I need it!

  • BoardTraveller

    If I had to pick, I’d probably lean towards bigger brands but definitely enjoy the unique styles coming out of boutique brands too.

  • ptabatcher

    I’d probably lean towards boutique brands. I would love something from a bigger company, but I like to have something that is a bit unique.

  • userengel

    I don’t own any boutique brand watches, so I guess that means I prefer the name brands, but I would love a chance to change that.

  • cybermans

    I would prefer the boutique brands for a couple of reasons, they often have more unique designs and boutique brands have a bit more exclusive feeling over the big brands as more people tend to wear them

  • Steve Poorman

    I am a big fan of boutique watch makers as I feel like you get the best bang for the buck.  They also tend to focus more on customer service than the bigger watch makers.

  • Audy

    I was a big brand watch addict for a long time until a good friend of mine enlightened me to the love and dedication that comes with a boutique watch. You really can’t put a price on that. Well, you can, and its a lot.

  • HarrisC

    I prefer boutique watches. Big name watches are good because they’re easy to get serviced and the prices are normall pretty stable. However, boutique watches are normally a much better value in terms of paying for what you get. Additionally, boutique watch companies are generally very customer friendly and I have never had an issue with having a watch from a smaller company being serviced.

  • ghicken

    I like both big brands and boutiques but the designers of boutique watches rule! This watch gives a feeling that its makers really care about the look and performance of the watch more than making it emulate a big-name watch.

  • Hudge

    Like a lot of those commenting, I like both.  After reading ABTW, I bought a Tudor Black Bay, which I love, and a March LA.B. AM2, which I like a lot.

  • arzileiro

    A nice watch with a military style with good and easy readability, from a small horlogerie of the Jura’s heart, for sure you can trust on the product. One point more: like that for sure you dont cross with someone with one on the wrist and this factor to me it’s very important. I hope to have this.

  • billjones270

    I think you get much more bang for your buck from boutiques, however, the non watch-geek crowd usually seems to respond more to big brand watches. In the end, I usually end up hanging onto a mix of boutiques and big brands. I’m digging what EHF is doing though, especially with their blog

  • aloutside

    prefer boutique brand watches – enjoy the flexibility of styling you get from the smaller companies – big brand watches can often feel like they are designed for the masses, boutique brands have more freedom to be creative.  love the simplicity of the pilot styling to the horlogere.

  • csoman

    Actually I like both, but boutiques have more space to create their own thing and dont have the limits that the big brands have – due to their tradition, heritage, brand values or what ever.

  • Stokpot

    I like boutique watches. You tend to get more for the money. Plus most do not look like cookie cutter watches.

  • MID

    I prefer boutique watches, as they often offer high quality and good value for the money.

  • JonnyD

    Congrats on the new name and site. Small, reasonably priced, boutique brands for me. Better purchasing experience and I like the idea of giving my business to people who seem to appreciate it and who I actually know by name at least. I recently bought a 6 watch collector case from CW. They rang a couple of days later to make sure I had received it. Sometimes, hard to get boutique watches serviced and can be costly. Shout out to all mechanicals!

  • DaTruth52

    I prefer boutique watches, because they are better for the price and you know that not everyone is going to have your same watch the way they might a rolez…

  • chartman1

    It’s about the materials, workmanship,and style no matter the name. Boutiques also have the ability to fly under the radar and if you care about having a high quality product that not that many people know about boutiques are for you.

  • _fab

    I privilege quality & style over brand, so unless the brand has a clear advantage I’ll happily go boutique. And the knowledge you found a little something different from the mainstream adds to the cachet.

  • jparks24

    I prefer to get a boutique brand manly because it is less likely that i will see someone else with it.

  • p0sitive1

    I know what I like when I see it, big brand or no. However, I really like creative output of the boutique makers.

  • lesnichei

    I agree with many of the other posts.  I like the creative products I’m seeing from more boutique makers, and I like the idea of having something others aren’t likely to have.  BUT…what I’ve seen from boutique makers (that I’ve liked) tends to be on the expensive side (for me, anyways).

  • erikdy

    Define boutique in this world of mass media. I probably would say that I covet some of the high-end boutiques over the reality that I can afford a few beautiful big name watches.

  • ericshen

    I prefer having exclusive things, so boutique for me.

  • roachmotel

    I’m all about how the watch looks and the quality of the build and for that, the boutique watches usually win.

  • LeonB

    The uniqueness of a boutique watch no big brand can give you

  • eba3eb

    It doesn’t matter to me as long as it is a well made and attractive watch.

  • amankh

    I prefer boutique brands as they have the functionalities of that of a big brand however they are available at a fraction of the cost

  • A difficult question to answer having bought both boutiques and big-name brands and both equally satisfying buying experiences. I guess it’s a bit like having two equally beautiful mistresses – each beguiling and compelling in her own ways 🙂

  • NolanKubbernus

    I prefer big name brands because they are tried, tested, and true.

  • Mikel

    Good looking watch…with regard to preference, a bit of both really. There are some beautiful [albeit expensive] watches from the big names…but the boutique brands bring a lot of quality for what you pay.

  • JJY

    I like the boutique watches. It’s more unique to have something not a lot of people know about.

  • ssallen3

    Boutique, for sure.  I like wearing a unique watch – one that fellow watch-lovers will see and know that I am part of the club.

  • bartmanhi

    I prefer a boutique brand when it is distinctive in design, but not pretentious.  Looks like this is one.

  • I prefer Boutique watch houses for their unique limited run watches that are at the same time not exorbitantly overpriced like many of the so called big name watch makers; whose watches are easily recognised and desired solely for show-off value and not for the artistry of watchmaking.

  • stephen

    it’s all about the watch for me –  don’t care at all whether the maker is boutique or not.
    can’t really say I like the dial on this – the hands are nice but the numeral font clashes with them – especially with 3 different sizes 9 & 3 bigger than 12 which is bigger than the rest – different, yes, but horrible…
    and the DLC ‘Black’ looks more like a dark grey in these pics and on the EHF site.  owned watches with dark grey case and deep black dial before and got rid cos they just didn’t sit well together.  Although the dial on this looks a bit washed out in the EHF pics – no AR coating? can’t see any AR mentioned on EHF site
    please don’t let me win it, ha ha
    PS.   Note to Admin: You overlooked changing the Watch name at the bottom of the Template -“thanks to EHF Horlogere the sponsor of this Silencer watch giveaway” – the Silencer was last month’s giveaway… ooops, but I won’t tell anyone, promise

  • If the choice has to be made, then I’d go the boutique brand way. The reason: there’s nothing worse than the guy next to you sporting an identical watch to your in his arm. But then, it has to be said, that there’re more than a few big brand name watches I’d proudly wear..

  • joeprez

    That’s a good looking watch. I think everyone likes one or to big name brands (Omega, Glashutte, etc)…. but I love boutique watches… the customer service experience is usually better as often times you are even able to speak to the owner and/or designers.

  • Philiplee203

    I think I prefer the big name brands, you just never know if the small boutique brands will still be around 10 years from now.

  • scoobywoods

    Boutique all the way, somewhat satisfying that you rarely meet a single soul with the same piece. I also prefer automatic watches, the downside is coming home from work and wandering about the house with one on each wrist! (Watchwinder would eat into my limited watch fund). The EHF i like as it’s clean looking, a little stealthy and certainly exclusive.

  • Degams

    I prefer boutique brands. I think many new small boutique companies are producing excellent, and interesting watches that rival many of the big name brands at a lower price. I own an Omega and a Lum-Tec. The Lum-Tec was considerably less, has an extremely accurate automatic ETA movement, and is much more stylish and functional. This watch is a perfect example, simple design but compares to many much more expensive big brands.

  • Zundfolge

    Boutique for me. I enjoy hunting among the independents on line for watches that have a bit of character.

  • pdij

    I go with the watch I like –  I like it that the boutique brands often try something different.

  • bigmongo1963

    Wow!!!!  Just the watch to wear while piloting my Zeppelin over the English Channel….   Gorgeous, large retro style and easy
    to read while waiting in the trench, to go over the top…  Very classic watch and very much wanted….   Gimmee!!!!!!

  • chiliredlotus

    Seems that all of my watches are from smaller boutiques.  Buying from them is probably not the best for resale but who buys a watch intending to sell anyway.

  • JaxDex86

    The good thing about big name brands is that people don’t need to know a lot about watches to recognize quality but I prefer boutique brands because the design is usually more funky

  • eugeng

    This watch is amazing. I like the clean classic pilot look. Must have!
    With big brands you have to waste too much money, to get separated from the crowds. Boutique watch gives you a chance to flaunt good taste without selling a kidney.

  • tre

    It was the big brands that got me interested in collecting watches. But it is the boutique brands that now keep me interested. Boutique brands in many cases are the best buys and are great conversation pieces.

  • greytooth

    I prefer boutique brands, because they put more care and attention to detail into their watches.

  • BrianD320

    I enjoy boutique brands. While I love the classic styling of several of the large brands, including things like the Rolexes & Omegas of the world, I love having the uniqueness, craftsmanship and overall quality that I’ve seemed to find in several of the boutique brands out there. I find that people in my life often compliment them more often, especially when they’re not familiar with the brand. I’ve had great experiences with boutique brands and have been able to turn some of my friends onto them.

  • raspringer

    I prefer boutique watches because they are more unique.  Big brands are very common and they don’t stand out from the crowd.

  • tjoy89

    I like Boutique brands because I feel like the big names sell on just that, their name. In the world of watches, a lot of enthusiasts or WIS like myself like to wear our watches not only as a timepiece but as an extension of ourselves, and individuality plays a big part in expressing myself. Why have the same thing everyone else has?

