Nautica NMX 300 a36006x watch on eBay ghost rider

Can you please humor me for a moment and consider that this new line of NMX 300 watches from Nautica is perfect for Marvel’s Ghost Rider. I am talking about the comic book character, as I actually never got to see the Nicholas Cage movie version that I was warned against. The Ghost Rider is your typical bad-ass biker with lots of dark leather and metal (not only on his person, but on the bike too!), and a flaming skull. In Ghost Rider’s situation, the flaming skull is actually his head (at night) while on most other bikers who bear the image, it is in the form of a leather jacket stitch-on, or obnoxiously placed tattoo (not to self – consider how many bikers have Ghost Rider tattoos. Cool or cliche?).

I just take one look at either the all luminant face version or the chronograph and think ‘Ghost Rider accessory.’ Both the naked steel or black ion-plated versions go well with Mr. Ghost Rider. Off the hell-hog he probably would look best in the black version with luminous green face. On the bike it is all about the steel-toned version to compliment the chain-link goodness! The watches are powered by Japanese quartz movements and feature steel or a titanium frame (honestly I am not sure what that means). The cases themselves are pretty large at 48mm wide. The protective bars over the dial are vestiges from when such protective bars where needed. Like rhino bars on an SUV, these days they are almost always for style. Though I did just get an 80’s flash back to those gummy plastic case protectors that went over Swatch watches (and alike) – but this time in metal…with screws!

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Taking a bit from Jager leCoultre, the crowns have a little window showing when they are locked down or not. This is intended to prevent you from diving with the crown unlocked (unscrewed). The strap is rubber, and available in black, blue, or red. This is unsurprising from a brand like Nautica, who is actually doing quite well making watches that aren’t merely fashion timepiece accessories to go with their clothing line.

The dial design of the watches is quite interesting with at least two layers and really easy to read hands – despite the distracting protection bars. I like how the subsidiary seconds dial on the chronograph version has a propeller-like hand. I always get a kick out of those, and appreciate seeing them. My pick (and probably Ghost Rider’s) watch is of course the glowing green on black watch version. The easy to read by unique dial is appreciated, and the uniquely masculine, but not overly obnoxious design of the watch has a broad appeal. Available now, prices are between $300 – $400.

See Nautica watches on eBay here.

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