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New Collections From WOLF

New Collections From WOLF Luxury Items

A British Icon since 1834, WOLF is a luxury leather goods company designing the world’s most beautiful jewelry cases, watch winders, and boxes. Still family led, WOLF prides itself with the undying pursuit of perfection, luxury, and style. Nearly 200 years of constant innovation and craftsmanship make WOLF the trusted leader in today’s watch winder market. The winders are designed to turn your timepiece in a precise patented movement to keep it functioning at its best – all other winders just estimate the number of rotations, making WOLF the most accurate winder in the marketplace. Each winder is meticulously handcrafted and ensures your timepiece is securely held in place with the WOLF patented lock-in cuff. Still not convinced? All WOLF watch winders are covered by a worldwide 2-year limited liability warranty and are easily powered by an AC plug adapter or batteries.

Watch Collector Favorites

With over 20 collections, WOLF’s versatility in design provides an accessory for every style, and collector.

New Collections From WOLF Luxury Items

Roadster & Viceroy

For the sophisticated, WOLF’s Roadster and Viceroy Winders are at the head of the pack. Roadster is inspired by the details of classic automobiles – juxtaposing retro and modern designs, while Viceroy’s textured silk lining and classic exterior lets your timepieces do the talking.

New Collections From WOLF Luxury Items

Cub Collection

Watch aficionados just starting their collection will best benefit from the Cub Winder. These eye-catching and fashionable winders allow the ability to build as your collection grows. With every color under the sun, collectors can create interesting color combinations and stack in any direction to suit their needs. Precision can be fun!

The WOLF legacy continues in fine quality jewelry boxes, watch winders, and travel accessories. Their products are made with genuine leather, and lined with the patented anti-tarnish lining, LusterLoc™, which prevents tarnishing for up to 35 years. A WOLF Watch Winder is a necessity for any serious collector, ensuring the safety of your watches for years to come.

New Collections From WOLF Luxury Items

In partnership with aBlogtoWatch, WOLF is offering readers 25% off the entire site with code “ABTW25” until January 31st, 2018. Treat your timepiece today with the leader in watch winders. Free shipping included in the continental US.

*Offer valid online at, US only. Discount eligible on full price items only, excluding accessories, 4.1, Heritage, and 1834. Available for a limited time only, while supplies last. Sale ends at 11:59pm PST on January 31st, 2018. Price adjustments on past orders will not be granted. Make sure to follow WOLF at @wolf1834 for exciting news and exclusive deals. Don’t miss the latest in trends and watch accessories.

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  • BrJean

    We need more watch winder reviews here on ABTW! I was considering purchasing one a while ago but ended up with simple watch box without winding function. I wonder how noisy these things are and where rotating motors are made (don’t tell me it’s China!).

    • Mark Lewis-Jones

      Wolf uses an excellent Japanese-made Mabuchi motor, as well as hand assembled, direct drive, nylon gears for silent running. Cheap winders do make noise.

  • Jacob Jared Kenworthy

    You guys should do more articles about watch storage and watch accessories

  • IG

    No automatics, no winder, no cry (wolf)

  • Ex-Ex-Pat

    I really like Wolf products and own several (watch winder, box, and travel roll). Good value for the money provided you shop right, i.e., Amazon. Even with 25% off, Amazon has the best prices.

  • Pete L

    Love these and have been looking at buying one in the not too distant future. A little disappointed that as a ‘British Icon’ we in Britain are not entitled to the discount!

  • Marius

    In my opinion, watch winders are a waste of money, and I have three reasons for saying that.

    1. A very popular argument in favour of watch winders is the “oil benefit”, namely that by using a winder, the oils inside the movement don’t get clogged up as they get more evenly distributed across the caliber. Well, all modern watches use quality synthetic oils that don’t clogg up, and don’t dry up. If you ask a good watchmaker, he will tell you that a modern watch can be left for years in a non-working condition, and it still won’t be affected by oil problems. For instance, the watches that you see exhibited in boutiques and at authorized dealers can sometimes sit there for years before being sold, unless of course you’re looking at sought after watches such as the Delma Klondike, or Tockr, Boldr, ROUE.

