Lucien Piccard LP mens Celano watchI was smitten with ceramic watches when I learned about the Chanel J12 watch. The popular designer watch was high quality and looked amazing with its never scratch glossy bracelet and band. The price of the watch was something I was not too happy about. Like other Chanel goods, it demanded a high premium for what you got. $3000-$5000 for the black or white ceramic watch was way too much. I’d have to wait for something else.

Then I learned about the Lucien Piccard (LP) Celano. A beautiful watch from an otherwise fringe brand. The LP Celano has all the things I liked about the Chanel J12, but was priced far less (depending on where you got it). Actually, the LP Celano was one of those watches available on ShopNBC, which is a television based shopping network. Regardless, the LP Celano had a lot going for it, and I wanted to get one as soon as I could. Several months later I finally got my LP Celano on eBay for far under retail.

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When I finally was able to feel the watch, I was so impressed. Really nice quality for what I thought was a bargain watch (compared to the Chanel J12). It cost me just a few hundred dollars, and eBay auctions are mad over the watch with intense bidding. The ceramic composition of the watch is unlike steel in many ways. We are talking about very high grade ceramic materials with an attractive glossy finish that will never scratch. The interposed steel is highly polished and the entire watch gives off a lovely gleam. Few of my other watches have attracted so many compliments. I suppose other people love this watch as much as I do.

Chanel J12 BlackThe color black is very in right now. The “goes with anything” color is increasingly popular for watches, and with good reason. The LP Celano is an excellent embodiment of what you want a black watch to be. Dark, yet apparent. The face of the watch features a glossy black finished, with highly polished steel arrow hands. The effect is impressive, and you get a beautiful to look at watch with excellent legibility. A great touch is the black ceramic cabochon on the crown. Cabochons are either jewels or other materials in the crown which don’t add any function, but are a desirable decorative element.

The LP Celano is highly functional watch as well, not just for show. The bezel rotates fluidly, yet securely. The red tipped arrow on the seconds hand is attractive, but also allows for easy viewing along with the arrow hour and minute hand. This gives me more of a reason to wear the watch rather than just the looks. The bracelet locks via a butterfly clasp which closes securely.

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LP Celano Ceramic watch on ablogtowatch.comMovement wise the LP does not disappoint. Using a high grade Swiss ETA 2671 automatic movement, the LP Celano does not suffer from being a mere quartz such as the Accutron Mirador (a competitor ceramic watch). I did notice a slightly higher rate of deviation in the movement, meaning it lost or gained more seconds on average each day than comparable watches. This however can most likely be remedied with an adjustment to the movement, which can be performed by any qualified local watch store. I doubt this problem effects all LP Celano watches.

So despite the fact that the LP Celano is available on ShopNBC, it is a great watch to own. Everyone seems to like it, and I am always comfortable wearing it. If you are interested in a ceramic watch that does not scratch, do visit the eBay auction here for a men’s black Lucien Piccard Celano watch.

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