We are extremely proud to formally launch the aBlogtoWatch Store. We affectionately call our new shop “a gift store for watch lovers.” For years, aBlogtoWatch has been studying the design and manufacturing of products that we would want to personally use and be proud to share with our community. The result is the aBlogtoWatch Store and all the products in it, where watch enthusiasts of all types can go to celebrate their passion. The store’s products will focus on tailor-made accessories such as compact travel gear, horology-inspired apparel, watch collector artwork — and products that we, the aBlogtoWatch team, enjoy designing, manufacturing, and using.

What’s the most important thing we would like you to know about the store? Every item in it is a bespoke aBlogtoWatch product, designed by us from base materials to finishing touches and made by the best suppliers of their respective trades — never by a run-of-the-mill branding company. From the first and last modification to the sewing pattern of our watch pouches to the framing of indices on our luminous shirts to the last pencil stroke on our art, we took this chance to create products that meet our — and hopefully your — expectations. Check out the individual product pages (links below) to see where and how they are made.

There’s no two ways around it: The aBlogtoWatch Store is our team’s baby. A quiet launch has already been happening, and some of you out there have already received your aBlogtoWatch-made products — but it’s about time we made a bit of a splash. We dreamed up and built the store, its concept, and, most importantly, all the products in it from scratch. These are products unavailable elsewhere and are carefully curated for visual appeal, functional utility, and high-value construction.

We are super-excited about all three product categories we are starting with. For our bespoke watch pouches, we reached out to the finest English fabric mill, Holland & Sherry, and sourced all three versions of its traditional English tweed — Harris, Moorland, and Sherry. We bought and experimented with innumerable different interior paddings, sewing patterns, lining fabrics, leather bank cardholders, and watch pads to end up with a product that we ourselves are at last happy with — and we hope you will be just the same. These fit in your pocket or backpack much nicer than do rolls and other solutions while keeping your bracelet-equipped watch safe from scratches and bumps.

For our glow-in-the-dark luminous T-Shirts, we went through literally hundreds of different blank shirts until we found the ideal 100% OCS certified, ring-spun cotton fabric, the comfortable yet good-looking cut, and best overall wearing experience. Then, we reached out to local workshops specialized in printing T-Shirts until we found the small shop that works with luminescent paint from Italy that glows very, very bright. These will give the best Super-LumiNova a run for its money and the effect must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Best when charged by direct sunlight!

Last, but definitely not least, for our artworks, we collaborated with watch artist Tamás Fehér — and having seen his works and how he creates them, we were thrilled to have him join the aBlogtoWatch Store. His drawings take between 7 and 14 days to draw entirely by hand, and we do them justice with state-of-the-art digitalization techniques as well as with the choice of paper we use for all prints: Bockingford 300g by St. Cuthberts Mill, a mill that has been making paper on the same site since the 1700s by the ancient Cathedral City of Wells, England. Available in six different artworks and two print sizes, these affordable pieces of art will be a highlight of your office, study, or home.

In essence? We would like for you to know that we have poured our heart and soul into picking the finest base materials and most dedicated suppliers for all our bespoke horological products, and we tirelessly worked on getting all the details right so that you get products that will make you proud and happy to own and use. For the record, no complete watches will be sold on the aBlogtoWatch Store. aBlogtoWatch will always assist its audience in finding the best watches and the best places to purchase timepieces. The aBlogtoWatch Store is here to help outfit a complete watch consumer lifestyle as a “gift store for watch lovers” and not a place that retails luxury watches.

We have many more upcoming variations and ideas and, with your support, we will stay on our course — which is developing fun and useful horological products. We can’t stress enough: What you will get is always designed and handpicked to the last detail by team aBlogtoWatch for the best ownership experience. We are currently offering free 5-7 day shipping to the U.S. and expedited 1-3 day shipping for just $6 — and we are working hard on extending shipping to the rest of the world.

Without further ado, we invite you to CHECK OUT STORE.ABLOGTOWATCH.COM.

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