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Introducing The Revolution Diver Watch

Introducing The Revolution Diver Watch Watch Releases

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The Revolution Diver is an elegant and “tough-as-nails” dive watch that can seamlessly follow you from the beach to the boardroom. Its retro design is an homage to the bold dive watches of the 1960s. The domed sapphire crystal, gloss black dial, and raised indices filled with C3 Super-LumiNova make the Diver extremely easy to read, whether you are out at dinner or in the deep sea. The case is CNC milled from a single piece of 316 stainless steel. It has been tested and certified to be water-resistant up to 1,000 feet. Put simply, the Revolution Diver is made from exceptional parts, has an attention-grabbing design, and is available at an accessible price: starting at $349 USD on Indiegogo until July 14th.

DISCLAIMER: Revolution Watch is not related to Revolution Magazine in any way.

Introducing The Revolution Diver Watch Watch Releases

Inspired by the quality and passion put into some of the world’s best watches, Revolution set out to build a watch that didn’t break the bank, yet, would last decades. Wanting to create something that was not built from “off the shelf” catalog parts like many others, Revolution’s founders partnered with engineers and component manufacturers and over the course of 3 years, designed, tooled, prototyped, and manufactured every single part from scratch, aside from the precision automatic movement.

Introducing The Revolution Diver Watch Watch Releases

The CNC milled case is a point of pride for Revolution, being a CNC milled compressor case design that eliminates the need for a helium escape valve. The production process allows for a case that not only securely protects the movement from the elements, but has a crisp feeling that is seldom matched, and is peerless in the competitive sub-$1,000 landscape.

Introducing The Revolution Diver Watch Watch Releases

Technical Specifications

  • Case: 316 Stainless Steel. 41mm in diameter, 14mm tall, lug width of 20mm. Screwed in back and double O-Ring crown gaskets for ultimate water resistance under adverse conditions. Water resistant to 300m
  • Crown: Screwed down and signed
  • Bracelet: 316L stainless steel shark mesh style bracelet with screwed links and signed diver’s clasp with safety, or a custom-made rubber strap with signed buckle
  • Movement: Citizen/Miyota 9015 automatic. 28,800 bph. 42-Hour Power Reserve
  • Dial: C3 Super-LumiNova applied to minute, hour, second hands plus indices, providing maximum legibility in less than ideal lighting conditions. Date indicator located at 4:30
  • Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
  • Bezel: 120-click ratcheted bezel with Luminous pip at 12

Introducing The Revolution Diver Watch Watch Releases

Revolution Watch Company was founded by Preston Turk and Walter Schofield in Boston, MA. The two have been fascinated by these tiny mechanical marvels that sit on your wrist since they were kids. Both residing in Boston, Preston and Walter met on WatchUSeek back in 2013 when Preston posted his initial design for the watch, and Walter provided feedback on it. That started a conversation which turned into a partnership to bring the watch to life. Throughout the creation of the Revolution Diver, the founders were driven by the vision to create a modern, reliable dive watch with vintage inspired aesthetics; something which one can appreciate day to day that also gives a nod to the past.

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  • “The CNC milled case is a point of pride for Revolution, being a CNC
    milled compressor case design that eliminates the need for a helium
    escape valve.”

    The He valve was developed to prevent the crystal from popping by bleeding off helium. What about this case design would prevent that from happening if the wearer resurfaced after being in a saturation environment?

    • SuperStrapper

      And anyone asked to conjure images of a compressor style watch case will immediately think of 2 crowns.

      • Also, this watch has a caseback secured by screws, which isn’t a compressor.

        • SuperStrapper

          7/10 made me go to Indiegogo.

          I see their campaign starts with THE WORLDS BEST DOVE WATCH UNDER $400″.
          These guys knew who they were talking to writing this one up to keep that kind of hyperbole away from this audience. Also no bezel material description there either. Very bizarre. Aluminum I have to assume.

          • We understand the sentiment, since at the same time we are reaching out to people that are not enthusiasts and we do believe we have made the best watch anywhere near its price point. Let me explain why we think so. The case is CNC 5-way machined, not stamped or forged like many others, which gives the case a very crisp feeling and the bezel very little play, turning with just the right amount of pressure. The hands are designed for lots of C3 lume and the crystal for optimum transparency and strength. We custom designed and engineered every part of the watch, except the movement, with input along the way from the WatchUSeek community and have aimed to build a watch that has value for both watch lovers and those just getting into watch collecting.

          • SuperStrapper

            It’s a brassy statement.

            All the best,

          • Dimman

            Forging is superior to milling.

            Congratulations on hitting your goal, but it’s too bad you had to ditch the case being made in the USA.

