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Joel McHale Talks Timepieces & Glashütte Original With aBlogtoWatch: One Of Hollywood’s ‘Real’ Watch Guys

Joel McHale Talks Timepieces & Glashütte Original With aBlogtoWatch: One Of Hollywood's 'Real' Watch Guys ABTW Interviews

A few months ago, I had a chance to sit down here in Los Angeles with actor and comedian Joel McHale at an event he was doing with Glashütte Original. McHale isn’t an ambassador of the brand, but rather a fan who the brand decided was “pretty nice to have around” at various events. I’ve run into Joel at a few other watch gatherings here in L.A. and have enjoyed getting to chat with him about timepieces and other things he is into (like wine).

I recall years ago watching Joel’s wrist carefully on television shows such as Talk Soup and, more recently, Community. In the latter, McHale wore a series of watches that I was pretty sure made it on the show because he personally chose to wear them. Joel McHale is on his way to becoming a full-fledged watch nerd – something his wife both smiles and rolls her eyes at. It’s just nice to sit down with someone in the entertainment industry who genuinely likes watches for their history, construction quality, and of course, style.

Joel McHale Talks Timepieces & Glashütte Original With aBlogtoWatch: One Of Hollywood's 'Real' Watch Guys ABTW Interviews

Joel McHale Talks Timepieces & Glashütte Original With aBlogtoWatch: One Of Hollywood's 'Real' Watch Guys ABTW Interviews

I later continued the conversation with Glashütte Original CEO Yann Gamard. Caring for the German brand that is nevertheless under the (Swiss) Swatch Group umbrella of companies, Gamard has some interesting and pensive things to say about the world of mechanical watches in today’s consumer climate. I continue to feel that Glashütte Original is one of the best “under-the-radar” men’s watch brands – which nevertheless enjoys a lot of popularity in the right circles. The history of the company is fascinating, as is the source of the “Glashütte Original” name, which Mr. Gamard seeks to explain. He is clearly proud of fans like Joel McHale, and he discusses the complexity of operating in today’s market where brands must straddle the line between producing what they like and what they feel consumers want.

So check out our two interview videos about watches and Glashütte Original with brand CEO Yann Gamard and brand enthusiast Joel McHale. I’ll just add that I am particularly keen on comedians who love watches – because I happen to think that comedians are often among the most talented entertainment professionals around.



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  • IVA the LT

    Always liked Joel McHale on Community, always liked the 70’s…now I just need to find a way to get it off his wrist and onto mine!

  • Shinytoys

    Look at you Ariel, chattin’ up the Wizards, big Cheshire grin on your face. Good for you bud, happy birthday and a well done piece.

  • Dinkee, H. O.

    Not exactly John Mayer, is he? And what is this supposed to mean: One Of Hollywood’s ‘Real’ Watch Guys ??? Are trying to imply that my celeb pals are not “real” horology experts?

    Some serious missteps here, but at least you’re taking baby steps towards trying to be like my blog. *stifled applause*

    • Benjamin Ramos

      Ok bud, name your “celeb pals” Kevin Hart, Chris Brown are some of mine, who are yours? Kevin wasn’t even heartbroken about his stolen Milles , he had them up on ebay and chronos for sale. His new obsession, he now is into seiko Credor and Panerai, with his insurance money he can buy whatever he wants

    • Shinytoys

      Yo Dink…I’m a studio musician, and not only do I know John, but I’ve played on most of his albums. There’s no way John would truck with a blowhard asshole such as yourself. He is way too hip and mello a cat to even think of spending time with an arrogant egotistical flame wizard like you. Give it a rest man…


    • Bill W

      “I’m with a mid-tier athlete who likes Hublots, we’re at a café in New York that charges $11 for a small lemonade, and this is Talking Watches.”

      • Bill W

        Or: “I’m with some Silicon Valley a**hat you’ve never heard of, we’re chilling in his minimalist beach house, and this is Talking Watches.”

        • Bill W

          3/3 “I’m with some guy with a bit of a funky accent, he seems to like watches because there are a lot of watches on the table in front of us, but to be honest I’m not 100% sure what he’s saying to me right now, and this is Talking Watches. I think.”

  • funkright

    Joel McHale, truly funny guy, with a growing appreciation for the ‘art’ of watching making and the value it holds for him. Glad he’s not ‘John Mayer’… especially after that Rolex article.

  • beardedman

    I haven’t been to any watch “events” like this – maybe it’s the norm but both of these interviewees have watches on both wrists. They are showing off their wares, of course, but looks odd to me. Might as well wear a trench coat they can open up to display dozens of watches displayed on each side! lol

    • Timestandsstill

      You’ve never seen photos of the late Nicolas Hayek who was chairman of the Swatch Group and many credit with more or less saving the Swiss watch industry? This was a guy who could rock multiple watches!

      • DanW94

        And I think there’s a few more hidden in that arm hair…..

      • Boogur T. Wang

        No, he looks like a twit with all those watches.

        • Timestandsstill

          Sorry, forgot to insert the tongue in cheek emoji 😉

  • Michael

    Aril, this was a nice edition to the blog.

  • Benjamin Ramos

    Two good interviews, Ariel…Please post more watch events, I would love to go. BTW happy
    birthday young man!

  • ??????

    Happy birthday, Ariel! Keep up the good work!

  • srs144

    Nice article, and Joe seems very down to earth and fun and real (as opposed to, well let’s leave out the truthful-but-not-so-nice words about a celebrity who was fawning like a show off on another well known watch blog about his mass produced new Daytona)

  • TechUser2011

    Thanks for the pointer to that gorgeous Glaschutte Original watch. I found it on their website, and it appears to be a Seventies Panorama Date model. Really beautiful, especially in blue. It looks kind of like a Patek Philippe Nautilus from a distance.

    • iamcalledryan

      They are gorgeous and only the eagle eyed WIS would identify it from across the room. Go buy one!

  • yb

    Two shows I miss: Joel on Talk Soup and Howard Stern. Please help me understand why GO and ALS had to become part of bigger conglomerate.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    I am not familiar with this man nor his acting work.
    It’s nice that he likes watches.

  • Ulysses31

    He has great taste in watches and he’s insanely tall – what’s not to like?

  • Garrin Fraze

    If only all hollywood watch wearers knew their stuff…

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