Polar has a 35-year-long history in fitness tracking and creating products for very active runners, cyclists, and more. The Polar M200 smartwatch is the latest in their efforts to provide reliable training metrics and real-time personalized training guidance.


A smartwatch by most definitions is a wrist-worn computer that provides notifications. Usually, that includes incoming calls, text messages, social media notifications, calendar alerts, and lately, inactivity alerts to keep the sedentary among us moving. Polar M200 does all of these, but goes further. The Polar M200 has integrated GPS, optical heart rate measurement, and also tracks daily activity, including steps, burned calories, sleep time, and sleep quality. Heart rate tracking on wrist-worn products has a reputation of not being precisely accurate, and to address that, Polar has implemented their own optimized algorithm to meet their high standards for accuracy.

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Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar says: “Runners will appreciate the simple transition to training that wrist-based heart rate offers, and when paired with Running Program, the M200 becomes a personal trainer, coaching you during runs, adapting to your performance and bringing you closer to your goals.”


On a full charge, the Polar M200 can run GPS and optical heart rate tracking for six hours. The Running Program is a personalized training program that adapts to the wearer, available for free in the company’s Polar Flow application, available for Android and iOS. Runners choose a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon and the Running Program creates a training plan based on their current fitness level to help them pay attention to what’s crucial for their improvement. Users can also upload training programs to the Polar M200 in order to get guidance before they begin a run. The application offers motivation, as well as ways to monitor performance and track progress.


There are many running-focused watches available today, but the addition of guidance and improvement makes the Polar M200 an excellent choice for training, and a solid addition to Polar’s portfolio.

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The Polar M200 is priced at $149 and is available now on the brand’s website in Charcoal Black and Bright Red. Changeable wristbands will be sold separately for $19.90 and available in White, Fresh Blue, and Mellow Yellow. polar.com

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