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Project Watches Nadir Review

Project Watches Nadir Review Wrist Time Reviews

I also had another realization while we had this watch in for review. Given its neutral size (40mm) and unisex billing, I could have my wife try the watch out as well - so I did. She enjoyed the watch, and a few times picked this one over some others she was helping me to review. While she felt that the watch itself might come across as boring, she also said that it worked well as a watch that would work for not drawing attention (aka "flying under the radar") - which, sometimes that's what you want (or need) out of a watch. She said that the strap was one of the most comfortable, and it combined well with the case to create just about a perfect sizing for her wrist. So, while there are definitely some design twists to the dial, she felt it worked well as a "regular" watch.

In other words, we both felt that while there's a definite design element to the watch, it wasn't to the point that it overwhelmed the watch and drew away from its purpose (i.e. telling us the time). The stainless steel case (IP coated) for the watch is billed as unisex (as mentioned before) - helped, no doubt, by pairing an 8.8mm thickness to the 40mm diameter. It comes paired with a 20mm leather band, with the option of going for a silicone band. And that's about it for the "hard" specs of the watch - fairly basic, allowing the emphasis of the watch to be its design. Coming in at a price of $125, this is an eminently affordable piece, making for a great affordable option if you want to pick up matching watches for you and your significant other, as well. Whether you buy one or more, you'll have a watch that's more visually arresting than anything you're going to find at the mall.

Project Watches Nadir Review Wrist Time Reviews

Necessary Data
>Brand: Project Watches
>Model: Nadir
>Price: $125
>Would reviewer personally wear it: I would, but not as frequently as others in my rotation
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: A design-oriented person who wants a simple (but unique) timepiece
>Worst characteristic of watch: The watch (initially) seems like it's difficult to read, relying on the small central numbers
>Best characteristic of watch: The look of the reversed arrow hands

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  • Grinnie Jax

    Quiet fun for its little price 😉 Good alternative to Casio and Swatch.

  • Grinnie Jax Yeah, some color would help in telling time at a glance. As it is now you have to check which open arrow head is larger before knowing which hand is which. Maybe if they just made the hour hand shorter if would allow for our imprinted ‘knowledge’ of telling time to work with less cognitive friction.
    On another note, where I have I seen a center disk with hands floating out from underneath??? I’m sure it will come to me in a minute. Let me check my watch and see when the minute is up. Oh yeah, got it now…

  • The link to the company website at the and of the post is incorrect. It is (not

  • Grinnie Jax I stand corrected. The hour hand is the shortest one. I had to view the animation on their website to ‘see’ the watch work. So it is not that hard to read at all. But now I have an issue with their choice of head fills and lengths relative the order of magnitude for each. Oh well…

  • Grinnie Jax

    MarkCarsonGood point about color like additional instrument to make the differentiating of hands easier. We can quickly get used to color scheme (for instance: red – hours, blue – minutes, green – seconds) and then there would be no need to focus our look too much on the watch.

  • Fraser Petrick

    Oooo, nifty, eh.

  • Ulysses31

    This is a fun little watch.  If the central dial had been a little bigger they could have added minute markers which would make this a lot easier to read.  It has that “designer” minimalism shared by many quirky watches that to me just looks cheap and nasty.

  • Kris C

    No tourbillon?

  • Ayreonaut


  • AtotheG

    Looking at this watch is giving me a headache.  It’s just awful.  Then again, I  might just be in an extra foul mood because I saw a silver Porsche parked in my on-again, off-again girlfriend’s driveway late last night.  I hate Valentine’s Day.

  • D S Vilhena

    Fun watch, me like it. But as mentioned below and if my understanding is correct, I’d have gone for minutes and hours with filled hands and seconds unfilled.  That would make a bit more sense.

  • Thanatos42

    Truly the nadir of Mystery Watch design.

  • emenezes

    MarkCarson Grinnie Jax  Yeah, I couldn’t figure out which hand was the hour or the minute from the pictures either.  I’d actually say that the designer bombed the hands.  Then again, the Bauhaus school created great kitchenware, but not much else.

  • emenezes MarkCarsonGrinnie JaxI agree – the photos are not much help. But the running watch is much easier to read. Just a case of where a static photo is a poor substitute for real life (or a video/animation). Cheers.

  • spiceballs

    Not something that I’d likely buy (but better than Swatch, IMO) and I have to admit that it is minimalist “cool”. Agree with DSV’s & other’s options –  better differentiation needed between the hands.

  • star42

    Just placed an order for one. I was intrigued with the design concept of this watch, and was very pleasantly surprised to see that it is so reasonably priced. I have a feeling this will get noticed way more than the other watches in my collection costing numerous times more.

  • marbstiu

    MarkCarson emenezes Grinnie Jax  Stop buying quartz! Batteries are not eco-friendly!

  • I thought it was obvious but Nadir is the opposite of Zenith 😉

  • Panagiotis Yeah, they truly could not be more opposite (as brands/watches).

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