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So, what happens when you combine top-shelf bars, a bunch of interesting modern and vintage watches, and custom cars from the top builders in L.A.? Add to that the best food trucks in town, an epic auction, casino tables, DJ & dance floor, and 400-500 fun people. You get Cars & Casino, the 4th annual party hosted by ICON at their headquarters to benefit the GO Campaign children’s charity!

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As the founder of ICON, and GO Campaign board member, I have thrown this party for a few years now to raise money and awareness for GO. GO is a hyper-efficient charity that Gives Opportunity to children in the U.S. and abroad by identifying and supporting local heroes already making a difference in their community. This is the future of philanthropy, not the fat and wasteful corporate charity organizations. Proud to be a part of it.


Let’s focus on the watches, shall we? As a major watch addict and designer, I have made some great friends in the watch community. Many of them have stepped up to join me in my efforts for Cars & Casino. We have a great collection of unique modern and vintage watches donated to our event this year. Even if you cannot make it to the event in Los Angeles at 7 PM on May 13th, 2017, you can still bid on them via our online auction here!

Horage- Solar Wind


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Recently launched by Andi Felsl and his team, Horage is a brand-new Swiss brand here to disrupt the conglomerates and strengthen the independent watchmaker community. They make their own movements – even the mainsprings! In fact, they make everything in-house. They have kindly made us a few watches for the auction. In person, their quality and details are outstanding.

Horage- Solar Wind 2 Horage- Solar Wind 3

The Solar Wind

We have the men’s (42mm) and women’s (33mm) Solar Wind watches with meteorite dials featuring their K1 automatic movement with 65-hour power reserve and silica blasted and polished stainless steel cases.

Horage- Solar Wind 4 Horage-Solar-Wind-5-2

The Autark

Additionally, we have a few of the 39mm Titanium Autark watches (with the K1 Automatic) with both the Rhodium and Black Carbon dials. One of them is super special, with GO Campaign laser etched on the rotor (this one will be live auctioned at the event).


Bespoke Watch Projects

Our friend John McConnico at Bespoke Watch Projects up in the Bay Area provided us with two unique variants of his popular Sub 60 and Super 60 watches.

This Sub 60 is a special build of this watch featuring an engraved (silver-filled) dial, white-lumed hands, red small seconds hand, and a limited edition 6497 ETA anodized black movement, which is super cool.


As a complimentary companion to the other watch, John assembled a “bronze” version of the Super 60 for us, also using the black movement, featuring a special bead-blasted case with a screw down crown. 6497 ETA anodized black movement.



Lauded automotive designer, Matthew Humphries, donated two of his automotive-inspired watches, the MHDCR1 and the MHDSQ1. While they run a quartz movement, it is hard to beat their sense of style and quality construction at the price point.

Omega Pocket Watch


Vintage watch dealer Max from Vintage Portfolio donated this fully serviced art deco classic Omega pocket watch.


Aquadive 1970’s

Cameron from Craft & Tailored donated this rare 70’s dive watch. I made a custom band for it myself!

Wittnauer Chrono

Wittnauer Chrono

James at Analog Shift kindly donated this epic Wittnauer Chrono with B&P!


Doxa 300T Seamaid

Adam at Menta Watches donated two unique pieces. This super rare women’s Doxa dive watch is rarely seen and super cool.

Universal Geneve Polerouter Super

Universal Geneve Polerouter Super

Adam at Menta Watches aslo sent us this Universal Geneve . I do not have to tell you how great these are, nor how they have been appreciating recently.

Ancon Challenger

Ancon Challenger

Carl at Militaire Watches has donated this distinct Ancon Challenger with a 47mm Bronze case and a Miyota movement.


In addition to these fine watches, there are over 150 other experiences and fine goods in the auction, plus display cars from ICON, Singer, Emory Motorsports, Fusion Motors, GTO Engineering, Zelectric, East Coast Defenders, Scarbo Racing, The Petersen Museum, Speed Kore, Real Trading, Timeless Kustoms, and more!

Day & Time: May 13th, 2017, at 7PM

Tickets & Charity info:

Direct auction link:

Event Location: ICON Headquarters

9601 Lurline Avenue

Chatsworth, Ca 91311

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