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Honestly, what can I really say about these watches that isn’t clear from what you see. Designer Lego style digital timepieces from French designer JC de Castelbajac (JC DC). It is actually part of his whole future Lego wear lineup. You can see the Lego version of it in the video, and images from the real runway show below. Odd? Sure. Provocative? Maybe. “No darling, leave the Lego baseball cap on in bed, I like it that way.” Weird stuff, but it is cool. The JC DC Lego watches comes in a number of colors – six versions to be exact. See them being worn all at the same time all Nicolas Hayek style.

The style is 80s, very 80s – but apparently that is in right now. He seems to suggest that the future will be like the 80s. Given what is going on in the world right now, I could use some of that “America is the best place in the world” mentality these days. With the popularity of Lego as well as the positive association many people have with them, I have to say that JC DC did a nice job making something interesting to look at in the least.

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Important to me however are the watches. Not sure if they are officially licensed by Lego, or if that is even necessary, but you get the idea just by looking at them. The simple bright colors, and the nubs on the strap all indicate that one special building block. The watches themselves are made with a JC DC partnership with watch maker odm – known for quirky and cool (mostly) digital watches. Look out for their military style dog tags necklace watch.

The JC DC Lego watch collection is due out for sale this year – not exactly sure when or how much they will be. Likely in the $100 – $200 range given their “designer nature.” The digital watches obviously have quartz movements and large “my first wrist watch” style to them. Not sure about what the functions will be aide from the time. Probably basic stuff like a calendar. Pushers might be on the back of the watch case. The strap is likely mostly rubber and has actual links near the butterfly clasp for sizing. This is preferable over having to cut the straps to size. Over the LCD screen is a colorful bezel that looks to be done in aluminum or some other metal. The JC DC logo below the screen helps add to the fashion worthiness of the watch. I can’t help but think that the watches are totally cool. I don’t know too much about JC DC, but I do know o.d.m. (odm), and Lego – and I like both a lot. Look out for these soon, where ever JC de Castelbajac “stuff” is sold.

See JC de Castelbajac and Lego watches on eBay here. See Lego watches on Amazon here. [phpbay]odm | lego, num, “14324”, “”[/phpbay]

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