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To celebrate the launch of its new website, YourWatch is paying tribute to one of its most coveted and classic names by giving the gift of time itself. Featuring the unmistakable Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic, watch lovers can enter here for the chance to win this elegant timepiece in a Spring Launch Giveaway.

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YourWatch is the culmination of decades of work from one of the most respected names in the luxury watch industry. Matthew Rogosnitzky and his brother are the new class of watch enthusiasts, taking their family’s longstanding and trusted legacy and innovating a new modus operandi for how the modern aficionado curates and expands timepiece collections.

Matthew Rogosnitzky, YourWatch’s CEO, talks of how his earliest and most vibrant memories center around watches, growing up at the epicenter of his family’s world-renowned business, surrounded by some of the most intricate mechanics in the game. His own budding passion led to an internship with Greubel Forsey, where he experienced truly unique watches from storied artisans from the most historic houses of horology. This fueled not only his love of elegant craftsmanship but also a profound respect for and connection to fellow watch enthusiasts, inspiring him to create the brand YourWatch.

Leading the way with an extensive selection of the worlds finest pre-owned (but unworn) watches, YourWatch offers a secure platform — authenticated and guaranteed — bringing you the industry’s most coveted and iconic pieces, available immediately, at the best possible prices on www.yourwatch.com.

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Having always resonated with the ethos and ideology of Hublot — unafraid to try new things, be creative and innovative while having fun in the process —  Rogosnitzky felt that the Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic was a strong piece to gift from YourWatch.com, and a nod to where it all started for him.  Featuring iconic details like the brand’s longstanding porthole-inspired case, the signature “H” style screws, and that distinct black rubber strap, this watch showcases the core of the Hublot aesthetic.

There is a fearlessness in a Hublot timepiece that makes such a bold statement. A brand true to its style, ethos, and craft, but uninhibited or restricted by the status quo — and it’s that very mantra at the heart of YourWatch.com that is a standard to both admire and relate to.

A signature piece is worth the wait, but today’s rising generation of watch connoisseurs knows exactly what they want, and time is — more than ever — of the essence.

YourWatch’s team of experts will help you curate a signature collection of luxury timepieces, tailored to your needs and taste, and will guide you seamlessly through the process. As a loyal YourWatch customer, you will be privy to exclusive discounts, given first-choice on newly anticipated arrivals, and offered private consultation and fitting sessions with a hand-picked selection of extraordinary watches. Our Loyalty Rewards Customers are also offered private admission to SIHH and other select closed-to-the-public industry events, keeping you on the forefront of emerging trends and up close and personal with the most desirable timepieces of your future collections.

Rogosnitzky says, “My goal is to provide each and every fellow enthusiast with the appreciation they deserve — a concierge service on their timeframe and at their convenience. I want our motto to become a motto for all watch enthusiasts and collectors: YourLife. YourTime. YourWatch.”

For a chance to win this Hublot Classic Fusion, with a retail value of $8,000, simply submit your name and email on the YourWatch website here, or by clicking the image below. Boost your chances of winning this signature piece for yourself or a loved one with optional actions for multiple entries! Good luck!

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