IWC Big Pilot Watch In Blue For North American Boutique Shops

IWC Big Pilot Watch In Blue For North American Boutique Shops

IWC Big Pilot Watch In Blue For North American Boutique Shops Watch Releases

While there isn't a whole lot new about this watch, it does have a great black and blue motif to it. This is a special limited edition version of the IWC Big Pilot watch that will exclusively be available in IWC's North American boutique stores. There are still very few details about the watch, such as the price or the amount in the limited edition. What I can say is that IWC is a nice job "re-imagining" the dial in a sober sky blue splendor. There is also matching blue stitching on the alligator pilot style strap. The case is in all steel, and 46.2mm wide. It is everything you know and love about the Big Pilot complete with turnip style crown.

The blue dial uses blue for most all the markers and hands. The designers did something that I like a lot, which is do the Arabic hour numerals in outlined blue mixed with the solid blue hour and minute markers. This is a difference between this style and the standard Big Pilot watch collection. The white on black date disc isn't in blue, but frankly I don't think it needs to be. IWC watches are often found in limited edition variants, but this one is a special breed being a regional limited edition - not necessarily for a specific event or cause.

IWC Big Pilot Watch In Blue For North American Boutique Shops Watch Releases

Movement inside the watch is the famous IWC in-house made caliber 51111 automatic movement with a 7 day power reserve - that is about 168 hours. The dial comes complete with the time, power reserve indicator and the date. It is one of the most recognizable watches in the luxury watch world, and probably the first watch people think of when it comes to solid quality luxury brand pilot watches. While I don't know the specific price of the watch, I have a feeling it isn't going to be very cheap, the standard model in steel is around $10,000. I hope they make at least 500 or so of them, because this is really a stunning watch in blue. Look for it soon, at IWC boutique stores located in North America.

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    These so called turnip/onion domed crowns appear as targets for mishaps due to their major prominence, & the lack of proper protectors.
    One good slam @ the wrong angle, & it either
    “flies” off, or becomes misaligned, requiring
    service which is not going to be quick nor cheap.

  • Pat I.

    I know the onion crown is used by several watch brands. I agree with Big Chrono’s assessment. Also – I think the looks a bit out of place.

    Keep in mind The crown wouldn’t stop me from getting one if I had the bucks. It’s a beaut – especially in blue.

  • Ariel, is blue a coming trend or…what’s your take on the color choice?

  • Eug

    Nice, I always wanted to get this watch, but this blue one really going to tip me over. Not a time to be stingy, time to start living large.

    • Go for it big guy.

  • Thomas

    Gosh, how I miss the Big Pilot Ref. #5002 with the smaller subdial for the power reserve instead of this Ref. #5004: the amputated figures “2” and “4” look horrible and plain out stupid.

    But the blue colour looks good, though…

  • Rob D

    Limited to 50 per the LA boutique. $15k I love it but can’t afford it at this time.

  • Black dial with blue numbers design is very fashion.