Oceanus Watch PVDThe Casio Pathfinder series of watches have been around for a few years now. They provide a venerable list of features and sensors along with being solar powered and using radio frequencies from available atomic clocks to stay accurate. The Pathfinder series has been a success in itself, but has never made it too mainstream. Something about the idea of a large plastic watch with a big digital readout and lots of bulbous buttons that just didn’t make sense in the boardroom or on a date.

Then Casio got the idea of a watch with lots of the features of the Pathfinder series in a more handsome analog format. The Oceanus line was christened, and the world now has a line of better looking watches for information crazy. The calling card of each Oceanus watch is that it is solar powered and is accurate as it relies on signals from the atomic clock (available in Japan, US, UK, and Germany). The watch reads ambient radio signals the included countries transmitted from official atomic clocks know for extreme accuracy. Thus, with Oceanus watches you never need to set the time or worry that you are off. If you are in a country that does not have an atomic clock signal system, there is a manual override.

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Some of the Oceanus watches have other useful features such as full calendars, chronographs, tide information, alarms, and other complications. Not stopping there, Casio has given all of the Oceanus watches exotic materials such as titanium and some with PVD (black) coatings. For some people, these watches will make a perfect daily watch. For others, it will make a perfect travel watch as it adjusts the time automatically, and many have world time features. For what you get, these watches are reasonably priced and well made.

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