          • Boris N. Natasha

            name a better 300m automatic dive watch for under $400.

          • SuperStrapper

            What does the 300m have to do with it. Is that a buying decision over a 200m watch?

          • Boris N. Natasha

            because it’s a 300m watch my friend. if Revolution claimed it was a 600m watch they intend to produce — my question would have been name a better 600m watch for under $400. i’m ignoring your buying decision question and repeating the challenge — name a better 300m automatic dive watch for under $400.

          • SuperStrapper

            Phoibos Wavemaster. 300m WR, seiko automatic, ceramic bezel.


            I don’t think this exercise resolved anything, but to be clear I’d pick the phoibos over the watch in this article if pressed.

          • Boris N. Natasha

            i think it’s tiresome to provide feedback to entrepreneurs like ‘super boring’ that’s just troll — I don’t even have time to reply to something like that, but, maybe you do. by the time i get to WORLDS BEST DOVE (sic) all in caps i might want to at least pull on the thread to have the entrepreneurs at least understand what someone considers a better benchmark watch. honestly, i agree with you. not sure the exercise was worth my time either.

          • SuperStrapper

            I didn’t say it wasn’t worth my time, just that it didn’t resolve anything. Too much subjectivity at play. But, did I answer correctly: are they competitors? This space is really crowded, is there an unfilled niche?

          • Boris N. Natasha

            you absolutely answered correctly with your truth — you put yourself out there. i ‘think’ Revolution put themselves out there and tried hard to create something. they think they’ve created something. they stated their truth. everything in watches is subjective. the only reason we are all not wearing Phoibos. or driving a Prius for that matter, is not because what we have is better, but moslty because we can afford something else.

          • Dimman

            What if I name an Orient M-Force SEL07002B0? It trades 100 (200m vs 300m) irrelevant meters of depth rating (80m or deeper is technical diving, world records just dip below 300m, chances of either of these seeing 20m is almost zero) for actual JIS and ISO dive rating, thinner case, power reserve indicator, anti-shock cushioning (also Japan Industrial Standard), and good bracelet, for $410 CAD ($308ish USD). It’s also sapphire, made in Japan 316L case, intense lume, etc…

    • Revolution Watch Co

      Hey Valannin, thanks for asking. Our case uses a threaded ring to retain the crystal in the case (similar to the original Omega PloProf). Please see this image to see the design of the components we used:

  • LetoAtreides69

    yeah sure ok price is right design good…

  • SuperStrapper

    Speaking of ‘from scratch’, what’s the bezel composition? Oddly missing from any description.

    The asking price is not u reasonable, but it’s not amazing either. The 9xxx series is certainly better than the 8xxx series miyota we would normally see in crowdfunding, but it’s not really a “precision” movement and doesn’t add a lot of value here.

    • Thanks for asking, the bezel insert is made from anodized aluminum. We’ve experienced the 9015 to hold up very well in our prototypes over the last 2 years.

      • SuperStrapper

        Why no exploration into something like ceramic or tungsten as a bezel insert? At this point they are readily obtainable for even brands like yours and they add a lot of actual value. You have room to cover those costs in your pricing even, so not doing it seems a strange decision for a contemporary watch.

        • We chose an aluminum bezel for long term durability as we wanted it to be as tough as possible without the possibility of shattering.

          • Playboy Johnny – Team Marius.


        • Dimman

          No one is freaking out about the aluminum bezel on the Tudor GMT…

          • SuperStrapper

            Who’s freaking out? Is it an unreasonable question?

          • Dimman

            I mean if the materials choices are being questioned on a $400 watch and suggested that they could be upgraded at this price point, why aren’t the torches and pitchforks out over Tudor’s choice?

          • SuperStrapper

            It’s a good question, but I’d say that Tudor has the luxury of an enviable existing fanbase and a great reputation that spans decades. For a new brand coming in, you’ve got to differentiate. This watch obviously isn’t aimed as competition to a Tudor but still. They are trying to appeal to a broad range of watch buyers, but aesthetics aside there’s nothing so special here.

          • Dimman

            I don’t disagree. I don’t think the choice was a good one, but it’s still annoying to see the 10+ times more expensive Tudor get a pass when they cheap out too.

            I made some recommendations to one the founders on how they should be moving up in tech/market and ways to leverage the USA made (at the time) case with materials and hardening upgrades (a high tech coatings lab is in the founders hometown), and moving to an SW300 (net cost increase ~$200). Think Sinn competition.

            Instead they just cut the price and went offshore with manufacturing.

            They did finally succeed this time, which is good. But I don’t see anything long term happening with this design.

