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Timeless Luxury Watches is proud to announce our first collaboration with Damasko, the German manufacturer of super-tough tool watches. The new Timeless Vintage Damasko is a limited edition of two new versions of the very popular DA36 and DA363, named the DB1/DB2 and DB3/DB4, respectively. The Timeless Damasko DB2 and DB4 are the black Damest DLC-coated models and should be even more scratch resistant.

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Like our work with Nomos, we at Timeless don’t treat our collaborations as a blank slate. We carry these brands because we like them, and we don’t ignore what they have already accomplished. Accordingly, we wanted to reinterpret Damasko’s excellent flieger looks, not replace them. Thus, we have only made modest changes, but the changes we’ve made nonetheless set these apart from previous Damasko models. We began with a new color for the numerals and accents with the aim of giving it a vintage feel, an homage to its WW2-era flieger origins.


The Timeless Damasko DB1 and DB2, seen here, are the smaller of the two at 40mm, lacking the rehaut, or inner bezel, of the Timeless Damasko DB3 and DB4.


The new color continues onto the rehaut of the Timeless Damasko DB3 and DB4, each 42mm. The rehaut itself has been simplified, relative to the DA363, and contributes to a cleaner look.

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Like most Damaskos, the new Timeless Damasko DB series has day and date complications. The day and date are pleasingly color-matched to the rest of the watch and not simply white.

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Damasko has a tradition of using very brightly colored seconds hands. In keeping with that, we have a brilliant light blue that is extremely easy to see against the matte black dial.

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One area we are very pleased with is the fully luminescent numerals. Damaskos are already well-loved for their extensive use of luminous paint, but we have extended that to the Arabic numerals. Previously, to see a Damasko’s numerals at night, you had to buy a white dial version. The Timeless Damasko DB watches have more lume than any black dial Damasko ever made, making for an extremely easy-to-read watch at any light level.

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Each Timeless Damasko DB model comes with the collector’s choice of a short, medium, or long strap. The strap, which was created for the new line of watches, is brown leather with an alternating exposed stitch designed to complement the dial. The underside is made from a soft rubber, making the band both more comfortable and more durable.

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Damasko’s steel is so hard that it rivals blade materials, making it incredibly scratch resistant, with or without the black Damest coating. Behind a slightly customized back lives the anti-magnetic shield which offers further protection to the movement, the reliable ETA 2836-2.


There will be four models from this collection produced, a 40mm “3-hand classic” model, in either steel or black hard coating, and a 42mm “3-hand classic with rehaut” model, also in either steel or black hard coating. Just 50 of each version will be made. Please click here to read more and to be taken to our pre-order page.

Timeless Damasko DB1: $1,300
Timeless Damasko DB2: $1,420
Timeless Damasko DB3: $1,480
Timeless Damasko DB4: $1,595

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