Marcello C. Nettuno 3 chronograph bi-color watch

You don’t see combinations like this very often. Here, German Marcello C. has fitted their Nettuno Chronograph watch with a PVD black bezel and PVD black pushers and crown, against a stainless steel case. I think it is a very attractive combo. The look results in sort of a two-tone look that is quite popular these days. It makes the watch very noticeable as well – being more “striking” than models without the color combo. This is the first ever use of PVD in the Nettuno watch collection that I am aware of as well. You will notice of course that there are “mirror” image watches here. As one of the Nettuno Bi-Color Chronograph watches has a steel case with black pushers and bezel, the other version has a PVD black case with steel pushers and a steel bezel. Pretty cool right? Further, the PVD cased version comes with a totally PVD coated bracelet that ought to be really nice. This is one of the best diver’s style bracelets on the market that I’ve experienced, and I’d love to experience it in all black. You can read a bit more about it when I reviewed the Marcello Nettuno 3 Diver’s watch here with much esteem.


The Nettuno Chronograph is fitted with a hardy ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement in a 40mm wide case. This is of the more soberly sized diver’s watches out there that are still professional grade in my opinion. The new Bi-Color edition shares all the great parts of the original Nettuno Chronograph but with the new color options,. There is also the special textured black leather strap with contrast stitching that fits so well with the look of the case. A metal bracelet is of course available. You’ll appreciate that the Nettuno Chronograph is a function first watch. Meaning that things are designed so that watch is easy to read and functional. Thus, looking at the dials and hands of the watch indicates that they were designed to be relied upon, rather than merely for style (that the watch looks nice is good too). Marcello C. is known for their attention to details. A good example of this is that this new Bi-Color collection of Nettuno Chronograph watches uses a black colored date disc rather than the standard white. This is a small touch, but really helps give the Bi-Color versions of the watch their own character apart from the standard models. The watch is a true diver and water resistant to 300 meters. Overall it is an excellent watch. The price for the standard version of the Marcello C. Nettuno Chronograph is about $2,300 (a good value). I expect that the Nettuno Bi-Color Chronograph will be just a bit more, but not significantly much. Not sure about availability yet, but certainly contact Marcello C. watches here for more information about pricing and availability.

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