Effectively, the evil twin to the steel version, the PVD Masterpiece Gravity, is unbelievably cool. With a more modern dial design and Grand Colimacon finishing on the black gold-treated dial plate, the PVD version has a wrist presence all its own. The PVD treatment was selected for hardness, durability, and color, all of which can compete with DLC if the PVD application is of a suitably high grade.


It’s a hard call between the two versions, but the PVD Gravity and its silver-tone balance wheel is likely my favorite. Both versions are limited to 250 pieces and carry a list price of $13,900 USD. Expensive? Certainly, but the manufacture movement is one of the few to feature a silicon assortment, both versions are gorgeous, and they offer a similar aesthetic to that of an MB&F Legacy Machine but with a slightly smaller case size and a considerably smaller hit to your wallet.

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Maurice-Lacroix-Masterpiece-Gravity-2 Maurice-Lacroix-Masterpiece-Gravity-6

The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece is so good we included it in our Ten Best Watches of Baselworld 2014, and the Gravity certainly pulled me in with its striking good looks, detailed design, and manufacture movement.

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