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My name is Alon Ben Joseph. My brother Amir and I are the owners of Ace Jewelers, and today I would like to introduce you to the Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam. This is our second limited edition Nomos, and it is based on the standard Club Campus 38. This limited edition of 75 pieces features a unique dial, crown, and case back.

nomos club campus amsterdam dial

Our father David founded Ace Jewelers in 1975 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My brother and I were proud to follow in his footsteps and in 2012 we took over our family business. With our team we operate two boutiques in the historical center of Amsterdam plus an international e-boutique, catering to friends and clients from all over the globe both in-store as well as online. We are an authorized dealer for brands such as Omega, Breitling, Tudor, TAG Heuer, IWC, Ulysse Nardin, Bvlgari, Zenith and many more. We welcomed Nomos to our collection in 2016 and presented our first limited edition with them in 2017.

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That first limited edition was the Orion de Stijl, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the De Stijl art movement with a distinct dial inspired by works from Mondriaan and Rietveld. Frankly, it was a big success for us. Sales were good, the press was good, the buyers loved it, and – most importantly – we had tons of fun and learned a lot. It is safe to say we had acquired a taste for more!

nomos club campus amsterdam case back

For our second limited edition, we decided to go a different route. Instead of taking inspiration from a certain event or anniversary, we wanted to create a set of features we could use on different templates, with the potential to grow out to something of a signature design for us. After brainstorming with our team we quickly agreed there was no better source of inspiration than the beautiful city that we love and call home: Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Coat of Arms has origins which lie in the 13th century. The crown was added in the 15th century, while the lions came in the 16th century. The words “Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig” (Heroic, Determined, Compassionate) became part of the coat of arms after the Second World War. It is found in abundance around the city on flags, facades, street furniture, souvenirs, and you-name-it. We decided to use the iconic colors of the shield – red, black, white – as our main starting point.

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nomos club campus amsterdam

Our first limited edition was based on the Orion, which is one of Nomos’ dressier models. For our second we took the Club Campus 38 Nacht, introduced at BaselWorld 2017, as our template. With its reverse California dial, it is a funky take on the original Club, which in itself is one of Nomos’ more playful designs. It has a stainless steel case of 38.5mm which houses the in-house, hand-wound Alpha movement. Depending on the execution the latter is either hidden behind a closed case back or on display via a see-through back. The Club Campus serves as the entry-level model to the brand’s universe and to the best of our knowledge nobody did a limited edition based on this before. In other words: a perfect canvas!

nomos club campus amsterdam nomos club campus amsterdam case

The standard Nomos Club Campus 38 Nacht has an anthracite dial with beige indexes featuring a thin blue outline and an orange seconds hand. Taking inspiration from the city shield, our Club Campus Amsterdam, on the other hand, has red indexes with a white outline and a contrasting silvered subdial with a red seconds hand. What else is new? The rim of the see-through caseback is engraved with the limited edition number and the text ‘LIMITED EDITION AMSTERDAM FOR ACE JEWELERS’, and the crown is engraved with three crosses rather than the usual ‘NOMOS’ as a final nod to the city we love. It’s a unique look that can be recognized from across the room as something different!

nomos club campus amsterdam

nomos club campus amsterdam straps

The Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam is delivered on an anthracite suede strap. It’s a fun watch to try different straps on though – black, red, lighter grey or even brown all seem to do the trick. We’d love to see what you come up with!

The Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam is available at our e-commerce page here as well as our boutiques in Amsterdam. The price is 1,158.

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