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Introducing Nordgreen Watches

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

Nordgreen is a Danish watch brand centered around quality, compassion, and conscience. These watches have Scandinavian style, as well as values. There are three watch models to choose from, and they come in different styles, each detailed in the image of Denmark by award-winning Bang & Olufsen designer Jakob Wagner. The Danish inspiration doesn’t stop here, as the watches also apply the Scandinavian value of helping others. The brand’s giving-back program ensures that you’ll look good while supporting sustainability across the world. Read on for the full story of how Scandinavian design is timeless, and helping others never goes out of style.

Nordgreen has captured Danish design principles in three distinctive models, each under $250:

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

Nordgreen Philosopher

The Philosopher is designed to express a powerful statement of critical thinking, a Danish staple. Design-wise, the heavy conical case makes for a solid, sturdy look. The watch case is elevated with a two-piece dial that includes the date, the only model of the range to sport a calendar. The engine behind the Philosopher, as well as the other models in the range, is a Japanese quartz movement.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

You are able to choose a silver, gunmetal, or rose gold case, which can then be customized even further with Nordgreen’s interchangeable straps that come in a multitude of colors. The Philosopher is available in 36mm and 40mm sizes.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

The rose gold with brown leather strap is a popular bestseller for men, while the rose gold with mesh strap (also in rose gold) is one of the top choices for women.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

Nordgreen Infinity

The Infinity is all about grace. These are understated watches with only the most important elements left behind, achieving an elegant design. The most prominent feature is the deeply curved dial, symbolizing infinite time and space. The lugs are removed, and the hourly marks are extended to the edge of the dial.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

For men, a popular choice is the silver with black Italian leather strap, and for women, the 32mm rose gold Infinity with a rose gold mesh strap. All Infinity watches are available in 32mm and 40mm sizes.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

Nordgreen Native

The Native is the embodiment of Copenhagen. Featuring a rounded case, it expresses the balance of the city. The dial is entirely devoid of any unnecessary “extras,” featuring light gray minute marks detailed in true minimalist fashion. The rounded lugs and case are unique to and define the Native.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

The rose gold with brown leather is a great choice for both men and women. The Native is available in 36mm and 40mm sizes.

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases Scandinavian Design Expertise

Jakob Wagner, Nordgreen’s Chief Design Officer, is one of the most accomplished designers in the world. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he has designed for international and Danish brands alike. Taking a starting point in the city, he captured different elements of the Danish lifestyle and expressed them with different features in each model, including the dial. The Infinity has a dial that is deeply curved; the Native’s is entirely clean, and the Philosopher’s dial is a two-piece.

Nordgreen produce watches with compassion and has high corporate social responsibility standards. At the heart of Nordgreen’s CSR policy is a giving-back program. Inspired by the Scandinavian value of caring about others, you’ll get a chance to have a real impact on a person’s life with a purchase. Whenever you buy a watch, use its unique serial and identification numbers to support one of three causes. Will you contribute to health, the environment, or education with your designer watches?

Introducing Nordgreen Watches Watch Releases

Nordgreen is quality made accessible, with prices for all models at under $250 USD. Shop the watches and learn more at

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  • Considering the price, there is little to complain about (even though they only cost about $40 to produce). But these are incredibly boring watches and likely not to excite the crowd here. Despite the “designer cred” these scream “Kickstarter” minimalist, quartz, bauhaus – and I’m well known to have a dim view of such stuff. It’s a tough part of the market to be in. So good luck to them but clearly not watches for me.

    • Gokart Mozart

      These look like those other Scandinavian (Danish? ) watch brand Skagen.

      Not my cup of tea either and agree with you on pretty much all of it.

      The advice I would give on anybody doing a watch like this is get the basics right.

      The hands have to be the right length and not to short like these. Also if your movement is so small that on a 40mm watch the date is halfway between the centre of the watch and the edge of the dial DO NOT include the date.

      I just googled him and I actually have a pair of headphones designed by him, and he has designed some nice stuff, so designing a decent looking watch is more challenging then it looks.

