Last Chance: LUM-TEC Combat B15 Watch Giveaway

Last Chance: LUM-TEC Combat B15 Watch Giveaway

Last Chance: LUM-TEC Combat B15 Watch Giveaway Giveaways

The LUM-TEC B15 free watch giveaway is almost over. You have until midnight of September 30th to enter for a chance to win this cool (American) watch. Click here to visit the page where you can enter.

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  • Well I have to admit I don’t really have a favorite pilots watch. If I win this one it will be
    my favorite. My favorite watch right now for some reason is an Omega sm 12o. My dad had one and I always admired it. Now it has come back on my radar and I want one. At any
    rate I think this is a really sharp design. I should collect some pilot watches their cool and I want to be cool.

    Why should I win? Someone has too why not me. Besides my last lottery ticket lost and I really need a win. The defeat has got me down.

  • kt

    great to drive at night with the top down

  • kat

    i would like this watch

  • RussellSteed I had a combat B17 help get me thru Desert storm,Bosnia and Iraq freedom these are GREAT watches when your in a hard stressful situation and even when your waiting to go home.

  • Sylage

    Wow! This watch is simply Wow !

  • I dig the coin edge bezal w/ that nylon strap, very cool watch!

  • herd173

    I like the coated one best

  • hartistry

    Very nice and masculine. My kind of watch.

  • wkomianos

    Good design. Straightforward with nice bezel.  American made definitely a plus.

  • artimus

    Very nice. Commands attention.

  • topherwright

    A real eye catcher!