Here is a little bit of nice watch porn courtesy of my camera and IWC (don’t get upset for me using such language IWC, it is OK for a man to get horologically aroused).There is a watch in here for everyone. New for 2010 watches that are missing however, is the new IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph watch that I discussed separately here. I will also have an upcoming separate article on the new Da Vinci Ceramic Chronograph watch (most likely). Like all good arousing materials these day, I am going to keep the text to a minimum here. Allow these following watches to serve as some good flesh and blood examples of pieces you are interested in and perhaps haven’t got a chance to play with yourself. We have more reasonably priced three-hand IWC Aquatimers to the very high end Tourbillon and Perpetual Calendar watches.

Also in the mix is the now famous IWC Pilot’s Watch Classic Double Chronograph Edition Top Gun, with its dyslexic name, but coherent appeal. Really a cool watch (and by the way I was pleased to learn that Robin Williams wears one). I personally love the Aquatimer models. You might be curious about the white dialed version with the orange indicators – that is a special limited edition model available at a particular IWC boutique I believe.

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IWC does a good job of taking one of its in-house movements and putting it in different movements for a different look and function. You can find their popular automatic movement with a 7 day power reserve in the Portuguese, Ingenieur, and Pilot watches as an example. Most long power reserve watches are manually wound, so it is cool that this one is an automatic. IWC has some great movement finishing, as well as a cool way of engraving their automatic rotors. My favorite newer movement is the one in the bottom image. This IWC Da Vinci model is fitted with an automatic perpetual calendar chronograph movement that has two digital jumping windows for the date and month.

In addition to the images below, check the gallery at the bottom for even more images. For more details on the special models, just visit IWC’s website, where you can get more details. Oh, and if you are in the UK, Jura will be an upcoming new authorized dealer for IWC watches.

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