  • jasonarnold

    I prefer boutique brands in most cases. It is nice to wear a watch others don’t know about and then tell the story. Regards Jason

  • kvann

    I like Boutique brands for two reasons. You don’t have to pay a premium just for the ‘brand’, without forgoing the quality. Secondly it’s definitely less likely that you will come across anyone else with the same watch. There is nothing worse than spending good money on a luxury item and then seeing it worn by someone else on the train!

  • AussieMagyar

    I love the iconic big brand’s and i will never tire of Rolex and Omega but now is a great time for boutique brands to sell their individuality to a growing market. 
    Boutique brand’s have won me over with their creative passion, excellent quality, and their desire to work with the customer and not the market. Its always nice to have a classic hanging of your wrist but to have a  boutique watch that stands out from the crowd and has a “story” to it is a pleasure to wear.

  • ilia

    Its great to have a brand name in your collection but boutique brands offer unique designs and good value for the money.

  • dirtdynamics

    I like both and will buy what catches my eye. Big brands have an appeal all their own amd boutique is just made and catered to their respective niche. But if you have a boutique brand offering what their big brand is offering but a fraction of the price less thwir “heritage” they why not?
    Oh and if i had money i would just buy it all.


    Great looking watch.  I would love to be the lucky winner.  I own both big name brands and boutique brands and prefer the boutique brands.  I think the quality is better with a boutique, better value for money, and your watch is more unique – not as many people own the same brand.

  • acme2077

    I am a fan of good design. Established brands sometimes let their designs get stale, boutiques tend to be on the cutting edge. Not that there isn’t a place for “classic” designs, I just prefer to judge the watch by its design rather than its brand.

  • surfturtle

    I am a lover of sophisticated time pieces that have pedigree and remain timeless even after decades so with this in mind it has to boutique without the expense.  I still get to attracted major everyday high street brands but know I could never afford

  • rrinawat

    It really just depends on the individual watch for me.  Whether its from one of the big brands an independent doesn’t matter too much to me, as long as the watch is well made and looks good.

  • behemot

    I prefer Boutique watches because they are more unique and more interesting than big brands, and you can get as much of the quality as you get buying a big brand watch. I don’t like an idea of paying the name and marketing of big brands.

  • Avvocot

    I’m excited to see them reference the fact that they use a Unitas movement. I admit I usually prefer automatics but there’s something earthy and basic about winding the mechanical movement that takes me back a century. Boutiques have the ability to offer a more varied product at a faster pace than the major watch brands so they represent a valuable part of the watch manufacturing community which is why I generally prefer them to the major brands. Good luck to everyone, myself included.

  • azawalli

    I like boutique watches because they can offer products that would appeal more to niche, specialist buyers rather than a larger, more “common denominator” brands.

  • Ronkat

    The hope is that the boutique watches will bring to the table something unique that the larger companies will not. It could be from the design, technology, marketing or sales that would make these watch makers stand apart. It could also be the individual personalities of the watchmakers that draw you to the stories behind the time pieces. In either case the ideal is that they will continue to push the envelope in terms of offerings and ideas. At the end of the day I don’t see radical change from the big watch makers but typically slow evolution. Hopefully the independent small makes will do something different.

  • cshepley

    I’m all fo boutique brands due to their interest in providing value for money.

  • aktormedic

    I prefer the boutique brands, but only when they actually offer something different or of good value.  Seems like a lot of them are just making homage models.

  • ddumas

    I prefer botique brands… I feel as though when I am buying a watch from a smaller brand, everything that goes into it’s production is more personal to those at the company… I also like that not everyone has heard about smaller brands, which gives me the opportunity to discuss watches with those who comment on it.

  • JiYuan

    As a novice watch admirer recently, i probably still prefer watches from Big Name company, simply because they’re Big Name for lots of reason from quality movement, after sales service, and of course their products are available worldwide (which is a big issue for me, since i rarely can see or get boutique watches in my country in south east asia region). But for someone who wants uniqueness and value for money, will probably prefer Boutique watches. Thanks.

  • andrewmisong

    I prefer watches from big name company simply because they have set a name for their products thus it has become a reason to own one.

  • pacificbro

    I enjoy my boutique brands when another watch admirer comments on them. A large brand watch is instantly recognisable to many people. But a lesser known brand will always spark a more interesting conversation.

  • SparkyEOT

    Looking at my collection helps me realize I really enjoy boutique names. I’ve bought (and sold!) many. While I still have a few big names I do enjoy the affordability and wide open designs that the boutique brands offer me.

  • Jo Stanley

    I prefer boutique watches, they offer something that big brands never will – honest service and products. They can’t afford to produce a poor quality product or they might run out of business, so the end result is usually fantastic. I really like the look of this watch, DLC should be used always instead of PVD, looks like they’re doing things right.

  • ilovewatches666

    I like boutique brands because I know that there is great value for money in buying from a small brand and that I can brag to all my friends that its from Le Locle which is basically the unofficial capital of Switzerland in my eyes. 
    -a big fan

  • I am becoming more and more a fan of the smaller boutique brands as they seem to offer a more unique experience and watch at times.  I am also tired of seeing certain brands have obscene prices attached to what feels like generic watches.

  • Schpeeves

    I prefer boutique brands because they offer unique variety to what big name brands have.

  • skateified

    I prefer watches from boutique brands, I have always supported the underdog, and love the approach of style and function in these watches.

  • MatthewHofbauer

    I like both, actually. I like the established history of a large company. But the value and originality of a small brand or individual. I do prefer the boutique for having a more direct impact of my dollar supporting the craftsmen.

  • drautodan

    I like the value of something that’s produced in quantity but I also like the ideas and the speed with which they can be put in to production.

  • Jacquess

    I love both but ultimately I’ll have to go with boutique brands, because they tend to have more personality.

  • sdmgu

    I appreciate and admire both big name and boutique brand watches. In the end, I prefer big name brands for history, value, after sales support and availability where I live.

  • rlv

    I actually prefer boutique brands, not to throw away the big names (they are big for a reason), but the smalls brands make the watch that much more exclusive (if u compare the price range).
    That’s a beautiful watch from a brand i did not know. Hope i can get to know it on my wrist.

  • MikeBigtime

    If forced to choose, I have to say I prefer boutique brands, if only for the inherent uniqueness you get with a boutique product. This is a fantastic looking watch. Can’t wait to get it on my wrist!

  • samumingo

    I tend to prefer big name watches, but don´t mind boutique watches as long as they offer a good warranty.

  • mgluck

    Big brands. They look good and feel good.

  • ShabbyThesealion

    I appreciate both. For me its more about reliability, look, and quality. I lean more towards big brand, mainly because of the warranties they offer and the trust in their name.

  • jimmyy

    I prefer boutique, big names don’t have the hand crafted feel to them.

  • CianConway

    I don’t decide based on boutique or big brand. It’s more about the individual watch for me

  • SFinAsia

    A watch is a very personal aspect of one’s wardrobe. I sometimes struggle to see how a watch from a global brand and worn by countless others can be personal–save a unique or sentimental origination story. For my money, I prefer to support the craftsmen who toil away in their ateliers for the love of the trade and not necessarily the money. It is the artists who inspire me, not the ones directing multimillion euro ad campaigns. But to each their own!

  • albinhultman

    It really comes down to the watch in question, however theuniqueness of a boutique brand may be a factor that tip the scales inits favor.

  • PandaBeat

    Well, I’m a Rolex fan, but other than Rolex I really enjoy watches from unknown, obscure, small brands, preferably from the less predictable origins.

  • dcourtneyc

    Kind of generic looking and maybe a little overpriced.  But would have it’s place in my collection.

  • NWP

    I’m in the market for a good pilot’s watch to round out my collection and although I’ve never heard of this brand I would certainly give it a try. I prefer buying watches with from well established companies (“big name” if you will) because with experience and longevity comes quality, for the most part. I also own a number of watches from smaller boutique brands because I first did enough research to know that my money was being well spent.

  • dantime

    The EMF Horlogere would be a welcome addition to my small collection with its beautiful black and white simplicity. I really do need a special piece to fill that niche.
    On the matter of big name vs boutique; I definitely prefer big name that offers future service security. So many brands are being bought up by bigger names these days that I wonder where the boutiques will be in five or ten years from now? Will they still be there to service and provide parts? Can they stand the test of time?

  • Kunisman

    I´ld  prefer watches from big name companies if not for the price, so due to my limited budget I´m limited to boutique brands if I want the most bang for the buck.

  • GStuck

    Tough question.  Both have their attributes.  Where big name companies offer in-house movements and superb fit and finish, boutiques offer a great price/quality ratio with lots of variety.   I have a big name brand chrono and I love it.  I also have several boutique watches and I love wearing them too.  Quartz vs mechanical would of been an easier question Ariel.

  • treefroga1

    I prefer big name watches. Better warranties, and easier access to parts and service.

  • PiggyHeng

    I would prefer big name watches or rare watches (such as a rare GmT gold collection watch my father own). Big name watches are more exquisite in the design of their watch and look much more sophisticated, such as Rolex and Junghans are my most favourite classic looking watches with just a simple dial yet they capture people’s attention with their quality of materials (such as 14000M Rolex has a shiny bezel that looks like white gold and the shine is very beautiful and elegant). Supporting big names also have benefits such as status symbols, however, the down part of obtaining it is super tedious, I would have to scrimp and save.

  • tracebusta19

    I prefer big name watches from a big name brand that I can trust

  • mohit113

    I prefer big name watches from showrooms and boutiques as we have trust and guarantee.