    2. Using a watch winder can actually wear out your watch faster because it keeps your timepiece constantly working. For instance, let’s assume that you own an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ultra Thin featuring the 2120 movement. If you wear that watch only 2/3 days a week, and put it on a winder, then the wear and tear on the movement will be actually higher because the caliber will be working non stop, instead of only a couple of days.

    3. Setting a mechanical watch is quite easy, and in my view, constitutes one of the pleasures of owning a mechanical watch. In my opinion, a watch winder is a good idea only in the case of perpetual calendars, which are quite time-intensive to set. However, even in this case you don’t actually need to buy a winder because most high-end brands (Patek, Vacheron, AP, Richard Mille, and I believe Lange as well) already include a watch winder in the package of the watch. In fact, Patek provides a winder even for their annual calendars.

    • BNABOD

      Never really understood the argument of running your watch non stop to help spread oil around and reduce wear and tear. Made no sense the first time and still does not makes sense to this day. Every watch that I ever bought used my Speedmaster, Mark II , IV and IV.5 and none of them were ever serviced in their life time.
      Wearing one right now as a matter of fact. Case in point it is from 1970 something never serviced but once by my watch maker in May of this year and it runs at cosc w some fresh mobius synthetic oil and the only thing changed was the mainspring. Nothing else was worn out or abused by time.sooo shall I get a Wolf huh no

    • Ex-Ex-Pat

      Curious to your thoughts on the wear and tear argument for screw-down crowns. I never thought it held much water, but have heard it many times.

      Personally, I like not setting my watch, and assume they’re durable enough to take the extra operation between services.

    • Michael Jappert

      I suppose each to his own.

      A winder is as much about convenience as it is for proactive maintenance. I have many timepieces in my collection and enjoy the ability to simply place my watch on my wrist and know that the time and assorted complications are accurate – no need to set time, date, day, calendar, or lunar phase. Further to that end it is not outside of the realm of possibility to damage the movement by adjusting any of the complications simply by carelessly advancing a date wheel or lunar phase etc. To be sure one should be aware of how to do so without damage but life happens and I personally prefer the luxury of simply placing my timepiece on my wrist and moving on with my day.

      The comments about wear and tear are a bit off in my opinion – frankly I wear my AP on a daily basis and I am never concerned about wear and tear – thus utilizing a winder does not increase wear and tear any more then wearing your watch.

      Perhaps if you buy a cheaper winder that doesn’t guarantee an accurate accounting of turns per day with periods of rest – exercising the watch – opting instead to simply going round and round endlessly I can see the argument – In my opinion if you invested in nice timepieces there is nothing wrong with the luxury and convenience of a winder.

      My best analogy is simple – I enjoy cooking and do so to my own enjoyment but I still enjoy the luxury and convenience of dining out where someone else does the cooking

  • Marius

    This guy spent so much money on Wolf winders that he can’t even afford to buy socks in December. Now his only piece of furniture left in the house is this table (where he eats, sleeps, and works), and as he’s looking through the window, he sees the nasty reposesors confiscate his car.

    • BNABOD

      He lives in Pattaya where socks are optional I hear

    • Good Gene 42K18


    • Kuroji

      The life of a Repo man is always intense.

  • IG

    Buy only hand-wound watches.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    An accessory “lifestyle” item for hipsters and wannabe hipsters.

    • BJ314

      what the heck are you rambling about?

  • SuperStrapper

    Watch winders are for rubes.

  • I feel bad for the guy in the marketing pic. Wolf winders are so expensive he’s forced to wear his wife’s hand me down clothes.

    That magazine he’s reading? “Sock Aficionado”. The wistful look is haunting.

    • Jonathan Smith

      hahahah spot on

  • Jason T

    that is one exorbitant watch winder. think i’d be good spending the money on watches instead

  • rainmaker

    I have one of this Wolf winder. They work great but if it breaks down after 2 years, it’s impossible to repair because they are glued shut.

    • Mark Lewis-Jones

      Did you call customer service? They are quite accommodating.

  • Kuroji

    I like that table.

  • Bill O’Connor

    Just tried the discount code and it didn’t work. Any suggestions?