Linde Werdelin Land InstrumentRecently, covered the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, a conceptual device brimming with sensors, connectivity and functionality. The highlight of the Nokia Eco Sensor was it’s ability to monitor one’s surroundings and convert that information into something relevant to the wearer’s health (i.e. “warning high levels of carbon dioxide detected!”). The Nokia Eco Sensor though very interesting, was still just a concept, as there was no working model. The Linde Werdelin Land Instrument is no mere concept, and it delivers a heap of promised features.

The Linde Werdelin Land Instrument is part of Linde Werdelin’s Biformeter (silly to pronounce) line of products, and is designed for skiing and cold weather mountain climbing and exploration. Excursions which scale tall cold environs require a good deal of environmental measuring to ensure human survivability. In extremely cold temperature, body parts can freeze in moments when exposed to the air. Further, one must monitor their exhaustion as they cannot merely shed clothes to cool off or relax. This is where a device like the land instrument comes in. By utilizing various environmental sensors, a heart rate monitor, and internal software, it can tell more lots of useful information about your body’s condition and what are about to face.

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Sensors included in the Land Instrument are a barometer, altimeter, internal and external temperature sensor (for body heat and outside temperature), digital compass, and an external heart rate monitor. Using the heart rate monitor in combination with other data such as rate of climb and body dynamics, the Land Instrument gives you an indication of burned calories, which is nice. Such technology has been shown to be accurate to the degree of giving you an idea of when you are at peak exertion levels. An actual indication of calories expended is a complex analysis based on many specific factors such as one’s basal metabolism, weight, fitness level, and personal chemistry. While no out of-the-box solution will tell you precise calorie burning data, it is good to have as an estimate for exercise purposes.

Using the internal software (which is user upgradeable) and collected data through the sensors, the Land Instrument will forecast whether. calculate rates of decline and ascent, show you a graph of your climb, and inform you when climate levels are dangerous, such as storm coming, or a frost-bite warning. While not all of these features will be essential for everyday adventurers, they are certainly nice to have. Most people are charmingly comforted by knowing their watches and gadgets can survive extreme conditions and prove useful in everyday situations.

Linde Werdelin Land Instrument with Two Timer WatchThe Linde Werdelin is one of the more beautifully designed devices of its type. Sure there are Suunto and Casio watches that has similar sensors, and Polar or Suunto watches can give you heart rate information, the Land Instrument does so in a fashionably and higher quality manner. The Land Instrument is crafted from high grade anodized aluminum (in steel tone, red, or black), and sits atop Linde Werdelin watches, which themselves are sight to behold. Because the Land Instrument and Linde Werdelin watches are constructed from high grade aluminum they are deceptively light. For many people, there is a deep sense of appreciation in adorning something which is functional yet enjoys a high degree of design pedigree. The Land Instrument is just such a product and enjoys being a winner of the Red Dot design award.

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The Land Instrument can be purchased alone for about $2000 (depending on exchange rates, or together with a Linde Werdelin Elemental or Two Timer watch, which acts as a cradle for the Land Instrument to be worn on the wrist. Together with a watch, the two items are between $4000-$5000. Not cheap, but another of those enviable watches that people will want to know about. Do check out the product page as linked above to read about this impressive watch and piece of personal sensorship.

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