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Have you ever been interested in an IWC Portuguese watch but couldn’t afford it, or didn’t want to spend the money on it? For many people, this superb classic is the epitome of luxury and style, but sometimes it is too much luxury. There are actually not too many similar watches out there (especially when it comes to the non-chronograph versions). So it is a good thing that Jorg Gray thankfully steps in to this niche with the JG1060 line of watches. The  collection has a few varieties, and this pictured version is the Jorg Gray JG1060-20. For lovers of large watch out there who want something more classic in style – this is an ideal choice. The JG1060 watch is a massive 48mm wide! Really nice and big on your wrist. Other versions of the JG1060 range has different colors or slightly different dial designs – all IWC homages.

Please be aware right now that this is a watch best suited to larger wrists. For one thing, the strap is pretty large, even at the smallest hole, the strap is for at least medium to large wrists. The attractive leather strap with the reptile print embossing and honey brown color is comfy and nice to look at. It has a steel push-button butterfly deployment clasp with a nice Jorg Gray signature on it. If the strap is too large on you, it should be possible to make another hole in the strap with an awl (for those of you who know what you are doing, otherwise take it to a pro).

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The big steel watch case is not as heavy as you would think, so no worries about weight. It has a very rich mirror polish finishing on it, with a thinner bezel to give the face a bolder presence. The dial color is a matte silvery white tone, with applied hour indexes and Arabic numerals. There is also a ring around the periphery of the bezel that is classic in design origin. There is a centrally located date window as well – I like the angled beveling on the window that gives it a much finer look. Often times basic rectangular holes on a dial look cheap, but that is not an issue here. Jorg Gray might want to experiment with larger date windows in future designs. I am curious what that would look like on a large watch like this.

A face like this is designed to be easy to read, which it is. That is what you need to remember if you think it appears to spartan. Another area that I am curious about experimentation is the size of the hands. I like the shape of the hands, but they could use a bit of a size increase to compliment the diameter of the dial. Still, they don’t really negatively impact your ability to read the watch. I would have also liked to see lume on the dial or hands – but they again IWC doesn’t do this most of the time either. From a style perspective, a watch like this is certainly a step up from analog Timex timepieces out there you saw being worn a lot. Also, the case is water resistant to 50 meters and the crystal is mineral.

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Inside the watch is a solid Japanese quartz movement. Nothing you’d have to worry about, pretty much ever unless you need to put a battery in it. The watch is big enough that you can rest it on your desk while you work and use it as a clock. Most people (including myself) who type a lot take off their watches while they work). Just don’t be one of those people who forget it on your desk (unless you are at home). There really isn’t a lot to elaborate on with a very straight forward and easy to live with watch like this JR1060. You know what it does right away, you don’t need to think very hard when using it, and the large, but traditional style of the watch goes with just about every outfit that a brown strap would go with. Price is really reasonable as well at $295 – available direct from Jorg Gray, or one of their authorized dealers.

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See this JG1060-20 watch at Jorg Gray here.

Thanks to Jorg Gray for this review unit.

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