Taken in a dark room under less than ideal circumstances, these are images of the Marvin Malton 160 Cushion collection watches. At least one of them (the black dialed chronograph automatic) should be out now. Some of these other watches will come later, and a few might not come out at all. One that I was told isn’t necessarily destined for production (soon or anytime) is the white dialed chronograph automatic that has a Daytona-esque dial to it. This is for me my favorite model of them all. If you like it too, then tell Marvin to make it by commenting on this article.

The Malton 160 Cushion is part of the new Malton collection that was designed by esteemed (but known to be hard to work with) Jean-Francois Ruchonnet. Marvin was seemingly lucky to have Ruchonnet work with them, but the relationship was terminated not too long ago. Ruchonnet did leave his mark on the brand though. I covered some of the other Marvin Malton collection watches here, which are more of his contribution to the brand. He was able to take the classic demeanor that Marvin is known for, and produce a sexy line-up of watches for today’s man.

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The Malton 160 Cushion watches are in steel and 42mm x 42mm. The squarishness of the case makes them feel nice and big. Promotions are good, and I like the different types of polish (brushed and polished surfaces). Note that the watches you see are all pre-production prototypes. Meaning they are gonna be a bit beaten up. “Extensive testing?”

The big red cabochon in the crown is nice, as is the hex shape of the brand and swoopy chronograph pushers that look like a crown guard. The piece has a very impressive stance to it. Don’t forget the Marvin signature red color on the 8 o’clock hour marker (that is on all of their watches). The Malton 160 Cushion will arrive in several styles. There are two types of chronographs – with automatic or quartz movements, and various three hand models. The three-hand models should have Sellita SW200 automatic movements or alike. There is clearly a lot of influence here from older Rolex and other traditional watches.

With two available chronograph models, you have slightly different designs based on the movement. The automatic has a Valjoux 7750, while the other model has a ETA quartz chronograph. Note the different style of the flange rings. I love the applied polished hour markers and the colors of the dials. The designs really is a sweet spot between class and classic sport. The dials are legible enough, but the thin strips of lume provide only adequate darkness viewing.

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Overall these Marvin Malton 160 Cushion watches are quite good. Prices are likely to be approximately $1,000 – $2,000 for the various models. As you can see there are some limited editions, but I don’t have details beyond that. Marvin watches are slowly coming into the US and North America overall, and I am happy to have been a part of that. So look for Marvin watches close to you soon.

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