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R-Straps are very high-quality leather and rubber straps that are handmade and produced in Switzerland. These straps are uniquely tailored for various watch collections, down to the reference number, so whether it is a Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master II, Explorer II, or one of the many other lines, we make sure you find the right strap. The best quality leather and rubber, attention to fitting, and a loop-fixing system designed specifically for the brand are the defining features of R-Straps. All of this is done so that the quality of the strap meets the quality of the watch itself.

The Straps

All R-Strap watch straps have an ABS system which mimics how tightly a Rolex end-link nestles into the watch case. The goal is to create as seamless a product as possible, and there is no gap, to speak of, between watch and strap. This is one reason why R-Straps goes down to the reference number for the watch and its corresponding strap.

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For the brown leather straps, R-Strap uses Novonappa leather that is directly sourced from the Tanneries Haas, which was founded in 1842 in Alsace, France. The independent French tannery is known for producing the Berenia leather used by Hermès, as well as other leathers for brands that require uncompromising quality. R-Straps is proud to use the double-tanned Novonappa for all of our leather straps. It’s supple to the touch and actually develops what can be best described as a “patina” over time. This, of course, varies by the wearer’s habits, but the look achieved is something customers will love.  

It takes six weeks to produce the leather, which is finished with nine types of oils that help to make it more water tolerant.

Our black leather straps are done in goatskin with an “etched diamond” surface treatment, which results in a leather that is highly abrasion- and water-resistant. The diamond pattern on the leather that results from the treatment gives it a unique look, and R-Straps is the first brand to create watch straps using this material.

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The backside liner for these straps is done using an Italian leather that is particularly water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant, in addition to being hypoallergenic. We have thoroughly tested this liner and can ensure its quality. 

Above you’ll see the rubber strap on a Submariner, and you also can see some of the custom coatings and finishings R-Strap does. This is an elaborate process and one we will share with you in the very near future!

The R-Strap rubber straps are done using a FKM rubber, which is of better quality than most other rubber watch straps on the market. There are distinct challenges when creating a rubber strap, such as maintaining flexibility and softness without extensibility and preserving flexibility under colder temperatures. R-Strap rubber straps took a considerable of time in testing and experimentation to achieve the perfect balance. R-Strap has a special company in Switzerland with the knowledge of how to handle FKM rubber, as well as experience in making high-quality watch straps.  These rubber straps are all resistant to dust and dirt, water and salt water, UV rays, abrasions, and weather fluctuations. 

R-Strap leather and rubber straps all have the R logo at the end of the strap, which is the brand’s signature. 

 The R-Strap Loop-Fixing System

The people behind R-Strap are, themselves, passionate watch enthusiasts and are familiar with the problems that even high-end rubber straps have. The second loop on a rubber strap can too often be moved, causing the end of the strap to stick out awkwardly. This is especially true and doubly annoying when wearing sleeves.

To solve this problem, R-Strap has come up with its own “Loop-fixing” system for rubber straps. Simply put, this system latches the second loop with a set of stoppers to keep the end of the strap securely in place. The rubber straps are flatter at the ends and become thicker inward, so slipping it through the loops is that much simpler.

R-Strap wants to make rubber straps as comfortable and easy to wear as possible, and the Loop-fixing system is one step further in that mission.

Buying R-Strap

R-Strap provides watch customization service (which we will share more about with you all soon) but also Rolex bracelet repair, as well.

Currently, R-Strap offers leather straps in brown or black and rubber straps in blue or black. Each purchase comes with the strap, two types of R-Strap buckles (one larger and one dressier), and one of our special keychains done in stainless steel and a special vegetable leather sourced from Tuscany. R-Strap prices begin at $210 USD for rubber and $218 USD for leather, both before taxes and shipping.  You can order and learn more at r-straps.com.

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