Back at Basel 2010 Nixon showed me a few cool watches I was excited to see. They later asked me to not write about them as they were not going to be released. OK, fine. More than a year later and the watches finally show up, Nixon and the partner seemed to work things out. What happened is that these limited edition watches were meant to be released along with the Beastie Boy’s new album. The album was delayed, and so was the watch.

Now it seems like things are back on track. Over a year later and the album is just now out. The new album is called “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two,” and as a big Beastie Boys fan, I look forward to hearing it. The watches will come in four colors (green, blue, red, and white) and each in the same style. Band member Mike D is on the dial and there is a quote and graphic on the strap. The cases are about 40mm wide and in plastic with Japanese quartz movements.

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The image on the watch is of Mike D holding a bottle of some booze. What is amusing is the statement on the strap that says “I accept this award on behalf of the band.” Hopefully you get the humor.

Not sure how many of the watches will be made. While they are “limited edition” pieces – inexpensive stuff like this appeals to a mass audience will be produced in large amounts. Nixon will probably make one or two runs while the album is being promoted, and then not make anymore. I think the concept and partnership is pretty cool.

The sale of the watches will further help New York’s local non-commercial WKCR-FM radio station operated by Columbia University. Not sure what will be donated, but I expect Nixon to be charitable with the popular radio station. I just wanna see the Beastie Boy rockin this watch. Price is $85 each and you can buy or learn more here.

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