  • The need to prove your wealth and taste does attract most people to well-known brands, whether watches, cars or kitchen equipment. But there is something in the British mentality to support the underdog. Small brands that create something special, and unusual, are worth promoting. In the UK we have a couple of smaller, less-expensive brands like Christopher Ward and Uniform Wares that produce great looking watches. They may not be engineering gods but do want to bring good-looking timepieces to those of us who don’t have $5000 to spend on a watch. 
    But my more expensive purchases fit firmly into mid-tier, relatively well-known brands. Is that because I want recognition from those in the know? Or because they are large enough to prove quality but not too large to over-inflate prices? I have a Maurice Lacroix Pontos Round because of the beautiful in-house movement and simple design. And I have blue Oris Diver because it’s every bit as attractive as the biaxial Seamaster but 1/3 of the price. On that topic, I have a 1996 Seamaster which is always being repaired and a Casio Protrek which cannot be destroyed and it even has a compass!  I bought a Jacob Jenson Chronograph compulsively because I liked the minimal design, but then realized I can never tell the time on it. Style over substance. 
    So would be next on my list? A Nomos or Archimede or Fortis pilots – smaller but proven manufacturers. The EMF Horlogere would be pretty awesome too – I’ve never had a hand-wound. It seems such a luxury!
    So what’s the conclusion? I hope people buy a watch – whether its a Swatch or IWC because they like the design, first and foremost.

  • OskeeWowWowIL

    I think the main attraction to well know brands for me is the ease of servicing. I know that there will be a Omega around, whereas with small brands you can never tell, so many are here today gone tomorrow.

  • jamztio

    Nice of you to give the readers a chance to win one Mk Zero. The company, EHF Horlogere, always interests me as they offer an exceptional quality to their pieces. I’ve been following their page on Facebook for a while now and their ways to manufacture a watch are fascinating, especially their attention to details, from the movement finishing until the ability to customize a watch. Moreover, their price point is reasonable too.
    Regarding the big brands vs boutique brands, I gotta say that honestly I prefer watches from boutique brands because of the exclusivity and better quality control (IMO). However, boutique brands are prone to problems for example in their finance and customer service sectors. The possibility of lack of supports from the brands has driven me from some of them. If a boutique watch company can prove to offer stable support, I’d happily own their pieces. 🙂

  • jamztio

    Nice of you to give the readers a chance to win one Mk Zero. The company, EHF Horlogere, always interests me as they offer an exceptional quality to their pieces. I’ve been following their page on Facebook for a while now and their ways to manufacture a watch are fascinating, especially their attention to details, from the movement finishing until the ability to customize a watch. Moreover, their price point is reasonable too.
    Regarding the big brands vs boutique brands, I gotta say that honestly I prefer watches from boutique brands because of the exclusivity. However, boutique brands are prone to problems for example in their finance and customer service sectors. The possibility of lack of supports from the brands has driven me from some of them. If a boutique watch company can prove to offer stable support, I’d happily own their pieces. 🙂

  • MarkFenimore

    This appears to be a great looking and well-built timepiece – somebody will be very lucky to win this one! I would have to say that I have not had the opportunity to own a boutique brand timepiece yet due to monetary restrictions, but I would have no hesitations in doing so. Many have commented on the differences in customer support, but I feel any respectable brand who stands behind their product, such as EHF, would undoubtedly go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction if any issues arose. Maybe one of these days I’ll be fortunate enough to own one of these great looking wrist-wonders!

  • mattc1

    Bigger brands are great. Don’t forget about the little guys too though.

  • mikeR12

    I prefer the boutique brands and like working with the smaller companies. I enjoy the personalized approach and passion that you don’t  get from the mega companies.

  • pvart

    Have owned some of both and have gained an appreciation for boutique watches.  So many today have the same quality (and better service!) at a fraction of the cost.

  • Jameseverin

    I haven’t had the privilege of owning a boutique watch however the exclusivity certainly appeals!

  • Oliveskate

    I would much rather have a boutique watch. I love the passion that these smaller companies have…also being the only one in the room with a unique watch is much better than being in the Rolex club.

  • ZakZak

    it doesn’t matter to me; it is the design, quality of workmanship and complications that are the priority; the brand name is secondary

  • msugarman

    As i get older I appreciate boutique watches over the big brands. Seeing all those rolexes and breitlings on the wrists of people that dont understand the history of the brand

  • msugarman

    I love vintage big brands but the more I learn about horology, the more I appreciate  boutique brands.

  • Gassy

    I like the boutiques– Christopher Ward comes to mind.

  • williamgreen92

    I like big brands for the name but boutiques offer a change from the norm which I do appreciate.

  • shocken2

    you can tell Ariel is a lawyer by the last paragraph!  I like the watch.  My only concern from a design pespective is that the lugs might be slightly to narrow for the overall width.

  • tcurtius

    I prefer watches from boutique. Firstly, they tend to be more affordable. For a man of a slightly above average income, a watch purchase can’t break the bank for me. Secondly, boutique watches tend to be more unique. I’ve seen some daring designs from boutique brands.

  • badback

    I can’t afford the big name, premium brands such as Rolex, Omega, U-Boat etc.  As much as I admire them, there are, to my eye a sameness in their individual styles.  The new and/or smaller boutique brands provide a point of differenece and an opportunity to purchase something that is a pleasure to wear and often a something quite different to look at.  Don’t get me wrong (I’m no inverted snob, well maybe a little) there are some magnificent watches out there with the established companies, just my eyes have been opened to other brands, that are seriously worth considering and collecting.  Without the pain to come when my credit ard statemtn arrives.

  • Jay_A_Dubya

    I have found that there are so many people who view a Swiss watch as proof of their newly attained “success” and as such race out and by the most recognizable of Swiss watch brands (I won’t name names) in order to announce to the world that they have arrived.
    I find a purchase of that nature to be largely uninformed and motivated by what I consider the wrong reasons to “invest” in a luxury Swiss time piece.
    It is on that basis that I prefer boutique brands over the big names. There is far more subtly and nuance in wearing a niche brand; it shows at very least that you take an actual interest in haute horology and those who recognize a boutique brand are more likely than not to be cultured and rarified company.

  • Skibummer011

    I actually prefer big name brands over boutique watches. While boutiques can offer more interesting watches, big brands generally have easier service, and keep value longer over time.

  • JoeLincoln

    Its a nice simple watch. cant go wrong with ETA movements. I’d love to add it to my very small collection :).
    I am quite new to horology so don’t have a preference between large brands or boutique brands, but I definitely  have a subconscious want for an exclusive piece.

  • B0rdeaux

    I prefer the designs and products from the boutique watch manufacturers. They are unrestrained in their design providing unique pieces worthy of the term “art.” To that end I prefer wearing a watch I consider art rather than a watch that is immediately recognizable.

  • yweic

    Boutique watches have more of a touch to them. It’s not about the big brands and the marketing in the gold magazines, rather the innovative ones with the wonderful daring design that capture my attention

  • danielfromtexas

    I personally prefer boutique watch designs over those of big name watch makers. Boutiques have great taste in their design and also offer the functionality of watches but sacrifice in neither of the two. They may not be as easily recognizable or placed on a pedestal as brands like Rolex are. The fact that people say “oh it’s a Rolex” rather than saying “oh its a Rolex submariner” is a great way in seeing how people automatically expect it to be such a great watch just because of the brand name rather than looking for the movement of the watch, the craftsmanship, or the art that goes  into the watch design.

  • brentkious

    In general I haven’t a preference for boutique watches over the “big-name” makers; while boutique watches appeal because they are appreciated only by the cognoscenti (a bit like a special handshake for a secret society), “big-name” makers are big names for a reason:  in general, they make great watches with impeccable styling.  And, one must admit, having someone appreciate the watch on your wrist can sometimes feel good.  Accordingly, I think the choice between a boutique watch and a “big-name” watch is largely just a matter of the intrinsic features of the watch: movement, features, price, and styling.

  • GabrielBB

    I prefer to have boutique watches. Big names are more expensive, and I think you pay not only the watch, but the brand in the same time. Boutique watches are not very common, the design is very different and distinguish, usually you cannot find them only in few locations. Some of the boutique watches are like a little piece of art.

  • jozz

    I prefer watches from big name to boutique brand because i do believe that their design is better, their experiences and reliability is more.

  • joakl

    Since I only own a handful of watches and have a limited amount of discretionary income, I like the most bang (name recognition) for my money.  Therefore I tend to favor big name watches versus boutique brands.  I do like the styling of the EHF Horlogere Mk Zero though….

  • Joshua Lee

    I’ve started to love watches ever since I read the first watch magazine introducing watches with premium brand such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron constantin, etc. However as my interest grow stronger and start doing researches on various movements, I have learnt a cruel truth that prices of branded watches nowadays are truly inflated. My statement was truly justified when I see a high-end branded watch with normal quartz movement, costs 15 times more than a fully hand-made boutique watch which uses a more sophisticated movement such as ETA and Ronda. Therefore, Boutique watch will surely be my choice! Better quality, movement and truly appreciated creation from the watchmaker masters and most importantly it makes me feel like the money is well spent! My favorite brand used to be christopher ward but now EHF has impressed me with their transparency in watch making.

  • Ayurvedic_Teas

    I prefer big name brands over boutique simply because there is generally more information available on them.  When there is a boutique brand that provides more information (as supplied for example on the pages of ABTW) then they are often as good or even better.  Conclusion: More information & data on those smaller brands please!

  • RobertDub

    Honestly, I love both….Yes, some of the bigger brands have recognition and history, but they all had to start somewhere as a boutique brand. Also, sometimes you find some really interesting avant-garde designs from the smaller companies.

