Patek Philippe 5960PPatek Philippe is a star among watch makers. Almost like a higher class Rolex, Patek stays high among the uber-elite, and sneers down upon the lower classes of watches and people. This is where you get the sales people who treat you like your father cleaned their father’s bathrooms. Regardless of their attitude, Patek Philippe is an innovator in the watch world, and they helped further the movement to bring back the mechanical watch when quartz watches looked to be taking over in the 1980s. Today Patek Philippe is among those watch makers who have a reputation for ultra-high quality watches whose value can actually increase overtime.

Their latest foray is the Reference 5960P, the “P” standing for platinum. This is an innovative piece because it the first of it’s type for Patek as an in-house monochronograh (“monocounter” chronograph). This means the chronograph time elapsation windows are within each other for the minutes and hours. The seconds hand for the chronograph is on the main dial while it looks like the main clock has no seconds indicator.

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While the chronograph is the main innovation of this watch, I am particularly impressed by the execution of the full annual calendar. The Patek Philippe reference 5960P displays in the most minimalist of manners the day of the week, month, date, AM/PM indicator, along with what I consider to be the best implemented power reserve indicator on the market. What is nice, is how the information if linearly displayed in simple symmetry. No gimmicky windows or dials, just what is simple, tested, and effective.

A Patek Philippe is the watch you reach for when you don’t need anything but your own eyes and hands to appreciate your watch collection. Not everyone can afford it, but for those who wear a Patek Philippe on a regular basis, no reassurance for their status in life is needed. There is no denying that this watch will look as good in 100 years as it does now. Often when designing a watch, the tendency is to create something creative and unique. Rarely is so much effort put on perfecting that which already accepted and desired. And it only costs $80,000 in platinum!

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