I have had a bit of a fixation on Kobold Watches since I first learned about them several years ago. They represent what most men want in a watch. Good looks, rugged construction, and a classic style which is anything but boring. Even though the Kobold watch company is new (in watch years), they have been able to achieve so much, and are truly a modern watch company. Especially considering they are one of the only watch companies that allow you to purchase direct from the factory.

Kobold Watch is an American watch company. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Kobold watches use Swiss parts with American insight. Kobold is led by the younger Michael Kobold, who has become quite the watch celebrity. Showcasing his favorite pieces on the wrists of many celebrities. The truth is, he didn’t have to work very hard at it, because these are remarkable watches. As such, James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) and Kiefer Sutherland (Jame Bauer on “24” wore a PVD Kobold Phantom Tactical) have proudly displayed their fondness for Kobold watches both on and off screen. Not stopping there, Kobold works closely to provide Earth explorers and leaders of polar expeditions with Kobold watches, along with working with makers of automobiles such as Land Rover. The marketing message is clear; Kobold watches look good and do a lot.

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Good thing that Kobold can back up its marketing agenda. And you will really only find this pedigree of truthful advertising in watch makers. How nice it is to know that you can actually trust a company to fulfill in its product, what it states in its advertising message? A Kobold watch is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. A watch that last lifetimes with proper maintenance and will provide you with accurate time measurements in most all conditions.

On eBay is a Kobold Polar Surveyor with the lovely metallic arctic blue face. No doubt this watch will be sought after, but the starting bid is almost half off retail which is $6250.00 plus tax and shipping. So starting at $3,500.00, you get a really good deal in almost new condition according the seller. If I had to own one watch (I hope this never occurs), it would be a Kobold. I must say I have contemplated this conundrum when contemplating what watch would be most useful in a survival situation on a deserted island. www.koboldwatch.com>

See eBay auctions for Kobold watches here.

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See Kobold watches on eBay here.

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