      • The concave dial may have prevented the hands from being the proper length on at least one reference. But maybe not… And I do agree with you, designing a decent looking watch is harder than it looks. Not tricky per se as in complexity, but getting lots of proportions right takes some time and a good eye.

        These watches are not badly designed, but just too boring for me. I like some visual interest in a watch. As in, a distinctive impression from 10 feet away and more details that emerge when you look at the watch up close. These fail the interest distance test (too generic looking overall) and their minimalism means there is no payoff by looking closely either. Too bad – I had a B&O stereo back in 1976 and the sleek, very different design was a huge draw. These watches don’t break any new ground, which is a shame.

  • IanE

    Jeepers, I’m glad they are cheap; they certainly look the part.

    • Colt Foutz

      It’s quartz and it’s almost $300. How does this separate from anything we’d decry with Daniel Wellington or crowd-funded ilk?

  • Raymond Wilkie

    ” Centred around quality, compassion, and conscience ” …Yada yada….” Have a real impact on a person’s life with a purchase “…..Yeah, whatever. Ask anyone, I really like the paired back look. Unnecessary clutter just annoys me most of the time ( except a nice moon phase) Am always a bit hesitant to leave a comment when the company is probably going to read it as they paid good money for the sponsored post and am not one from saying anything nasty, but. I’m afraid they leave me cold. I really don’t see anything original here. I can see why you did it to meet the centre ring but small hands are really my #1 hate. The date window is a bit annoying also. I know it’s never easy to bring anything to market and I commend you for your drive but you have some major competition.
    Even Christopher Ward.
    to name but a few.
    Good luck.

    • Yep – the location of the date (dictated by the small quartz movement used) is really, really bad. The should have left it out.


    ABTW on a roll today after the Bimmer fest the compassionate and conscience worthy choice…… NO THANK YOU

  • SuperStrapper

    Just too bland and contrived. The flat printed dials are depressing. I find it hard to believe that the market for bastardized “bauhaus” design is this big, because this is essentially the look of every other crowdfunded watch.

  • SMB

    I guess one man’s elegant minimalism is another man’s plain boring. Price seems fair.

    The company’s narrative might appeal in its home market, but it’s a major turn-off for me. Same goes for collecting customer information under the guise of charitable giving.

  • Colt Foutz

    Checks calendar on his watch: is it April 1? No? … Huh?

  • Pancho Northmann

    Look, the watches, sub $300, are passable. Though I’ve recently seen much more interesting and innovative units in that price range. So, congrats there.

    But “compassion”? That’s your selling point in a luxury goods market? I fear the casual and unfortunately ubiquitous tone-deafness of Scandinavia in general is rearing its ugly head, here. How about you be honest and sell your wares on merit instead of guilt trips and SJW tripe? Do what you want with your money when you get it from buyers, but keep your do-gooding braggery to yourself.

    Also, is there anything less compassionate than time, ideologically speaking? Time is merciless. I think fashionable horlogerie is a bad fit with social consciousness marketeering.

  • Marius

    Setting aside the merits or defects of the watches, the whole ‘giving back’ spiel infuriates me. A virtue-signalling watch, no thanks.

    The main function of the charity racket is to provide cushy jobs for smug middle-class underachievers. Generally, the bigger the charity, the bigger the racket. So I pick very carefully those I give my money to and try to stay small and local, so I can be sure the money isn’t wasted.

    I don’t want some Scandi watch firm picking my charity for me.

    You can buy a similar looking Skagen for $100 and give the rest to a charity of your choice.

  • Leonarr

    Basically the only things missing from the “Minimalist Kickstarter watch bingo” row are:

    1. A brand name with a backstory no one cares about (The watches bear the names “Smith & Duck”, because my uncle is Mr. Smith who wore a watch while feeding ducks on his farm)

    2. A backstory/inspiration with “fake history”: (the watch is inspired by vintage motorcycles and former RAF fighter pilots who probably sometimes liked to drive them. I’m also pretty sure they had a passion for horology)

  • Peter

    unoriginal /?n??r?d??n(?)l/ adjective
    lacking originality; derivative.

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