In keeping with their tradition of aviation-inspired timepieces, Oris announced the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 114 for Baselworld 2018. It’s a new addition to the well established ProPilot line, but this time with the latest in-house movement featuring a 10-day power reserve with a non-linear indicator, GMT complication, and lastly, a date complication. According to Oris, no other Swiss watch combines these complications into a single piece. While Oris has made several second time-zone or GMT styled watches, this is the first to offer a GMT indicated by the central pointer hand that is adjustable by the half hour. This is particularly useful when traveling in countries that adopt half-hour time zones.


Brand: Oris
Model: Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 114
Dimensions: 44mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire Crystal with a mineral crystal display back
Movement: In-House Oris Calibre 114, hand wound with a 10-day power reserve and central GMT complication
Frequency: 3Hz
Power Reserve: 10-Day
Strap/Bracelet: Available on a textile strap, stainless steel bracelet, and leather strap
Price & Availability: 5,500 CHF on textile, 5,700 CHF on the bracelet, and 5,800 CHF on leather

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As I read the press release from Oris regarding this new addition to their ProPilot line I couldn’t help but get excited. 10-day hand wound movement? Check. Power Reserve Indicator? Check. GMT complication? Check. Adjustable Local time…you get the idea. This watch is in many ways a culmination of my favorite complications into one piece that I could easily see being added to my collection. I feel that the anthracite dial is a nice contrast to both the white present on the hands and in the Arabic numerals as well as the red accents present on the power reserve indicator and printed on the dial.

I think that this step is an interesting and good move for Oris. Not only are they broadening their collection of GMT, or second-time-zone watches, but they are incorporating their 5th in-house developed movement. This continues to show that Oris is cementing their position as a force to be reckoned with in the movement developing landscape.


I think that the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 114 will be a welcome addition to the ProPilot family. As it stands there are only two other ProPilots that offer a second time-zone option and neither have the in-house development that the Calibre 114 will include. I also feel that the addition of a hand-wound 10-day movement really speaks to the classical feel of the ProPilots. The Oris Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 114 will be available on a textile strap for 5,500 CHF, a stainless steel bracelet for 5,700 CHF, and a leather strap for 5,800 CHF.

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