Xemex Piccadilly Chronograph WatchWith Basel World right around the corner, pictures of new watches are beginning to leak out. I am happy that Xemex, one of the watch companies I’ve enjoyed the longest, has a new offering. From industrial design to haute chic, the Piccadilly Chronograph takes Xemex in a decidedly more designer direction. Not a bad thing as minimalism and style blend well for the Xemex Piccadilly.The Piccadilly is not the first chronograph offered from Xemex, but I would argue this model looks the most comfortable in terms of design. Previous Xemex Offroad or Avenue models featured chronograph iterations, but this model, using a Valjoux 7750 with an excellent design is arguably the most beautiful yet. A new feature for Xemex are the polished chronograph registers within the otherwise matte finished face. This is an excellent way for the user to differentiate reading the different registers, but at the same time not distract from the legibility of the main hour and minute hand. Xemex was clever enough to outfit the date window with a circular porthole rather than the typical square. This allows for a more balanced look to the face that would otherwise been skewed by the three round chronograph registers.

Xemex always places movable joints on the lugs to allow for the watch to have as snug a fit as possible. This allows the lugs to bend around the wrist which seriously makes for a sturdier fit. Overall, Xemex focuses on ergonomics more so that other watch makers, so expect a watch perfect for everyday wear. While not everyone will be smitten with the unique designs of the Piccadilly, or Xemex watches in general, it is hard to put aside the striking yet simple looks which stem from the delicate details of Xemex watches.

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