  • AntonisSampson

    I prefer a watch from abigger brand because they will propably spend more money and time to create a watch which in the and for some of us will be a piece of art.Good luck to everyone

  • GlennP

    I prefer a boutique timepiece rather than big name as there tends to be more attention to detail rather than a mass produced unit.  It’s also rather cool to ask questions about the boutique unit and get responses directly from the designer or owner; your input really can make a difference.  I hope to possess an EHF Horologere MK Zero soon; I do enjoy the Pilot style and the accuracy procided by it’s movement.

  • PinstripeMag

    I typically go for a big name over boutique brands for price and that there that feeling of trust in a product that is tried and true. However that doesn’t mean that I haven’t gone and bought a boutique brand after some research. EHF Horologere MK Zero baby

  • i prefer a big name over a boutique because i feel more comfortable with going with a big name brand, i feel they know what they are doing. I love the technology and the craftsmanship that are put into maniacal movements. I love the pilot style of watches because they are so much easier to read. But i love all watches they are amazing pieces of art work.

  • Osirisfalling

    Beautiful watch

  • CoreyFong

    I like boutique brands. They typically put out very unique designs.

  • taylor883

    Love the watch and I am interested in boutique watches as well but…. I am wary of the long term value and warranty on these items

  • Alex CBR

    “Boutique” watches are very nice, because you don’t really see them on another wrist. 🙂 But the problem is the warranty and/or build quality. I whould only go for a “boutique” watch if I like it a lot, otherwise no.

  • SeaLarson

    Boutique watches are great when you’re looking for something special, but I stick with the brands for their dependability and service.

  • Chr0matin

    I prefer boutique brands – I love having a watch that no one else does!

  • raditzer

    I like both boutique and big name brands.  Big names are just easier to find and afford.  This watch could be the start of my boutique collection!

  • philippeb

    Great watch!  cant go wrong with ETA movements. I  don’t have a preference between large brands or boutique brands, I don’t even know what the terms mean! but I definitely have a subconscious want for an exclusive piece.

  • llouie68

    I like both big brands and boutique brands.   The brand is less important than the qualities of workmanship and value in the watch.  What I look for are unique and elegant designs.

  • zimmerman1181

    I’m totally new to horology so can’t really say that I have an opinion on this point yet (nor does it probably matter much to anyone else), but the idea of lesser-known boutique brands has an allure. I believe someone else already said something similar in the comments but wearing a well-crafted lesser-known watch brand is like being part of a secret club that not many other people know about.
    That said, I’d still love to own an Omega Speedmaster or Rolex Submariner.

  • senilehalo

    Nice watch! I’m a fan of boutique brands, but would have to say I prefer the tried and true big names.

  • Niels

    Right now I’m buying watches from the bigger brands but later on in my collection I’ll probably put some small watch companies in there..

  • skretter

    Lately I really like the smaller companies a lot.  Nothing against the big companies, especially when the watches actually have value to them.  However I’m sick of the advertising and brand spokesman-ship that the big brands seem to spend money on that have relevance to the watch itself.  I’d rather the money I spend on a watch go into the actual watch I’m buying rather than the pocket of some already rich athlete or some suicidal daredevil.

  • skretter

    Lately I really like the smaller companies a lot. Nothing against the big companies, especially when the watches actually have value to them. However I’m sick of the advertising and brand spokesman-ship that the big brands seem to spend money on that have no relevance to the watch itself. I’d rather the money I spend on a watch go into the actual watch I’m buying rather than the pocket of some already rich athlete or some suicidal daredevil.

  • Nylonheart

    I really prefer antique and vintage watches, some boutique and a few name brands.

  • jbiss

    Recently small watch brands have really interested me. I particularly like the mid range because the prices aren’t artificially inflated and they provide the same quality. But I will also ways like the classic big brands at the high end luxury segment.

  • zachattack7

    i like big name only because thats what i have always had. i would like to get into vintage and small boutique brands someday

  • AhmadKhairuman

    I like watches that have a story. Usually watches from big names have interesting stories to tell. It is quite exciting to read about how the watch is made, why it is made and the effort that has been put into making the watch. Thats the real pride that I can feel everytime I wear the watch. For me definitely watches from big names.

  • BenjaminL

    Small independent companies produces watches that have a purpose and soul. Of course there are myriads of those that simply want to produce homages by the mass, but most micro brands represent unbeatable quality at a small price tag. 
    I own pieces from both established brands and micro brands, but of late,  I find more micro brands offerings stirring my emotions more than the big brands.

  • spark1928

    While I would wear any watch that 1) looks great, 2) is durable, 3) is reliable, 4) feels great on the wrist, I prefer the boutique brands because of superior customer service, unique designs, and quality that usually matches or exceeds that of the big name brands.  Recently, for example, I’ve bought several Reactor watches because of their superior design and durability.  Their 2-yr “repair or replace” warranty sets the standard for the watch industry, and Reactor promises that warranty repairs will be completed in 48 hours or less.    
    EHF Horlogere is an impressive micro brand, and I’d love to be sporting a MK Zero on my wrist in the very near future!!

  • ZachSaratlija

    I have three things to say. 
    1; I love both boutique brands and big names, because the big brands offer a lot at usally a great price and quality while still having some attention to detail (some brands do fogets to add vital attention needed in the design phase, while others excel).And I love boutique brands due to the wonderful attention to detail they pay (i must say im only scratching the surface on this topic but there is a lot more that can be said) 
    2; Ariel Adams you do a fantastic job. 
    3; EHF that you are offering is a great looking piece that is simple and bold while not in your face. I love it :

  • KyleRLelli

    I typically only purchase big name brands due to the fact that I am still at the entry level price. Most boutique watch makers are a bit too expensive for my purchasing abilities. Haven’t really stuck to any type of watch in particular. If something catches my eye and I think it’s a handsome watch, I’ll put it on my list. Trying to work  my way up and naturally build a collection I can be proud of. Want something I can hand down to my kids one day. This blog has always been a good go-to for an honest opinion.

  • OmarB

    It doesn’t matter much to me.  I would consider purchasing from both boutique and big name.  Seems that one can find great quality and value in either category.  Unique designs are not only the province of small watchmakers.  At the same time, small watchmakers can produce unique designs and almost always by definition are also limited in number.  As we all know, large brands can also create unique designs and have a limited production run.  The only possibility not shared is that small makers generally cannot produce large numbers.  These are things people point out, though they don’t have bearing on the watch quality, original design, etc.  I love this EHF though!

  • My Cole

    I love the look and design of boutique and vintage watches. Bog brand names are always nice to have. However, I like when people ask me what watch I am wearing and I have to explain what it’s all about. The watch becomes a much better conversation piece and that is what I look for in a watch. Functionality, beauty and timepiece that encourages conversation.

  • gallen1981

    I suppose that I like both, but I find myself consistently looking for more boutique type brands.  Much of the time they’re based on classic elements but add some 21st century design creativity.  It seems that they may have more freedom as designers.  I also like the customer experience.

  • DuongDatThinhVuong

    I personally like which ever brand that is reliable. If a brand is popular due to it fashion style but not a very good movement then I find it useless.

  • I don’t own many watches and those ae the ones that don’t “cost” much, don’t say “Swiss” and are not the luxury type. To me a big name means “able to afford” or “Mass Produced”. Not that I wouldn’t like to own some of the nicer “Boutique” watches I’ve seen but I could never justify spending so much money to own one. The thought of buying a watch that is uniquely made by hand, without all the hype means a lot to me. I feel like I need to say thank you for being willing to take on this type of watch making philosophy and bringing it to life for me and others to enjoy! I know from the looks and commments you make in your blog, you could charge considerably more for your watches. I look forward to seeing your company grow with the type of watches you make and seeing my ability to buy something that is uniquely handmade with me in mind: a watch made with traditional watchmaking know-how by fine artisan watchmakers. Who live in Switzerland. My watch will say “Made in Switzerland” on it! I really hope to win this watch in the “ABlog to WATCH Give Away”. Even if I do not, someday I will own one that I wear on my wrist made by “EHF” and it will say “Made in Switzerland”. Unique, Beautiful and Amazing!

  • bpatter257

    I prefer the big name watches, the old classics, but boutique brands are definitely growing on me.

  • jake15919

    I prefer the big name watch marques as the quality is guaranteed, unlike the hit and miss boutique brands. That said there is an undeniable  joy in finding a watch at a quality way above its price.

  • ukwolfeman

    I buy watches based on how they look regardless of Big Name or Boutique. Other than that reliability is always important. Thx for the contest.


    I prefer boutique brands because they don’t need celebrities endorsements to exemplify their value.

  • BillyC

    I love for a watch that gives value for money, boutique or big name don’t really matter to me. I am equally fond of Omega and Oris.

  • tigerpac

    Depends on the watch.  There’s something to be said about an iconic watch but there’s also something to be said about a small watch shop that has a loyal but small group of followers

  • Draeger

    I have to go with big name brands because I find that they have more money for research and development which can bring very innovative ideas to life.

  • fearlessleader

    Ahhh… it all depends on what you mean by “boutique”, then a boutique can be a “yes” rarely.  Otherwise it’s a well known name, but not necessarily a big name.

  • jtime

    I enjoy both boutique and big name brands. I have started to move more towards boutique because of design and I am not paying for advertising and name brand. I think it is funny how a boutique watch is $1,000 and a high end watch company is $5,000 for a watch with the same movement and the case and overall quality of the boutique brand is just as good.

  • Inmate

    I get satisfaction when explaining to a brand junky how and why the small boutiques goth there starts. the Innovation and the passion always will get me over the size of the marketing departments check book.

  • juliantime

    I prefer the small boutiques because of the big pleasure of finding the perfect one.

  • PeerSkovlund

    I prefer small boutique names, however a large name like Omega is also really nice

  • jymmm3

    love the look!

  • chenlae

    Love very high contract dial with pure black as background and white hands standing out!