          • SuperStrapper

            To be clear, if I were to consider a Tudor BB ot woyld have to be a modern one with ceramic. I’ve had too many dive watches in the past with aluminum and they always end up taking on tiny marks, and you get over it, but then they’re always there looking back at you. I dont see myself ever going back so for me personally, it’s an immediate consideration when looking at a watch.

          • PR

            Imo not having ceramic on the black bay is a design choice, I don’t think a reflective shiny ceramic bezel will suit the hues of the B.B. series

          • Dimman

            Um… Ceramic isn’t naturally shiny. You need extra steps for that.

            Tudor cheaped the hell out with a scratch-attracting aluminum bezel.

            But hell, you could probably pop off and lose the entire bezel then auction it off for a bazillion dollars in forty years. As long as you’re a painter or some celebrity sneezed on it or something…

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nice enough but super boring™.

    • John Taylor


      • Raymond Wilkie

        I disagree, it’s not a clunker. Its a nice well made watch. If you want all that garbage on the dial ..go for it. To be clunked it needs to be a complete waste of space.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Marius.

    You had me until “Miyota”
    Playboy Johnny does not wear Miyota…EVER.

  • BJ314

    Bezel = handsome
    Logo = terrible
    Brand name = terrible
    Dial = legible
    Case = interesting
    Strap = very interesting
    Crown = perfect
    Date window = tiny

    Overall, a little bland, appearance ruined by cheap sounding name and logo

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Marius.

    Sorry Revolution , the “Liv Diver” offers double sapphire, 300 meter wr, CERAMIC AND a 2824-2 for $490
    They don’t seem concerned about the bezel “shattering” ??

    • BJ314

      The Liv Diver might be one of the most repulsive watches ever created. This watch isn’t repulsive, its just a waste of money.


    It is hard to bitch and moan about a $350 automatic watch. I don’t mind the logo some are so allergic to. You want something that will perform over the long haul at minimum cost , something you can bang around and not worry about then this is it or a seiko

  • david x. droog

    I’ll wait for the Wei Koh limited with Pitti peacock dial.

    • Dimman

      The other Revolution Watch.

      How is this microbrand even going to show up on Google when every search for ‘revolution watch’ is going to bring up Wei Koh’s advertorial magazine?

  • Nello Alexandri

    Congrats to the Revilution team. Well done.
    Good specs, looks, and price.
    It will be hard to please this crowd, but you will surpass your crowdfunding goal anyway.

    • BJ314

      Hi Revolution Team Member. Don’t forget – 8am staff meeting tomorrow.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Miyota 9015 is an excellent affordable movement. Great hands too.

    Personally I’m totally done with micro brand releases. But I can still wish them the best of luck with their project.

    • DanW94

      Bad experience with one or are you just sticking with the bigger, more established brands?

      • Lincolnshire Poacher

        It’s a generalization and so basically unfair. I do appreciate that. But I do have a couple of reasons.

        First, it’s to easy to end up with a load of middle-of-the-road affordable divers if you’re wis.
        Secondly brands tend deliver on design and quality far more regularly. I’ll give two recent examples. Dan Henry’s 1970 is a lovely looking thing, but in the hand it wasn’t right, and I sold it straight away. A little whole latter he brought out a a smaller version, which had the right proportions and looked great. That’s a design issue.
        The second was a beautiful looking Borealis, but it had plastic hands. Every time I looked at it, my heart sank.

        But having said all that there’s a Helson I might buy.

        • ILOW

          I’m in the same boat. If I look down at my wrist and it’s not as good as my big brand watches I can’t wait to take it off. What happens is the micro brands I foolishly bought never get any wrist time. Not falling for that again.

          It can be as simple as lacking design details, poor quality, badly thought-out dimensions but usually, it is all three combined.

          This watch would leave me feeling the same way. But good luck. A good starter watch.

  • Larry Holmack

    Yet another dive watch. I have three in my collection…which is actually one too many. At that price, I am sure there will be plenty of buyers….just not me.
    Plus… I don’t own any watch with a black dial and bezel with white numerals…it’s a long story…

  • Ulysses31

    Nicely built, cheap, no-name watch. I’m not a fan of inwardly tapering hands, or tapering hour markers on divers, but then I never have been. This would apply to a $3000 watch just as easily as it would to this. Ceramic bezels have spoiled me too, though I don’t expect such a feature at this low price point. Overall, not bad at all, but i’d prefer a watch with a little more “character”.

  • Spangles

    Cheap Blancpain homage.

  • DanW94

    Yeah, I’m getting that vibe also. Like the saying goes, “Old bloggers never die, they just fade away…..Hope to see you here occasionally.