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Since its inception in 2001, German independent watchmaker Meistersinger has built its core philosophy around the power of one-handed timepieces. With an elegant, slowly gliding 12-hour display and an ethos that emphasizes living in the moment rather than tracking every last second, Meistersinger’s distinctive designs hearken back to the medieval birth of mechanical watchmaking. This relaxed and long-lived concept does not prevent Meistersinger from producing truly go-anywhere, do-anything sporty timepieces. The brand’s latest release, the Meistersinger Unomat, is an indomitable example of this sporty capability, bringing blazing lume, deep water resistance, and incredible anti-magnetic capability to its familiar No. 3 design.

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By far the biggest change to the No. 3 formula for the Meistersinger Unomat’s design is its case. The long tapering lugs, narrow polished bezel, and 43mm diameter are shared with previous Meistersinger designs, but the brand adds ruggedness to these familiar elements with a hefty screw-down crown and flowing crown guards. Thanks to these new elements and a new solid screw-down caseback, the Unomat can reach depths of up to 300 meters without breaking a sweat.

Even more impressive than the visible elements, however, is the case’s inner layered structure. Inside the main body of the case is a soft iron sleeve, which works in tandem with the soft iron dial of the Unomat to create an antimagnetic cage surrounding the movement. With these precision components shielded, the Meistersinger Unomat can endure magnetic fields of 24,000 A/m without negatively impacting movement performance. Despite this heavy-duty equipment, the Unomat remains comfortable and sleek on the wrist, maintaining the brand’s clean and refined profile.

The dial designs of the Meistersinger Unomat series likewise add ruggedness and capability to the classic No. 3 look. Meistersinger’s signature single-needle hour hand returns here, along with the clean mix of Arabic numerals and an outer scale of five minutes per mark. For the Unomat, however, the brand’s trademark hand design is widened, beefed up, and filled with a generous application of lume to ensure easy legibility in low-light or strenuous conditions. From here, the Unomat takes this clean and elemental design in two markedly different directions. For a vintage, gauge-inspired feel, buyers can opt for a grained matte-black dial with tropical patina lume, or instead go for a more sleek and contemporary look with a deep steel blue sunburst dial and cool mint-green lume.

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Meistersinger moves from the familiar Sellita SW 200-1 to the larger and more robust Sellita SW 400 automatic movement for the Unomat line. Meistersinger simplifies this reliable Swiss workhorse by removing its minutes and seconds hands, and with the SW 400’s large diameter, the Unomat’s circular date window can seamlessly integrate into the hours track at 6 o’clock. Beyond the incredible antimagnetic performance afforded by the internal soft iron cage, the SW 400 in the Meistersinger Unomat provides a smooth 28,800 bph beat rate with a 38-hour power reserve.

The Meistersinger Unomat line completes the refined sporting package with a five-link jubilee-style bracelet in stainless steel. The intricate mix of brushed and polished links here interplays with the finishing of the case handsomely, while imparting some timeless flash of its own. With such a simple and versatile design, however, the Unomat is a natural candidate for strap-swapping, fitting equally well on leather, NATO straps, or even rubber tropic straps if the wearer desires a change of pace.

Without sacrificing any of the simplified, relaxed Meistersinger spirit, the new Meistersinger Unomat series delivers a more purposeful, rugged, and sporty riff on the modern classic No. 3 design. The new Meistersinger Unomat will be available through authorized dealers in late June 2021 at an MSRP of €1,990. Visit Meistersinger’s website for more information.

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