  • dmccoytx

    Love the look of this watch.  Historically, I’ve gone for big name watch companies (TAG Heuer), but a lot of boutique brands have come out with some amazing stuff lately.  Would love to have one of these babies.

  • AnuragEdn

    fantastic look.. great watch.. want it!

  • SoteloDon

    I prefer them because it feels really good to have in your hand a piece with the highest standards of quality, and let’s be honest, we love to ask us about our watches.

  • caseygeneallen

    I prefer boutique brands because meticulous detail and love goes into each piece. Ask the owner and he will give you a story for each watch he’s ever made.

  • Chasteen

    Boutique watches often have a special value that big brands can’t offer.  I view custom watches as pieces of art, they have creativity derived from a single maker.  They give the wearer a significance that is personal and not copied by countless others.  I do prefer and respect these horologists that decide to make a dream come to life.

  • I like boutique watches, because people who are truly passionate about good quality watches appreciate the Watch for what it actually is and not because of the brand name or glamor or status symbol it portrays.

  • Miha94

    I like Big Brands that I can buy with my salary like Casio,Citizen or Seiko

  • WesPhelan

    I really and I mean really, need this watch

  • manoel00

    Mechanic aand finishing are important. If these two points are reached, no need for a big brand. And, as you wrote so, no need to pay for neither their marketing, nor for their shareholders’ margin…

  • RobertMcF

    I prefer big brands because of issues with trust. With larger brands, you have a guarantee and assurance that you’re getting a quality product. With boutique brands, even with expensive watches, that assurance isn’t really there. I’ve bought a boutique brand pilots watch a few years ago but it was only because I couldn’t afford a Breitling. Put the two together, give me some unknown worth the same value, stack it next to a Breitling and I would take the Breitling every time because of the assurance of the company name.

  • Neocynn

    I love this blog, and to see others with a passion for watches as well, i honestly am glad to have stumbled across this community.

  • Neocynn

    I love this blog, and to see others with a passion for watches as well, i honestly am glad to have stumbled across this community. I don’t have a huge experience with many watches, but there is definitely something to be said about the unique beauty of a boutique watch.

  • rkan

    would have to go with boutique and lesser name watches for their originality and scarcity

  • BenJackson

    I prefer a lesser known boutique watch so as not to have random people comparing watches with me.

  • i prefer to have a watch that has been created by a lesser known brand as i dont feel i am following the crowd. it makes it more special and a great conversation starter.

  • NoleenELT

    I generally prefer watches form big name brands, but mainly because the boutique brands tend to have minor styling flaws, or less-refined designs. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule.
    Also, there are not 31 days in November.

  • mikeymusic

    The smaller brands I prefer tend to offer unique takes on styling, finish and features. They are not locked into specific styles, historical baggage or corporate “branding”. I’d rather have 10 hundred dollar watches than one “Big Name” watch that costs thousands.

  • Sunnymay

    The titanium black case looks sharp and like anyone who wears it is smart.

  • sojoerner

    Simple, uncomplicated, yet a bold utilitarian look.

  • sojoerner

    I like big brands because as a non-collector who wants a great watch that will hold value, big names are best for me. But sometimes those smaller names draw the eye.

  • Meffner13

    I prefer smaller boutique brands…while I’m not a “collector”, I am an enthusiast, and i love smaller companies that do it the old fashion way, by hand and with pride…Lum-Tecs are some of my favorites, and I like this watch as well.

  • Nadimmm

    I prefer small boutique brands because they tend to offer more original designs. They take risks that bigger brands wouldn’t. Also, it’s always nice to help the little guy!

  • ChiaChristopher

    I like the value and quality only a small company can give.

  • CDN In London

    In the past I have been drawn to the bigger well known brands based on their heritage. However, I’m finding myself more interested in the smaller independent brands that produce pieces with innovative design.

  • Phikes

    I prefer the larger brands, I like the idea of a watch maker being around and known ten years from when I buy.

  • MichelDaoust

    I find boutique watches catch my attention more often than  big name watches.  It’s like wearing you own little secret. Some of the watches might look plain to the average person, but knowing there’s fine craftsmanship behind it all makes it feel special.

  • taylor883

    still looking for that see through back giving maximum see throughness. The LeLocle Switzerland based EHF Mk Zero watch may be just the one

  • I like both big brand watches and the boutique timepieces for different reasons. When you go mainstream you can oftentimes get revolutionary tech, that the boutique brands can’t afford, or the price has been passed down to the customer. For example the Omega 9300 movement, and its silicon balance spring. A boutique brand can be great for getting more attention for the timepiece initiated crowd. Who doesn’t like seeing something rare out in the wild. This is a quality piece, I need to learn more about this company. I really like the block numeral indices, and I get weak in the knees for a small seconds register.

  • sschork

    AT first I was drawn to big brand watches, because that is all I really knew. However, over the last year while doing research on which watch I want to buy, I am drawn, more and more, to the boutique timepieces.

  • missD

    armenta 2 days ago
    I like both big brand watches and the boutique timepieces for different reasons. When you go mainstream you can oftentimes get revolutionary tech, that the boutique brands can’t afford, or the price has been passed down to the customer. For example the Omega 9300 movement, and its silicon balance spring. A boutique brand can be great for getting more attention for the timepiece initiated crowd. Who doesn’t like seeing something rare out in the wild. This is a quality piece, I need to learn more about this company. I really like the block numeral indices, and I get weak in the knees for a small seconds register.

  • I would easily prefer the big brand watches due to the history, technology, reliability, availability and most of all serviceability.  But I’m not a snob on independents or start off watch brands, as long as it suits my taste and criteria in watch collecting, and fits the budget, why not?
    The Mk Zero is a beautiful example.  Simple design with classic looks.  I’m not mach a fan of PVD though, but this might change my tasts if I win this 🙂

  • richardathey

    I tend to like the offerings from boutique brands due to the creativity and ingenuity they put into their watches. Brands like Urwerk and Devon come to mind immediately, even though you will have to take a second mortgage out to wear one.

  • Skillz

    I prefer name brand watches, but only because I do not know enough to be able to gauge the true value of a boutique watch. Many of the boutique watches look amazing. Beyond appearances though, I am just not knowledgeable enough to put a price on an unknown brand.
    As bluesman_chris stated, the history of the larger brands carries a lot of weight, trust, and ingrained social value.

  • vincezmo

    I typically prefer watches from big name watch companies. On average when looking at a watch I look closer at the movement and construction of the watch rather than the maker. The only reason I say I prefer big name watches is because it is generally an easier measure of watch quality.

  • timmy2guns

    I like both, as long as I feel that there is artistic value and care put into the creation of the watch. Boutique watches are at risk of valuing design over intricate watch quality, while big brands can’t quite push it as much with designs or unique features. Also, I’m not exactly sure where to put my email address. The instructions say to put it where necessary. So I’ll include it in this message. PS this blog and EHF Horlogere are awesome!

  • timmy2guns

    I like both, as long as I feel that there is artistic value and care put into the creation of the watch. Boutique watches are at risk of valuing design over intricate watch quality, while big brands can’t quite push it as much with designs or unique features. Also, I’m not exactly sure where to put my email address. The instructions say to put it where necessary. So I’ll include it in this message. PS this blog and EHF Horlogere are awesome!

  • Data08

    In general I prefer watches from the big name brands mostly because of in-house movements, originality in design, serviceability, and ability to physically examine the watch. That’s not to say that there aren’t very nice boutique brand watches that have very serviceable movements and unique designs, but that I don’t find that to be typical.

  • olzor

    I prefer big name brands, mostly because of the serviceability in the area I live. Although most of my favorite watches are from independent watchmakers such as G&F and MB&F.

  • smarovelli

    Would you say that a bespoke or hand-made pair of shoes better done? Or a tailored, made to measure suit for that matter? The answer really depends on whether the person being asked is qualified to answer in the first place.
    I think it boils down to the attention given. And when loving hands infused with passion focus on something, more often than not, the end result is something the machine-like perfection offered by Lange, VC or AP could never hope to surpass. Add to that the vision of the independent going against the giants of the industry by toiling at his craft whilst hunched over his old table is compelling enough to tilt the balance, for me at least.

  • philray

    I normally go for the non- big name or boutique brands. Reason being is that most of the time you end up paying for a name and not necessarily the components and quality going into the watch. Obviously I’m not saying they are of a lower quality, just that you end up paying to have that big name or boutique logo. 9 times out of ten I will look into a watch for its style, quality and reliability to make my purchase, not the logo on the face. Thanks in advance Philray

  • Ovidiu Hretcanu

    I used to consider only big names, guess in the time when my horological culture was not so mature (it is still not). While I don’t discard those tough, I’ve started looking to small brands as well, quite some discovered in the writings of the good old Watch Snob (is he still around? 😀
    Just today I had some fantasies about Pita 2000m diver…

  • Ovidiu Hretcanu

    I used to consider only big names, guess in the time when my horological culture was not so mature (it is still not). While I don’t discard those tough, I’ve started looking to small brands as well, quite some discovered in the writings of the good old Watch Snob (is he still around? 😀
    To be a small brand and successful, you need to be innovative, you need to have something that noon else has, an exotic design, a strange mechanism, etc.
    Just today I had some fantasies about Pita 2000m diver… still reading trying to figure it out how they made it without the classical crown.

  • I prefer watches from big name.Because they are cheap, made from china or made of plastic,stainless steel with a battery that last shorter or not powered by any natural means to use like compressed air, motion, laser’s, if possible water purifier’s.Thank you for listening

  • kjli

    I prefer smaller brands because, as others probably have mentioned, you tend to get alot more for your money. When buying a watch from a big brand you pay alot for having that name on the dial.

