There are a few watch manufacturers out there that make watches to such a high degree just because they can. Karsten Frässdorf fits into this category. For those not in the know, Karsten Frässdorf’s claim to fame is their Spirograph Tourbillion movement. This movement is built around a new revolutionary rim-less balance-wheel system. The Karsten Frässdorf Spirograph Sports Watch was built entirely around the balance wheel itself, as illustrated by the large wheel at 6 o’clock showcasing it. This movement is fitted with an escapement designed entirely by Karsten Frässdorf, paired with an in-house one-minute tourbillion. The rest of the movement is comprised of Swiss made parts from La Chaux-de-Fonds. The movement beats at 18,000vph to better manage the energy from the mainspring that powers the watch and to reduce wear on the components. Karsten Frässdorf has also equipped the Spirograph Sport Watch with an elastic suspension system, giving the movement the appearance of “flying” inside the case. Functionally it protects the watch from shock up to 5,000 G-Forces. As a cherry on top the watch boasts a 72-hour power reserve.


Brand: Karsten Frässdorf
Model: Spirograph Sports Watch
Dimensions: 45mm
Water Resistance: Not Stated
Case Material: Steel
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire
Movement: Caliber-440 with Karsten Frässdorf crafted Balance and Escapement
Frequency: 18,000vph
Power Reserve: 72-hours
Strap/Bracelet: The watch is pictured on different color alligator straps, although the strap is not specified.
Price & Availability: Price is TBA, but the watch will be available in a limited edition of 10 pieces.

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While some of the details on the Karsten Frässdorf Spirograph Sports watches are a little vague at this time, the watch looks incredible. The honeycomb pattern on the dial will offer a lot of detail and interest to the face if you can pull your eyes away from the beating heart at 6 o’clock. Karsten Frässdorf also states that the watches are also customer configurable — strap, case, alloy, dial, and movement decoration are all personalizable, so that’s cool. All that aside, the tech inside the movement is admirable — likely something that you’d need to spend a good amount of time reading about to fully grasp, but you can rest assured that Karsten Frässdorf has tended to every detail.


It’s tough to summarize pieces like this. There’s so much going on inside that you’d need to take the watch to pieces to fully appreciate it. The elastic suspension system is remarkable, and you can rest comfortably that even the worst drops still wouldn’t damage the movement (although it might damage your soul seeing this watch hit the ground). I’ll be curious to see what configurations the owners of the 10 limited pieces come up with. Currently, the price is unannounced, but for more information keep an eye on https://montres-kf.com/montres-kf.com


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