Nautica NMX 400 Black Yellow watch Nautica NMX 400 green black watch

This is a big and bold watch if I have ever seen one. Part of me likes the watch, part of me is a bit freaked out by it. The 58mm wide monster from Nautica is certainly inspired by brands like Ikepod and N.O.A. Nautica’s result is the brand new Nautica NMX 400 you see before you (which looks nothing at all like the NMX 300). As part of the Timex Group, Nautica has been releasing some quite nice (and reasonably priced) watches as of late. Plus, they can enjoy wide distribution, so this watch won’t just be a nice picture , you can actually get one in at a retail location. Still NMX 400 is the oddest of the 2009 watches from Nautica, though it might prove to be surprisingly useful in the right hands.

Think of the watch has having two parts. First is the large “Zone 1” face with the larger dial, 12 hour chronograph, and date. Then are the four other “zones” which are literally their own watch faces that you can independent set. Don’t ask how many batteries this Japanese quartz movement based watch takes, because I don’t know – though I do know that the watch features five separate movements.

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Nautica NMX 400 Rose gold tone watch Nautica NMX 400 watch basel

The four smaller dials are recessed like bowls, and the dial itself looks almost perforated. The pattern does a good job at helping to relax the empty space between the functional areas – a problem with watches designed like this (Glycine has battled with this issue too). What Nautica also did well was the design of the case itself. First, it smartly allowed the uber-sized case to actually fit on your wrist by having the leather straps attach underneath – a choice that also gives the watch a sleeker look. Even though there is so much going on with the watch, there is a simplistic minimalist look to each area. Yes, that is a contradiction in terms, but I think you know what I mean. The black and either yellow or green dialed version of the NMX 400 watch would probably be my pick, but the watch also comes in a rose gold toned version with matching gold-toned hands. I just measured 58mm wide on my wrist trying to imagine wearing this watch – it is pretty wild. You need to be a Danish yacht skipper or something along those lines to properly pull this look off. Though I think I might try anyway. The Nautica NMX 400  watches will be released at Baselworld later this month. I imagine prices will be between $450 – $750.

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