  • Lokibess

    I have a preference for the smaller brands.  There is something more personal about them

  • AliHanif

    i prefer watches from big name as the ensure they are of high quality by their brands,

  • ChengboQian

    I prefer watches from big brands. As people would recongize them for their true value and the after-sale service is usually more reliable.

  • For me i prefer to own a boutiques brand watch, i discover a new brand that i have never heard of and through reading reviews or the brands site. I see that a company is dedicated to creating a quality piece and usually they have built a keen following whom sometimes they even have feedback with to help create new design cues. This more personalised marketing is something I would want to buy into rather than a large brand that works to elevate itself through large scalesponsorship. 
    A boutique company that seek to make a couple of hundred pieces because of quality is something i can feel in tune with how larger companies first built their own horological history. Especially with a a distinctive Aviation watch design where the need was for a specific number of people.

  • Vig2000

    Boutique brands all the way.  In general, many boutique are all about innovation, creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly, freedom in their expression.  Similar comparisons can be drawn with independent film, music, media, etc.  The key to a boutique brand is their independence.  They are free from corporate shareholders, advertisers, and the other countless travesties associated with the big name brands.  An air of independence is essential to the creative process.  This is what boutique brands bring to the table.  Getting back to horology, ask me if I would prefer a Rolex versus a NEUHAUS or a Pita or a W&F or a Thomas Prescher or a Louis Moinet.  Well, you get my point.

  • yavorzz

    I much prefer something nice but from a stealth brand. Your Omegas, Rolexes and such are great but too much of a cliche. Having said that, oh how I’d love to get my hands on a Railmaster XXL…. So I guess it is “anything goes” for me.

  • AndiSelaj

    I dont really care, can i just has the watch? I’m bored of my of the one i have.

  • ssanctis

    Loved the titanium case and the numerals. Would be great to have one of these on my wrist

  • Gee2789

    I really like the simple design.  Regarding botique vs. big box, I’m a bit torn.  I grew up with the big box names, but I’ve recently started to really look at smaller boutique offers (i.e. Limes, Archer, etc).  I find boutiques give more complications at a reasonable price than some of the big names.

  • cnew

    Big name brands are reliable, but its whatever style you like! 😀

  • MarkNatm

    I can only say that I like what I like. I love my Baume and Mercier gold Malibu and limited edition Formula S just as much as my Prometheus Recon 5 or my Nomos Ruthenium. I shy away from the big brands like Rolex (too static) and Breitling (too busy on the dial). But for a true manufacture you can’t beat the quality of a Seiko Snowflake! I love mine…it’s truly stunning!
    I like a boutique for uniqueness and value. Why else would I order an Orange Watch Company diver just so that I could have a nice Soprod movement put in it?

  • mikemike5

    For me it’s always been the more affordable big brands like Seiko or Tissot. But if I had more funds available then boutique all the way. I would love to have quality watch that most people don’t recognize.

  • Buckbeek

    Just ordered a new Casio Pathfinder Waveceptor
    1500 T7? Can’t really remember all the #’sreplies but
    it will be here tomorrow. Thinking about getting another Casio
    as well. The Black Label Edifice- 1100DC 1A2

  • romek

    I personally love boutique watches, especially limited edition series. It’s nice to wear something unique that you don’t see on every wrist.

  • EdWilson

    You have to put more effort into a boutique brand… smaller is better I think

  • Buckbeek

    I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Black Label Edifice
    as well. 1100dc 1a2

  • taylor883

    At this time in my collecting interests are based in big name brands due to minimal exposure to boutique watches in Australia. It would be exciting to purchase a watch that was to set standards in the future.

  • My budget restricts me to the mass-produced world, but I try to by horologically authentic watches. I have an Omega Seamaster Pro GMT (pre-coaxial), but I also have a Seiko (SKX-423), a pilot from International Watchman, and a couple of Poljots (a 2612 and a 3133). I appreciate a watch that has no pretensions, not a stock ETA movement in a dressed-up package and price.

  • My budget restricts me to the mass-produced world, but I try to buy horologically authentic watches. I have an Omega Seamaster Pro GMT (pre-coaxial), but I also have a Seiko (SKX-423), an ETA pilot from International Watchman, and a couple of Poljots (a 2612 and a 3133). I appreciate a watch that has no pretensions, not a stock ETA movement in a dressed-up package and price.

  • My budget restricts me to the mass-produced world, but I try to buy horologically authentic watches. I have an Omega Seamaster Pro GMT (pre-coaxial), but I also have a Seiko (SKX-423), an ETA pilot from International Watchman, and a couple of Poljots (a 2612 and a 3133). I appreciate a watch that has no pretensions, not a stock ETA movement in a dressed-up package and price.
    The Unitas 6498 is definitely on my wish list, and a Sinn EZM-1 with e Lemania 5100 is a dream.

  • My budget restricts me to the mass-produced world, but I try to buy horologically authentic watches. I have an Omega Seamaster Pro GMT (pre-coaxial), but I also have a Seiko (SKX-423), an ETA pilot from International Watchman, and a couple of Poljots (a 2612 and a 3133). I appreciate a watch that has no pretensions, not a stock ETA movement in a dressed-up package and price.The Unitas 6498 is definitely on my wish list, and a Sinn EZM-1 with a Lemania 5100 is a dream.

  • AgedAgava

    This watch is awesome. Real neat classic look. I love the finish and colors. 
    You gotta go with big name brand just cuz of value retention. But if you dont plan to sell your watch callection ever, then that just dont matter.

  • arthur5011

    I prefer the big brand watches due to the history, reliability, and most of all serviceability.  But the reason that I did not go fobout is mainly caused by my limited knowledge on boutique watches
    However.. EHF Mk Zero is a gorgeous piece.. Simple design with vintage looks.

  • vtienzo

    design of the watch is not common which i like. i always believe in the mantra dare to be different.  the best feature i like is the be matt gun metal like finish. relatively new if you are from the asian region. would prefer boutique brands since this could be a good start of a conversation.

  • AnthonySturley

    I prefer big brands as they have heritage and longetivity on their sides.  Boutique watches are great, but I always take more time to find out about the brand and to explore the movements they choose to use in their watches,

  • oldmantone

    The typography on the dial is exquisite and interesting!

  • ianjoyce

    I prefer boutique brands that focus on particular niches in interesting ways.

  • thenlec

    Great looking watch!  These days I’m preferring the boutique brands.  It seems to be more about the watch and less about the brand name.

  • jkwizzie

    Love the simple aspect of MKs.  I think I prefer the bigger brands only because their designs are timeless.  But there are a few boutiques that catch my eye such as MK.

  • lyleberman

    I really like this watch, especially the fact that’s it a mechanical wind!

  • ClumsyCoyote

    Pretty cool watch. I really like the shape/style of the minute and hour hands.

  • goedhuis

    I really like this watch.  My preference is for a quality boutique brand – mainly for the fact that you don’t see them everywhere.

  • bmoorthamers

    Nice PVD! More grey-ish in stead of the usual black. As said by someone else I too really like brands which aren’t too big, makes it all the more unique!

  • LewisLeong

    I don’t really care whether a watch is from a boutique or big name brand as long as the movement, design, and customer service is good.

  • johnfschneider

    A beautiful watch. Love the DLC coating, love that it is made from titanium and LOVE the uniqueness of EHF. Thank you for the chance to win this watch, I will wear it proudly and often.

  • rafaelm

    That’s a great watch!
    And it doesn’t really matter if it’s boutique or big brand. The important thing for me is the design and quality of the watch.

  • TruthByTrial

    I don’t prefer any brand over a good design. I have no-name watches, boutiques, and large company brands: I enjoy them all!

  • AndyMan83

    I like boutique companies as it feels more special to wear. You can’t walk into a mall and see the same watch in 5 different windows. I think it also helps start a conversation when people ask what brand is that?

  • Stowaway

    When someone notices a boutique brand watch, it gives you the chance to discuss an interesting and often unknown watch maker. When someone notices me wearing a big brand watch, the conversation is usually just “Omega?” “Yep.” “Nice.”

  • eonore

    All things being equal, I prefer a boutique brand to a big name manufacturer.   I would rather own something that flies under the radar than follow the herd.

  • joekurowski

    In general I tend to prefer boutiques, however with watches I lean toward bigger names since they are supposed to hold their value better. With that said, I don’t intend to sell any of my watches so maybe I should keep a more open mind.

  • johnb7

    I like the boutique watches, a big name doesn’t hold any draw for me.

  • 1darbwye

    I like the big names if we’re equating that to long history and tradition.

  • anaoum

    I like boutique watches because they are more unique.

  • Degams

    I like the big name brands but love the small botique Brands. I think botique brands deliver similar quality at a great value and in some cases they tend to produce unique products. The MK Zero is a great example. Simple aviator style with quality components.

  • jreddy

    I suppose I prefer boutique watches, for their uniqueness… there’s something to be said for the big names that retain their value, but I love the daring and passion that goes into something not everyone will see, much less own.

  • Levinax

    For me it really depends on the piece in question.  I really like the boutique watches that have amazing looks like MB&F and Urwerk.  When it comes to practical every day wearing of a watch, I like the simplicity of my Omega and my Tag Heuer.  Each has their place, it just really depends on each person and their tastes.

  • candice1

    Silk is always silk, no matter what name is written on the label be it a large or a small company.   It is far preferable to have something that is of rare quality and taste, and not something that anyone with the right amount of money can purchase on a whim.  Buying quality watches from a boutique brand can offer the opportunity to display a great aesthetic without displaying the brand name first and foremost, so that is what I prefer.

  • tegart

    I don’t know much about watches, but I do prefer the uniqueness of a small name.  It makes for a good conversation starter and supports lesser-known names in their craft.

