Glashutte Original Senator Panorama Date Watch

Glashutte Original Senator Panorama Date Watch

Glashutte Original Senator Panorama Date Watch Watch Releases

It certainly isn't anything revolutionary, but for 2013 one of the new Glashutte Original watches will be this attractive Senator Panorama Date. A simplified version of the Senator with a basic three-hand movement and big date indicator as part of the Glashutte Original GO 100-03 automatic movement. There is an 18k red gold version on a strap which is nice, but what I like a lot more is the steel version with the bracelet. That straight-forward German styling with the large blued-hands make for a fantastic dress watch. Size is 40mm wide which should satisfy the formal/classic watch segment. While the movement does have a gold automatic rotor, I am hoping that the steel version is priced in the $7,000 range that is both reasonable for the brand and should attract enough attention from newcomers to Glashutte Original. Having said that, a more likely price is double that. More on the Senator Panorama Date after this April.

What do you think?
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  • Ulysses31

    I love blued hands but these look more like they have been painted; there isn’t that metallic sheen you see on other blued hands.  I actually think the gold in this instance gives it a much need lift because as attractive and simple the dial and hands are, the case and especially the steel bracelet look very generic and modern, not really matching the dial very well.

  • I like the classic aesthetic that GO is slowly spreading throughout the Senator line. The micro-adjust bracelets are really solid and comfortable too. What GO really needs to do this year is refresh their website and ensure the pages can display on Apple devices – every year I cross my fingers and hope.

  • Kris C

    Lovely. I bet it would look better on a strap though.

  • Ryan B

    Classy, really enjoy the seconds hand for some reason.

  • MarkCarson

    $7000 and “a more likely price is double that”. I’d be a lot more interested if the price was half of $7K. I know it has an in house movement, but that is still a lot for a 3 steel hander with only a big date as an extra feature. I like the watch, just not the price very much.

  • r_s_g

    The current GO Panorama Date on a steel bracelet has a street price around USD 8.5K.

  • Zeitblom

    GO used to be right up there at the top of non-outrageously priced brands, along with Zenith. And then they killed their whole sport line, along with their [by far] most attractive Senator Navigator [the automatic]. Now almost their whole line consists of dreary dress watches like this one. It’s as if they want to be seen as a cheap version of Lange. Sad. Well they still have the Panoinverse. For now.

  • ZL

    I’ve been a fan of the GO Senators for a while.

  • Ayreonaut

    I’ve been hoping for this.  The Senator Chronometer is one of my favorites, but not affordable.  I would almost have settled for the steel Automatic, but the most attractive feature, the pano-date, was missing.  Now, with this, they have finally announced a watch I really want to buy.

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