Please see the reader review of the LUM-TEC B15 watch that Beau was fortunate enough to win last month. Being a talented photographer, Beau provided each of these beautiful images of the actual watch:

“What can one say about the Lum-Tec Combat B15 that is not being said by those that are fortunate enough to own one? Possibly, that there are a couple unexpected perks that are not apparent from just the pictures seen on the web.

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The first thing that is very obvious, is the visual depth of carbon fiber that comprises the face. As someone who has a great love for carbon fiber, and who has items comprised wholly from it, I can say it is the absolute best that I have seen on a watch and ‘moves’ with the light, as good carbon fiber should. Secondly, the pushers of the chronograph feel different than your average pushers. When first depressed, it gives the characteristic ‘click’ that you expect when starting the function, however, each additional push of the same pusher does not. The motion is smooth and silent until the chronograph is stopped and reset, then it clicks again.

Another highlight comes to the forefront after you put the watch on. The B15 is fantastically comfortable on the wrist, as is the norm with a NATO strap but the Lum-Tec is much lighter than you might expect from it’s 43mm case. In a world where big and heavy are the trend, at a mere 84 grams, it is actually very light. I have a 50mm watch that weighs 3.25 times that amount, so it is a great change. Especially when you are going to be out, about, active and 0.6lb watch is just too much.

In short, the watch looks great, feels great, has a solid movement and in made in the good old USA. How can you go wrong?”

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Beau Hudspeth | Photographer | Watch Collector (in training)

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