  • Watchfan65

    I like the look of this watch and the fact that it is manual-wind.  I like boutique brands because I like the uniqueness of their watches.  I also like the idea that I am supporting a small business.

  • mistakenly

    Boutique brands should produce watches not solely for the sake of uniqueness, but create unique watches in order to fulfill, or in some cases define, a market niche. Should they do so, and with an ounce of luck, they have the potential to rise from the “boutique” category to one day become a “big name” brand. Surely all watch “big name” brands started as “boutique”during one point in their history.
    With that in mind, I prefer watches that offer uniqueness in terms of design or function, or hopefully both. Sometimes that watch comes from a smaller “boutique” brand, and sometimes from a “big name” brand. The outright number of units a manufacturer sells shouldn’t cloud your judgement as to what is, at the end of the day, the decision to purchase a good watch.

  • Chris88

    As i learn more about Boutique brands (though blogs like ablogtowatch) my interest in them increases.  However, until I feel like I can truly recognize and appreciate boutiques, I will stick with the mainstream brands

  • AlbertoPerez

    I prefer big names, only because they  have some sentimental value added. If not I will fly  to a small brands offering quality and good prices. Have its own is movement is not very important for me if they are not better than ETAs ….

  • Dutch1993

    While I love many of the big brands, the lure of the boutique brands is the uniqueness of each timepiece is what draws me to these watches. Often they offer a point of difference to the big watch brands, such as a subtle alteration on a classic design, which I find very attractive, as they are often cheaper than similar designs from the big brands. Yet, the big brands are big for a reason. They’ve been tested and proven over time, and they’re marks of excellence. For me, I can’t say I have a preference for either big or boutique watch brands, rather it depends on the individual piece.

  • MikeyLacroix

    Boutique watches fits my selection criterias: good movements for cheap 🙂 Blogs like yours totally help me learn more thus enabling me to go after the boutiques. That being said, I am totally lusting after a cartier now, whilst Singapore is a few hours away and I can just pick up the EHF easily.

  • Muttiboy

    My money has been spent on traditional brands. The main reason, besides reliability, is that I expect these brands to be around for our kids. They will hopefully enjoy my watches and be able to pass them on too. If I happen to find some cash under the pillow, I am very tempted to support a Finn boutique watch builder.

  • JamesWarne

    Historically I have leaned towards the bigger brands, owning a Hamilton and a TAG Heuer Monaco among my very small collection of mechanical watches. Ok, they are the collection! Via this blog I have come to learn about some new names (to me) such as Sinn. I think the most original watch you have reviewed has to be the Devon Tread 1 Steampunk. Now that is a creative, although not terribly practical, watch!

  • sd39

    Both.   I have mostly name brands now, but i really like the individualism of the boutiques.   Its fun to have something that you can be pretty confident you wont see on someone elses wrist.

  • Tango45

    I prefer the boutique brands; it’s good to be different in a subtle way that only you and another aficionado can appreciate.

  • OC_Rob

    I love the classics but I prefer to have something unique. I’m not against name brands but I look for something with a particularly interesting complication or styling characteristic. Right now, I’m on the hunt for something reasonably priced with a linear power reserve indicator.

  • JDCronin

    I prefer boutique brands – you’re more likely to end up with a unique watch that you won’t run into every other day.

  • Dave4242

    Prefer boutique as you often see something different there.

  • I think you should have a few solid name brand watches, but then branch out and experiment with boutique brands.

  • jaydub_

    This would be a great celebration of the birth of my daughter tomorrow!

  • somethingnottaken

    This looks like a nice watch – one I’d be happy to win :). I’ll have to take a closer look at EHF.

  • fglrx

    Big name brand if it has a rich history, and boutique brand if it’s a unique watch.

  • dnmeehan

    Boutique brand is my favorite. I like the close-to-home feel.

  • KyleAndrew

    While I prefer boutique brands for their uniqueness, I find myself buying big brands. On my budget, a sure value-return if I lose interest is always preferred.

  • discobird

    I like both boutique and big brand name watches.  However, my wallet prefers the price of boutique brands.

  • Austieb7

    I don’t really have a preference I just buy what I think looks the best althought the ones I usually think look the best tend to be the name brands.mcfallsk8er(at)aim(dot)com

  • Austieb7

    Liked and EHF Watches on Facebook as Austin Baroudi. mcfallsk8er(at)aim(dot)com

  • vapercloud

    I prefer boutique brands, they tend to be more interesting.

  • Krobilad

    erm, if we’re gonna wait for November 31st, that is going to be a very long wait…

  • Kdallan

    I prefer boutique brands for their variety and exclusiveness.

  • saxychef

    I like watches from both groups. For me it is all about the watch style.

  • SidhartaGT

    It’s the timepiece that matters. I don’t mind being surprised by a make I dislike.

  • MikeFig

    I am torn, because the larger manufactures you get heritage, piece of mind, prestige, etc. but with smaller brands you often get more interesting design innovation and a non-inflated price point. I think that, at this point in my life, if I had to choose between them I’d go the boutique route.

  • PapaWoodie

    I like the boutiques for innovation and fresh perspectives…  
    Likewise, I respect some of the big (older) brands for their classic
    and more refined time-proven designs.

  • ArmandVartanian

    I like the guys making piece uniques, you can never be copied if you’re one of a kind!

  • Buckbeek

    I love my new Casio Pathfinder 1500T
    Very easy to use. Ariel was spot on.

  • timslaughter

    I am a watch fanatic that has a preference towards watches from small boutiques.  The reasons are clear to me, they can provide intimate detail with unique looks.  Currently I wear a watch made by Betteridge jewlers in Greenwich, CT.

  • thebooch

    I like both big brands and Boutique labels. I go by the look and function of a watch, not the brand.  Boutique brands seem to give the best value.

  • Buckbeek

    I love my new Casio Pathfinder 1500T.
    Very easy to use. Ariel was spot on.

  • MarkoMarinkovic

    I like them both. Big brands often guarantee better quality control (not always), but small boutique brands have that something special, they are more exclusive.  It’s more special when you have a watch that is not recognized by everyone.

  • awalshawalsh

    …a boutique watch at a reasonable price is an exciting proposition

  • There is a watch for every occasion. I’m loving all kinds. Don’t like the super big blingy ones, tend to like the more classic looks and streamlined. Not a huge fan of BIG logod watches, unless the logo is elegant. Still, this is a great looking watch!

  • Li An Yu

    No preference for boutique or big brand. What matters, to me anyway, is some honesty. Probably not the most eloquent way of describing what I mean. No to vanilla movements in fancy cases by big brands. Yes to realistically-priced manufacture movements.

  • toyno

    Beautiful EHF watch.  I prefer the boutiques.  Smaller runs, a little more unique.

  • Boutique: like ’em because they’re usually cutting edge in either design or materials.  But I usually go with big brand: cuz I’m a label whore.

  • JuanC

    I tend to prefer the big name brands because of warranty issues. I.e. they are more likely to be around in 4-6 years if something goes wrong.  However, there are some boutique brands that are really solid and provide things the big names do not at much more reasonable prices so I wouldn’t rule them out.
    The above watch is particularly pretty.

  • Deprosecutor

    I prefer boutique brands because the prices tend to be more reasonable for what you get and they are more willing to take design risks. Unlike most “big” brands, small shops are also often honest about the origin of their parts – no putting a custom rotor on a 2824 and calling themselves a manufacture.

  • DanC

    I prefer boutique brands. I enjoy having something people haven’t seen a million times.

  • hankg

    I prefer the iconic classic big brand designs.

  • Ryan B

    I’m not bias in this area, I like both, now shoot me dead for the words I have just spoken

  • vathirasia

    actually i like both!!

  • rustyrussell

    I would have to say boutique brands as small is beautiful and its nice to have something that somebody cared about making.

  • sureowl

    MK Zero is so nice indeed~!

  • AnaStarhanThomas

    I prefer a boutique than a big brand. It’s more exclusive and I like that idea 😉

  • mundane24

    cool and elegant looking pilot watch! i prefer boutique brands as they seem to be unique and fresher in design. abtw ftw! *liked the 2 listed facebook pages.

  • notsogosu

    Great looking watch, I prefer boutique then big brand, always enjoyed the aviator design, thinking about getting a ChrWard  C8 soon… unless I win here

  • rndzman

    Prefer boutique brands, because they’re creativity is less bound to long-standing design “traditions” of their big name counterparts.

  • SamikSarkar

    Well, I think boutique companies have their merits, as do large brands. Point is, as long as we, the the watch lover, get beautiful pieces to cherish, we are happy. The watches by EHF are striking indeed. Minimalist, classy and timeless.

  • lionstan

    It all depends on the watch–name v, boutique is not the issue.  Each watch should stand on its own.

  • vmihai

    big names makes you feel more secure

  • RayYoong

    One of the nicest Fleiger style watches out there. Come to daddy!

  • BlakeBurdeen

    Personally, I think both boutique and “big-name” brands belong in a good collection.  
    I do like the boutique brands for the simple fact that when someone asks about your watch — there’s something to be said about having a somewhat unique brand with a story behind it on your wrist…

  • curtinnd

    Both big name and boutique have a lot to offer. I see boutique brands as having greater freedom to experiment with style and function, making them a bit more desirable for me.

  • az2123

    Boutique, esp local brands. Gives more of a personal feel.

  • thetrueskip

    Boutique, they are conversation starters, people notice the watch but don’t know the name.

  • punet

    Well, it depends.  If both meet my build quality and price range requirements then I’ll be probably more interested in the boutique watch.  As a boutique watch owner you feel more engaged with the brand, like part of the family.

  • hawillie

    Boutique brands seem to have turned out some great designs in recent history. Brands like EHF and Prometheus have also turned them up at great prices.

  • naftizin

    As long as the mechanism is good, name does not matter.

  • books45

    I love all watches, especially digital.  Mostly, I can’t afford boutique watches so I enjoy interesting mass produced ones.

  • koshyk

    I generally prefer big name brands because I know what I am paying for.  Nothing wrong with small brands.  But with the bigger companies I find them more consistent.

  • Jld2012

    Boutique, they are more exclusive and some of them are more accessible than big brands.

  • spletcher01965

    I have boutique tastes but more of a big brand budget. I love to spend an afternoon in New York going from shop to shop- not one of which has a watch that interests me that costs less than $100K!
    Better buy a lottery ticket!.

  • Charkel

    I like watches from boutique brands most of the time because they seem to be more creative. I wouldn’t buy a watch from a boutique brand simply because it comes from one though.

  • DNord

    I prefer boutique brands over big names, but the bigger factor is simply how the watch makes me feel.  For example, I really like NOMOS because it’s not one of the usual suspects, which makes it feel like it’s a secret joy reserved for people who know what they’re looking at.  I would never, however, choose one watch over another solely on the basis of being a boutique versus big name brand.

  • DavidNelson

    I prefer big name brands, especially ones with in-house movement designs.  Though, if a boutique one caught my eye, with a solid movement inside, I would consider it.

  • jdsieb

    I tend to lean toward the big name brands because of provenance. However, boutique brands seem to take chances and push the bounds of convention, which I also admire.

  • xb3am

    I like boutique brands because they tend to be more subtle in terms of flash, and yet they still provide quality watches.

  • Sarfa

    I like boutique brands because I enjoy wearing a watch that not many people have heard of.  I also like supporting smaller businesses.

  • Razeboy899

    the shape and the color is something i really like. reminds me of one of the top shots lawyers in the tv. prefer big name brands since they are perceived as more established

  • pltienzo

    nice watch and i think it is very durable.  something not ordinary which will be an eye turner.  certain level of admiration to peers if they see another swiss brand that they do not know.
    like boutique brands – dare to be different….

  • nicholet

    size is not too large and too small.  it would be good size for asian men. swiss made watch… what else to say?
    get big brands since service is more convenient than boutique brand….

  • ricecooker29

    i prefer boutique watches because it’s more unique

  • maxfieldsabin

    big brand or boutique? Doesn’t matter its all about the style and quality.

  • Scott A

    I was looking at this brand not to long ago and email them. Very interesting brand and really like the craftmanship. Love to own one and may buy one in 2013. Here is the replay I got…seem very personal and professional to me.
    Hi ScottPleased to hear from someone from Canada. Spent quite a bit of time in Toronto many years back. Have some really fond memories there.We are very proud of the work that goes into the Classic as well. Bobby our chief puts in quite a bit of work on it as well. It goes for about USD 5.5 – 6.5 K, and most of the work goes into hand crafted work to the movement.We have no sales in Canada yet. We are quite new as a set up and our focus are our piece uniques. So, we haven’t been marketing our retail watches aggressively. That said, our classics have been bought by clients in the UK, Singapore and China.CheersShawn

  • mkss55442

    I prefer a boutiqe watch because of their uniqueness. I find boutique watch designers have more leeway with the design.

  • temfyg

    I like quality watches. Having said that, I think that big brands don’t usually take the risk of designing unique watches that appeal to some individuals. I can’t afford either, but I prefer boutique watches.

  • frankiek

    I truly like watches and with that said i prefer boutique, why you ask? there is not that much of the commercial aspect involved as you see with the big name watches. They rely on word of mouth and what truly seems to be more of a personal touch and TLC that goes into their product. Either way you go if you can afford it is a win win!

  • Buckbeek

    I feel a lot depends on a persons budget as to whether boutique or big brand.
    I prefer big brand Casio namely

  • Mcckevin

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this drawing for a very nice looking watch. In general, my preference is toward smaller brands, such as Montblanc, however I also appreciate the value that can be found in some larger groups such as Tissot.

  • romeol1234

    I prefer boutique brands. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this drawing!

  • rsternadel

    I usually prefer boutique brands because many of these brands do some really interesting and unique things.

  • norbman

    This is a question hard to answer. Since I’m a bit of a tech nerd I’m interested in watches with some unique feature. The new 9300 movement by Omega is an example. You see my problem? Whoop, I’m going to tend to a big name. And now seeing the cool EHF timepiece with that superb finish, hmmm. Why not a boutique brand watch, if it is cool!

  • sohnar

    I prefer the big name brands.  The amount of consistency and quality they have even in mass production is something to admire.

  • dmstr23

    I think there is something to say for both types of brands. However, I think the small brands offer tremendous variety in styling and mechanics, and some incredible deals can also be found on the smaller, niche watch brands.

  • cmatieshin

    I believe there is a place for both watches.  Big boutique brands usually I find are mass produced and are cheaper in cost.  But the smaller brands are more uncommon and I feel I have a more unique watch that not as many people would have, so I’d have to say I prefer smaller brands.

  • Mike10

    My experience with big name brands has been mixed. Some don’t deliver the quality you expect. I appreciate the design creativity of boutique brands and would definitely consider buying one.

  • gwoneg

    I’m all for small companies making innovative products, but my experience has been that big brands are much better at servicing and warranty-ing their products. Given an unlimited budget I would buy exclusively boutique watches, as it is I stick with established brands.

  • sternke

    I would have to say I prefer big(ger) brands over boutique brands. The appeal of a boutique brand is the uniqueness of it, but you never know the longevity of the brand or reliability (long term). If something breaks down or needs maintenance over time, it is nice to know that an established big brand is there to service their product long term, as a watch is something that I would love to hand down to my children, grandchildren, etc.

  • jbrue22

    Despite owning mainly big name brands, I prefer boutique watches for the following reasons, to name a few:
    *Unique designs – smaller companies are typically younger and need to distance themselves from the status quo by introducing fresh concepts
    *Quality components – one of the best ways to develop an excellent reputation
    *Exceptional, usually personalized, customer service
    *Truly customer oriented – how many times have we seen improvements incorporated into existing models based on feedback from the horological community (forums, blogs, video reviews, etc)
    *Affordability – Most boutique brands offer a unique product that would cost considerably more from a big name

  • zimmerman1181

    So I’m curious…seeing as how Nov 31, 2013 doesn’t exist, does that mean no one will win? Or do I win by default for calling this point out. 🙂

    • zimmerman1181

      I mean, Nov 31, 2012. 🙂

  • SlavaDubashinsky

    Very interesting brand. Watch looks very good. I do like boutique brands due to their uniqueness.

  • mddel

    I prefer big brands: safer bet when it comes to quality and after sale services, and they can afford to invest in technology.

  • rayjack

    I like the boutique brands, but am cautious if they use parts that can’t be repaired by a general watchmaker. And I like to know where they get their stuff made, so I have an idea of the quality.

  • Ivan Krstin

    I prefer boutique brands. Better quality control, theye are rare. You won’t see someone with the same watch as yours.

  • Muzzik

    Boutique brands usually spend less money on advertising, using celebrities to promote and magazine adds. Therefore one can have the satisfaction that their money is going more towards the watch itself vs the manufactured “name brand”

  • Shawnnny

    I like both. Why: because it all depends on the watch. If I like it, I don’t care who makes it.

  • Shawnnny

    I like both. Why: because it all depends on the watch. If I like it, I don’t care who makes it. And, I really like this watch!!

  • filipesantosr

    A person who loves watches loves their design and their movements, the feeling of having an exceptional piece of art in their wrist. So it doesn’t matter if it’s from a big well known boutique or not.
    There might be only one reason for someone to prefer big boutique watches in case it is an iconic watch model.

  • mikesnow

    Always prefer watches from smaller boutique companies as they are much more an interesting conversation piece.

  • Livefyre

    Always prefer watches from smaller boutique companies as they are much more an interesting conversation piece.

  • RonMillmanCPA

    Echhhh!   Reminds me of the cheap watch I had when I delivered
    newspapers just after WWII.
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • Livefyre

    Echhhh!   Reminds me of the cheap watch I had when I delivered
    newspapers just after WWII.
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • propergation

    I prefer smaller boutique company’s as well. Better customer service.

  • RandyTorres

    I like any watch that’s nice regardless of whether its a boutique brand or a big brand, but I must say the boutique brands take more risks and can produce more interesting designs.

  • Livefyre

    I like any watch that’s nice regardless of whether its a boutique brand or a big brand, but I must say the boutique brands take more risks and can produce more interesting designs.

  • utonic76

    I like the juxtaposition of the black interrupting the white, the stark contrast, extremely notifiable watch.

  • Livefyre

    I like the juxtaposition of the black interrupting the white, the stark contrast, extremely notifiable watch.

  • mikesnow

    boutique brands all the way….more of a conversation starter

  • dogdoc89

    I like watches from either source. It depends on how I feel when in the mood for a new watch

  • jose miguel pimentel

    either source. It depends on how I feels and the weigh

  • bnabod

    I like it, simple to the point and nice to see some small companies make it

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  • ivan199800

    It doesn’t matter where I get my either is fine with me as long it fit my taste and this watch I would buy in a heart beat.

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  • doxiedad06

    Fine looking watch. Simple and tasteful

  • olburgs

    Beautiful classic design. a magnificent example of boutique watchmaking. always my preference.

  • KevinH47

    This watch is reminiscent of the watch that I wore while in the military,  Large simple to read numbers on a plain black face.  A basic look that is effective and useful.  I’d be proud to wear this watch.

  • Julian Moser

    easy watch, without all that unnecessary shenanigans